Staples Snags An Emmy

Over the years, Westport has been known for many things: Artists and writers. Advertising and marketing executives. Hedge fund titans.

Add another: Sports broadcasters.

From the 1950s through today, this town has been home to national names like Win Elliot, Jim McKay, Jim Nantz, Sal Marchiano, Mike Greenberg, Chris McKendry and Rebecca Lowe.

Staples’ WWPT-FM has produced its share of stars too, like David Lloyd, Jon Stashower, Evan Makovsky, DJ Sixsmith and Eric Gallanty.

Add in Kyle Martino and Jeremy Schaap — Staples grads who did not work for the school’s radio or TV station, but are now doing great things on NBC and ESPN, respectively — and we’ve got enough folks here for our own 24/7 network.

The list gets longer. Cooper Boardman and Jack Caldwell have just led a Staples Television Network crew that won a National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences regional award for Best Student Production.

In other words: An Emmy.

Cooper Boardman (left) and Jack Caldwell, with trophies won earlier at the IBS National Broadcast Awards ceremony.

The honor — presented by the Boston/New England chapter for best high school TV sportscast — was for a live Staples boys basketball broadcast this winter.

In addition to Boardman and Caldwell — a senior and junior, who serve as co-directors of sports for the TV and radio stations and have won multiple awards previously — other contributors included Ben Klau, Buster Scher, Jackson Valente, Alex Massoud and Aaron Leopold.

Remember those names. A few years from now, you can say you knew — and heard — them when.

(Hat tip: Mark Lassoff)

7 responses to “Staples Snags An Emmy

  1. Matthew Mandell

    Way to go Cooper.

    Let me tell you folks, if you did not know he was a high school kid, you’d swear you were listening to a pro on the radio. Look out Marv Albert.

  2. dont forget, boys, join the Union as soon as you can ! You’ll be glad you
    did when you are my age (81).

  3. Suzanne Zarrilli

    We love the Staples radio station. It’s a wonderful selection of music. Our favorite is the 70’s rock & roll. These gentleman must be old souls as they do it so well. Big congratulations.

  4. WWPT is an amazing learning tool for all Staples students. We’re so lucky to have an actual fm radio station at our high school where students have the opportunity to host their own radio shows and participate in the behind the scenes action. Go Westport!

  5. And of course, David Lloyd on ESPN, from my class at Staples (’79).

  6. James Honeycutt

    Cooper and Jack join the ranks of Staples student broadcasters like Eric and D.J. who Mike Zito and I had the pleasure of having in class during our time teaching at Staples. Yes, they are both on their way and the sky’s the limit for both of them. I am so happy be able to witness their continued success. Cooper graduates this spring and is off to the Newhouse School at Syracuse I believe. But Jack will be back for his senior year to head student media productions for WWPT FM and the STN, the student TV program. I expect like Cooper he will lead the program on to continued fame and accomplishments! Congratulations guys, you make us all proud!!!