NOT The Pic Of The Day

Within the past few days, 3 different “06880” readers have sent me nearly similar photos of the same scene:

I didn’t post anything, because

  • It’s kind of a gross picture, and
  • I couldn’t think of a clever headline or caption, and
  • A certain segment of readers think I “always” look on the negative side of things.

But the 3rd time’s the charm.

In “Alice’s Restaurant,” Arlo Guthrie once warbled — I’m paraphrasing here — “If 3 people do it, it’s an organization!

Then he said something like: “And if 50 people do it, it’s a movement!”

Time to see some movement in the Baldwin parking lot.

15 responses to “NOT The Pic Of The Day

  1. I wouldn’t have objected, Dan

  2. I mean I wouldn’t have objected to your post, illegal dumping is really gross! Thanks!

  3. Dave Feliciano

    One mess,looks like a homeless person dispossessed. The wood and dirt look like a regular Eye sore. Don’t get down that way much, since Mario’s closed. Some municipalities make the area surrounding the train station look better. We can hope spring brings some cleaning.

  4. Nancy Hunter

    Maybe there’s a name on an envelope at the bottom of that pile of garbage?

  5. My office is in the area and I’ve walked by the trash for a few weeks. Dan, you’ve been more than patient pointing out his mess.

  6. Seth Goltzer

    In he Art World it’s called an installation. Possibly a comment on Urban Life or maybe a Statement on spiritual aspirations….
    Was it signed?

  7. Maybe if the town bothered to care about fixing its part, the “dumper” would have thought more about what he/she dumped. Absent the trash, the base of the signs still would like like shit…that’s the town, not the cititizens’ purview.

  8. Bonnie Bradley

    Sorry, folks, why don’t I see the simple reaction/solution here?

    If I was a Westport resident & saw that mess I would call the 1st Selectman’s office immediately to report it. Presumably the Baldwin lot is town property – maintenance, guys!

    This is obviously an eyesore & a liability for the town. Some child might climb the loose wood & be injured. Rats or raccoons might tear the garbage bags to pieces leaving an even larger mess, eyesore & danger.

    If the powers-that-be want this structure there (probably a good idea to keep drivers from knocking over the signs) all they have to do is straighten up and secure the wood and install some pretty, hardy plants – which if dense & woody enough – would deter further garbage bags. Probably the Wspt Garden Club would be delighted to help.

    Problem solved – no more hand-wringing required.

  9. Sal Liccione

    They just picked up all the garbage there the town just did our great park and rec employees did in our old garbage truck wehn you talk to the town our park and Rec head does not want take care off our hard workers that work hard for the town she does not Llve here it’s her and jim Marpe he does not want do maintance in the downtown I live downtown its very upsetting I think the downtown pic leaders have to go there is no maintance in. Downtown