New Starbucks Replaces Old One On Post Road. Drivers Beware!

A new Starbucks opened a couple of hours ago, in the old Arby’s (previously Burger King, before that Carrols). It’s across the street and a few yards east of the previous incarnation, near the Sherwood Diner.

The new Starbucks...

The new Starbucks… (Photo/Matt Murray)

You would think that’s good news for Westporters needing enough spaces to park. (And bad news for “06880,” which may have to search elsewhere for photos of entitled/obnoxious/oblivious parkers.)



Alert “06880” reader Michael Traum reports:

After leaving their old Crazy Vin’s home with 24 parking spots and a relatively easy exit, their new home has a whopping 26 spots and a drive-thru (woo-hoo).

But the exit is nothing short of hazardous. For example, I witnessed a worker’s pick-up with trailer collide with a GBT Bus at around 1:30 today. No one appeared to be hurt, but watch out leaving this “‘new and improved” location.

I work across the street. I don’t recall any accidents when Arby’s was there, but no one really went to Arby’s much.

Left turns out of Starbucks by distracted and caffeinated drivers will be an adventure.

Especially during the morning rush hour, when traffic heading west is heavy to begin with.

Be careful out there!

...and the old.

…and the old.

4 responses to “New Starbucks Replaces Old One On Post Road. Drivers Beware!

  1. Any old pictures of Carroll’s?

  2. Didn’t Carroll’s have the 15 cent hamburgers?

  3. That’s a big Starbucks. Is there a bookstore sharing the space?

  4. “Left turns out if Starbucks will be an adventure.” No more so than left turns out of Lansdowne and Regents Park or right turns out of Harvest Commons currently are. And things will only get worse once all the already approved new construction (about 144 new housing units in the quarter mile just east of Morningside Drive alone) are completed.