Broken Steer-ing?

(Photo/Anne Bernier)

10 responses to “Broken Steer-ing?

  1. Susan Hopkins

    And where are we off to … ?!

  2. Nancy Hunter

    Bull. Like “reasons” to fire Comey.

  3. Susan Iseman

    As long as they don’t tow the bear to town….

  4. Katherine Bruan

    That was funny 😋

  5. I love this, would love to know who’s lawn this is making it’s way to in Westport, (all this talk in NYC of staring down The Bull as if it’s the enemy, when we’re supposed to be cheering it on ;-), Susan Farley

  6. Dave Feliciano

    Where’s the brave little girl sculpture.

  7. Bill Coley

    The destination of the bull is interesting, but I also wonder why a truck owned by a Westport business is registered in New York?? Shouldn’t it be registered in Connecticut and thereby paying property tax in Westport?

  8. Richard Fogel

    how may Florida plates are in Westport? Who are these ultra luxury cars with Florida plates belonging to? In order top, Have Florida plates it has to be your primary residence. Drain the swamp