Ospreys On The Mill Pond

Westporters never get tired of our ospreys. Alert “06880” reader — and early riser — Jen Greely writes:

This morning I took my paddleboard out for the first time this season.

I paddled around Sherwood Mill Pond, watching the oyster farmers work and the commuter trains pass by. Then I spent more than an hour quietly floating, while enjoying this beautiful osprey pair put the finishing touches on their nest.

I took these photos as they flew back and forth, gathering some last sticks. I don’t think they could ask for a prettier location to raise their offspring.

My husband and I said the same thing when we moved here in 2013!

(Photos/Jen Greely)

11 responses to “Ospreys On The Mill Pond

  1. Caryl Beatus


  2. This spring Aspetuck Land Trust installed a similar platform nearby at the Allen Salt Marsh Preserve.

    • Rindy Higgins

      and at Taylortown Marsh. I’m the steward of that new platform! The land trust put some sticks on top to lure the new nestowners…so I’m waiting..and watching..and waiting!

  3. Lorrie Nantz

    What happened to the Ospreys at Fresh Market? I never see them anymore.
    It is so great that we have them in this area.

    • Rindy Higgins

      OH, they are very much there! On a new pole to the right of the store. I saw one one the nest and one in a nearby tree when I drove home a few minutes ago from subbing at Long Lots Elem School!

  4. Beautiful. ..thanks for sharing! !

  5. Trish Lawrence

    Just lovely, thank you. Has anyone seen any of the green parrots? There used to be tons in the beach area, but last year I didn’t see many and perhaps too early in the season this year. Spring is here:)!

    • I heard a ton of the parrots the other day on South Compo, just before the Schlaet’s Point/Hillspoint stop sign. That’s a little bit away from their usual habitat, right?

  6. I have come to believe the storm Sandy was hard on the green parrots but that is a guess. And it is probable the answer is not just one thing.

  7. Dorian Barth

    Don’t worry, the ospreys at the Fresh Market are back. They must have bern out getting dinner when you passed.

  8. The monk parakeets left the area a few years ago after CLP/Eversource/UI removed their nests in the utility poles. Like Dan noted, this year I heard and saw a small flock go by. They must have a nest somewhere.
    From the station that used to be as local as local gets: http://connecticut.news12.com/news/push-to-rid-southwestern-ct-of-green-birds-upsets-animal-activists-1.8258891
    Notice the publish dates of these items.