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I Thought I Could Get Through This Entire Mess Without A James Comey Post. I Can’t.

If there’s one thing Republicans and Democrats agree on, it’s that James Comey has royally screwed up this election.

I figured he was getting enough attention in the national press. His hometown “Where Westport Meets the World” blog didn’t need to pile on.

But — thanks in part to regular “06880” commenter Chris Grimm — the embattled FBI director’s local ties are getting international attention.

Chris posted this online. It’s been picked up all over the world:


Yep, that’s Comey’s Greens Farms neighborhood home.

And I believe Chris that the sign was planted there in front.

But I simply can’t believe that Comey — or any family member — put it there. I’m sure someone else did.

It has to be a joke.

Kind of like Comey’s entire conduct since July.