Photo Challenge #125

Westport Library patrons are smart people.

Last week’s photo challenge — Jerry Kuyper’s intriguing shot of the shadows cast by a sculpture on the wall of the upper level library entrance — was quickly identified by Elaine Marino, Leigh Gage, Seth Schachter, Dominique Dwor-Frecaut, Kris Nash, Valerie Kermoal, Melody James, Audrey Doniger and Amee Borys. (Click here for the photo, and all guesses.)

Maxine Bleiweis added the fun fact that the sculpture — called “Walter” — was created by Westonite Carole Eisner. “It looks like something Naiad Einsel might have done,” Maxine said, referring to the mis-identification of the sculptor by some readers.

Maxine should know. She’s the former director of the library.

Ed Simek sends along this week’s challenge. I have to admit: I didn’t think I’d ever seen it before. But it’s another one of those pieces of Westport hiding in plain sight.

Bonus challenge: Tell us the family this memorial is named for! Click “Comments” below.




20 responses to “Photo Challenge #125

  1. Nancy Hunter


  2. Kathi Sherman

    It is in the little park across from Canal Park houses.

  3. Dorothy Abrams

    lower library grass

  4. Lee Fleming

    I know it’s in Canal Park (where Canal Street & Kings Highway North intersect), but I don’t know the family the memorial is named for. I used to walk by it when I lived at 251 Main Street and took the “back way” down to Kings Highway (when the “back way” still existed) and have always loved it, but I don’t remember reading any markers or plaques.

  5. Nancy Hunter


  6. It’s in Canal Park. The family it is named for has a nearby connection.

  7. Wendy Cusick

    Canal Street Park. Corner of Canal St and Kings Highway North. Near the Duck Haven House, Senior Housing and the Westport Water Department Building.
    Side Note: Kings Highway North has a small stone bridge going over the Saugatuck River. It need to be replaced quickly. The firetrucks (and anything else over 4 tons) are not allow to travel over it.

    • Morley Boyd

      Not to worry Wendy, the Town of Westport will happily blow up that historic span just as soon as it can. Then we’ll be left with only eight of its siblings of similar age and architectural style in Westport.

      Never mind that our draft Plan of Conservation and Development specifically calls for the conservation of these very same stone bridges, heritage and culture is for losers.

      The good news for everyone who likes their public infrastructure big, cheap and ugly is that the attractively scaled fieldstone span will be replaced with one of those over sized fake rock concrete confections by the same outfit that just built the one just upstream at the intersection of Main and North Compo.

      Oh, and on a semi-humorous side note, massive, heavily loaded construction vehicles openly and notoriously used this span in connection with the Bedford Square project well after it was de-rated to 4 tons.


  8. Wendy Cusick

    Dan and I were typing at the same time

  9. Nancy Hunter

    Whitney? Buckley?

  10. Nancy Hunter

    Senators? Penguins?

  11. Kathi Sherman

    How about the Canaly family😃

  12. Kathi Sherman

    Or how about Gorham? Ok Dan, we give up!

  13. Elaine Marino

    Canal Green Park is dedicated to the Heneage family.

    • Nancy Hunter

      Classmate Cindy Heneage’s mom was a selectman, or first selectman, I recall. Same relation?

  14. James Izzo

  15. Kitty Graves

    The sculpture was created by Chris Ray, son of noted landscape architect Eloise Ray She designed Canal Park — and many others around Westport. This a copy of the original which was stolen.

  16. Amee Borys

    I finally found it this morning on my way to work driving down canal street! I was so excited, and no one was there to share my excitement, so I am writing in 🙂