Remembering Dino Nebel

Dino Nebel — the football-playing Staples High School Class of 1978 graduate, who entertained dozens of former employees at the now-legendary Arrow Restaurant reunion in 2012 — died recently. He was 56.

Dino came from a long Westport family. His grandfather — the famous sculptor Berthold Nebel — worked out of a barn he built on Roseville Road. His grandmother tended a beautiful garden there.

Dino worked for several years at the Arrow, starting around age 15. He had plenty of tales to tell of his time there — and he told them boisterously, as shown in these video clips:


The Arrow is long gone. So now is Dino.

But thanks to YouTube, both will live on forever.

(Hat tip: Zoe Kassis)

7 responses to “Remembering Dino Nebel

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  2. What a shock! Dino was our neighbor for many, many years. He has a beautiful family and a wonderful wife. I believe he wanted to be an actor and I think he was involved with the Westport Community Theater. He had the biggest smile, a wonderful sense of humor and was always eager to help out. Our street without the Nebels was never the same. My deepest condolences to his family.

  3. One of the greatest guys I ever met. He will surely be missed.

  4. Werner Liepolt

    Condolences to the Nebel family. A great guy, a great family, many great memories for our family.

  5. Anthony Palmer

    Dino was more than a friend to so many people, he would make you smile when you saw him he would smIle a small chuckle would come out and go your separate ways. I don’t know what else could be said,he was a wonderful story teller I was at the Red Barn the night that the stories were told and I can still laugh on how he described each event. May all the times that Dino made each of us smile, laugh stay in our hearts. So very sorry to the entire Nebel. Family

  6. Dino was the man. An absolute riot. From one of the great old families in town. Was shocked to hear. Great and very funny memories.

  7. Although it’s been many years since I have seen him, I have fond memories of time spent with Dino while growing up – snorkeling, fishing, playing football. When I was working for a tree service, I would stop and have breakfast most every morning at the diner he ran for a while, and enjoy good, entertaining conversations. He was a smart, sincere, honest, thoughtful, caring, tough, good-hearted man with a great sense of humor. My thoughts are with he and his family.

    “When you are sorrowful look again in your heart, and you shall see that in truth you are weeping for that which has been your delight.” — Kahlil Gibran