Mill Pond Oyster Tours R In Season

You’ve eaten them at local restaurants (and all across the country).

You’ve stood by the Sherwood Mill Pond, gazing at the island house and wondering about the long, black contraptions running out to it.

Next month, you can learn everything you ever wanted to know about Hummock Island oysters, and the beds where they’re grown.

The Northrop family — who revived and revitalized the industry here in Westport — are offering tours of their Hummock Island oyster farm.

You’ll travel by boat across the Mill Pond. The Northrops will describe the history of oystering in Connecticut, show how oysters are grown, and end with oyster tasting on the front porch of the private island house.

It’s fun, educational and exciting for oyster lovers of all ages — including kids, and those who have never even tasted one (an oyster that is, not a kid).

Tours run June 8 through August. Start times are tide-dependent.

Click here for information and reservations.

A view of Westport you’d never see, available on the Hummock Island oyster tour.

3 responses to “Mill Pond Oyster Tours R In Season

  1. Susan Huppi

    Great view of Westport….sounds like a fun adventure!

  2. Michael Pettee

    I live in Saint Paul, Minnesota, now and our fish monger here carries these oysters from time-to-time.

  3. Craig Clark

    Having grown up on the Mill Pond, I am glad to see it is healthy enough to support cultivation of oysters. Especially since it is much shallower today than it was before the Sherwood Island Jetty was lowered.