Youth Commission Creates A Market

Staples High School students take a heavy course load. Local graduation requirements are even more onerous than state ones.

Yet our teenagers also participate in clubs; play music and sports; act; volunteer in the community, and hold jobs.

Somehow, some of them even find time to create jewelry, clothing, artwork, greeting cards and more.

This Sunday (May 21, 11 a.m. to 4 p.m., Saugatuck Rowing Club), the public gets a chance to see some of their most creative work.

And buy it.

A terrarium by Hillary O’Neill…

The Westport Youth Commission is sponsoring a 1st-ever Student Creation Faire.

Here’s some of what you’ll find:

  • Hillary O’Neill’s unique, hand-made terrariums
  • Leigha Dear and Kate McCrohan’s necklaces and tie-dyes
  • Grace Shi and Amanda Cohen’s “bath bombs”
  • Mia Krishnamurthy’s customized necklaces, chokers, bracelets and anklets
  • Matteo Broccolo and Sophia Livecchi’s original design t-shirts and hoodies
  • Ellie Shapiro’s hand-drawn greeting, birthday and thank-you cards
  • Aishah Avdiu’s curated kombucha
  • Brody Braunstein’s customized shoes
  • Elizabeth Rhoads’ custom tees
  • Sebastian Avila’s oil paintings
  • Abby Suppan’s macrame wall hangings
  • Bianca Bicalho’s handmade jewelry
  • Zoe Barnett and Kai Dasbach’s woven bracelets, beaded necklaces and rings
  • Julie Kaplan’s jewelry
  • Channing Smith’s unique, trendy college logowear
  • Marta Clanton’s custom crochet products

There’s entertainment too, plus catering by the Boathouse restaurant.

It’s a special event — this Sunday only.

Because on Monday, our teenagers go back to work.

… and crochet by Marta Clanton.

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