Pic Of The Day #19

Compo Beach jetty. (Photo/Dave Curtis)

4 responses to “Pic Of The Day #19

  1. Nancy Hunter

    Reminds me of Jaws.

  2. I call that area the most private public space in Westport, and I presided there at a wedding at 8AM on a sunny 4th of July. I live at Old Mill so I walked over in my judicial robes to meet Elizabeth and Michelle.
    They had set up a video camera and I united them in marriage. Then they said, “We have more to say.”
    And what they had done was create a set of 10 promises to each other. Elizabeth said the first and Michelle repeated it all the way through the ten. The promises were just what you would want a couple to pledge to each other.
    Of the 80 or so marriages I have performed this was one of the nicest.
    And the reason they had chosen the 4th of July? They wanted their Wedding Day to be celebrated with fireworks and Macy’s would provide a spectacular show.

    • Lynn Untermeyer Miller

      Thank you so much for sharing this lovely story. Really made my day.

  3. Tracy Flood

    Stunning photo, and lovely story from Wally!!