Comey Can’t Come Home Again

Though he now needs a new job, former FBI director James Comey won’t be returning to Westport.

The former general counsel for Bridgewater sold his 3.17-acre, 7-bedroom, Westway Road home in January. The price was $2,475,000.

6 Westway Road (Photo/MLS)

(Hat tip: Jeff Mitchell)

16 responses to “Comey Can’t Come Home Again

  1. Nancy Hunter

    Didn’t he move away some time ago? What’s the point? Dan, do you still blame Comey for Hillary’s loss?
    It’s a dark day for all involved.

  2. Dorothy Abrams

    I blame him for that and more.

  3. Bobbie Herman

    If he wants to return, there are plenty of $2 million+ houses for sale.

    But he might not get a very warm welcome.

  4. Jim will always get a warm welcome from me and from the many members of this community who had the pleasure of knowing him and his kind and generous family.

  5. Julie Shapiro

    Thank God

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  6. Karl Taylor

    The sale of the Comey home (Jan 16 to Jan 20) at 6 Westway Rd may have gone unnoticed because the seller was listed as Soundview Property Associates, LLC on the Westport Now website.

  7. Mildly nauseated (sp?) (love that phrase; am thinking of ways to incorporate it into my verbal exchanges) that we have people in power positions that appear not to understand how their actions will effect future events.

  8. Dick Lowenstein

    I’d say, “Welcome back, neighbor. ”

    Impeach Trump!

    • Jeff Arciola

      LOL Dick. It’s ok. You want a box of tissues

    • Nancy Hunter

      So much time will be spent on impeachment , time Congress already wastes on a daily basis. A convoluted system.

  9. Lois Harner

    One should listen to Jim Comey’s speech given at this year’s graduating class at Green’s Farm Academy. That speech shows he is a thinker, a man of intellect and wisdom and a sense of humor to boot.
    We should not judge people so quickly. Rash judgements can turn us into a nation of cynics.


  10. Lois Harner

    Oops, my error. Speech was GFA class of 2015.

  11. Richard Fogel

    did you know the Comey house had a Trump Pence election sign in front of it? You can search and find a story about it. I wonder if the realtor who had the listing might have any information on this??? I dont know. I guess finger prints could be encountered and security tapes? Why do i comment about this? Its symbolic of draining the swamp. Of a world without ethics and selfishness. How could that sign be there and not be removed by one of our community realtors? ?????????