I Thought I Could Get Through This Entire Mess Without A James Comey Post. I Can’t.

If there’s one thing Republicans and Democrats agree on, it’s that James Comey has royally screwed up this election.

I figured he was getting enough attention in the national press. His hometown “Where Westport Meets the World” blog didn’t need to pile on.

But — thanks in part to regular “06880” commenter Chris Grimm — the embattled FBI director’s local ties are getting international attention.

Chris posted this online. It’s been picked up all over the world:


Yep, that’s Comey’s Greens Farms neighborhood home.

And I believe Chris that the sign was planted there in front.

But I simply can’t believe that Comey — or any family member — put it there. I’m sure someone else did.

It has to be a joke.

Kind of like Comey’s entire conduct since July.

24 responses to “I Thought I Could Get Through This Entire Mess Without A James Comey Post. I Can’t.

  1. Ouch!

  2. Excellent moment to weigh in!

  3. But who put the sign there?


  4. Sharon Paulsen

    How long before that Trump sign is replaced by a “For Sale” sign.

  5. Of course it is a plant, his children are either in college, out of college or in high school out of the area. Paul Muller.

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  6. Whether agree with Comey’s finding or not (which I don’t) the man is entitled to his privacy. Printing this photo is just dirty pool.

  7. Who cares who put the Trump sign there? His action in defying the justice department and historic precedence is enough evidence of where he stands and how he has disgraced the credibility of the FBI.

  8. I wish I believed it’s a joke, but to be honest I’m not at all sure . . .

  9. Comey didn’t screw up this election — Hillary (and Bill, Loretta) did.

  10. Michelle Benner

    Can we vote him off the island?

  11. David Loffredo

    You can bet the FBI now has a copy of all of Chris’s emails….

  12. Hasn’t that house been for sale for a long time?

  13. Nothing but a RE sign in front of it!

  14. Jacque O'Brien

    His house has been on the market for many months. Whoever put that sign there is really playing dirty. I find it so interesting that everyone loved him when he didn’t indict this summer, but the moment he mentioned there were new questions he became the scape goat. It doesn’t matter who you’re voting for, make your own decision and stop blaming other people.

  15. I agree. He messed up. But I highly doubt he put that sign there!!

  16. Dick Lowenstein

    The Comey’s house has been vacant for quite some time.

  17. He was in a no win position to begin with. Don’t say anything- he’s covering up versus the big smear. No matter what he did someone was going to throw rotten tomatoes at him. I think he tried to do the right thing all along the way and wound up not pleasing anyone. Actually he’s worse off now with everyone piling it on- instead of either just the Democrats or just the Republicans hating him.

    • Not proven. Nor disproven, I would note.

      • They haven’t lived in Westport for maybe two or three years. You realize anyone can plant a lawn sign in front of a gated property, right?

        • If they haven’t lived there for three years, why were kids attending (and graduating from) GFA in 2015? (From a competing local news blog, when Comey gave a June 2015 graduation address at GFA.)