The ‘Port Sails In

For 2 months, Westporters have watched and waited as Vespa restaurant was transformed into The ‘Port.

At 5:30 p.m. today, the new restaurant — described by owner Sal Augeri as “approachable, authentic … a place to go after your kids’ practice or a quick bite with friends … a place with a definite local flavor” — opens its doors.

For the first week or so — while The ‘Port gets its sea legs — it will serve only dinner.

The ‘Port is located on the ground floor of National Hall, just across the river from downtown. It’s a great space, welcoming and warm.

National Hall, home of the new ‘Port restaurant.

And don’t forget the parking deck a few steps away, on the other side of Wilton Road.


14 responses to “The ‘Port Sails In

  1. Kerry Foley

    I just drove by the garage on my way home from the train station and there was a sign in front indicating “‘Port Parking.”

    • Melissa Augeri

      Thanks Kerry! Parking is available any day, all the time and the gate is open at the north entrance any day, all the time. Parking is available after 6pm on weekdays in the National Hall lot and all day Saturday and Sunday. Hope to See you at The ‘Port.

      • Tyler Smith

        Welcome and wishing you guys much success and the best of luck! (Tip: ignore the complainers and the ‘too much time on their hands’ folks.)

  2. John Brandt

    The Port is aptly named. When I was a boy, in the last century, a Chinese junk, complete with family, would come up the river and moor on the east side of the bridge to do lantern shows and sell Chinese art. I’m pretty sure the onion barges came up the river as well, making the center of Westport a port indeed. Looking forward to sitting by the river and bathing in Westport history.

  3. Joyce Losen

    I hope “Warm and welcoming” includes being able to have a conversation. I hope they’ve done something to improve the noise level. I know a noisy place has that “edge” but at Vespa my husband and I. Sitting side by side couldn’t hear each other. I know I sound like an old fogy but I am one.

    • Melissa Augeri

      Hello Joyce. I hope you will give us a try and understand your note. We hope that the opening week will bring the happy sounds of laughter as family and friends enjoy drinks and dinner.

  4. Donna Louise Brooks

    Do it. Sounds good!

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  5. Melissa Augeri

    Thanks so much for posting Dan. We are thrilled about all of the positive energy and great feedback so far. And I’m sure you’ll see some familiar faces – the crew of of Staples students (current and a few former) – are all working hard as bus people and we’re so happy to have them on the ‘Port team. Thanks for spreading the word. See you at The ‘Port!

  6. Can’t wait to check it out with the family. I heard they have tater tots!

  7. Bobbie Herman

    Would it be possible to provide a link to the menu?

  8. Patti Brill

    Can’t wait to try The Port and see my favorite bus boy!

    • Marc David

      Have you guys considered offering valet parking? Maybe unfair, but the parking situation for Vespa (and confusion over its entrance) was perceived by many as painful.

  9. Ed Marcantonio

    Lots of good luck. Can’t wait to try it.