Crazy Donut Idea

Forget CNN. Who needs “Good Morning America”? And don’t even think about Channel 12 News.

At Donut Crazy — the new and very popular breakfast place on the eastbound side of the Westport railroad station — the TV is turned to a static shot of the Greens Farms station.

(Photo/Amy Schneider)

It’s not as random as you think.

As soon as you see your train pull into Greens Farms, you’ve got 3 minutes to get up, scurry through the tunnel, and board your ride to New York.

It’s a genius idea.

Right up there with strawberry cheesecake, cookies & cream and nutella donuts.

6 responses to “Crazy Donut Idea

  1. Nancy Powers Conklin

    Brilliant idea!

  2. David J. Loffredo

    A lot of bars around Grand Central have the live GCT train schedule so you can see what track you’re headed to and if/when you decide to have another round of drinks, what your next train option is.

  3. Their coffee and service really suck.

    And that tv was there from the Steam days.

    • Love the coffee… & the folks I’ve met behind the counter are wonderful.

  4. Dick Lowenstein

    3 minutes? Actually, some trains skip Greens Farms and stop just at Westport. Know your train and run, if you must.

  5. Katherine Bruan

    The maple bacon donut is perfect for breakfast! taste like pancakes and bacon. then pick up a boston cream on your way home. The best! as you can tell i’m a regular!