The 1968 Presidential Campaign Has Begun!

Spotted on Riverside Avenue. (Photo/Fred Cantor)

11 responses to “The 1968 Presidential Campaign Has Begun!

  1. John F. Suggs

    Holy Cow! Now it is my white SUV on 06880. Well, its a good thing I didn’t double park it in front of Trader Joes.

    • Mary Cookman Schmerker

      I thought of you immediately. Oh how we wish we could turn the clock back.

    • Double Holy Cow! It turns out the vehicle belongs to someone I know. I thought I was having a Rod Serling moment when I saw this (especially the bumper sticker that says “SOCK IT TO EM BOBBY.”

  2. Deja vu all over again.

  3. Susan Iseman

    If only- still so heartbreaking we lost him.

  4. LOVE IT!! Maybe I’ll get some of those too? Maybe we all should and be a Rod Sherling town – haha! Dododododododo…..

  5. Seriously, love it!

  6. Alas poor Robert Kennedy. Interesting that this entry appeared on Easter Sunday. One feels that if Jesus were to come back he’d still be crucified.
    Think too of MLK.

    A.David W. Staples 1956

  7. Sharon Paulsen

    Frigg’n awesome!

    I love the idea of creating a twilight zone town … all cars with Kennedy bumper stickers.

    Or, if one wants to really reach across the aisle of political time … then create what a “Lincoln for Prez” bumper sticker might have looked like, and go from there. Fun!

  8. This is great!!

  9. Hanne Jeppesen

    Not necessary to turn back the clock, I just wish we had a politician who could speak with the compassion and eloquence Robert Kennedy could. Check out his speech after MLK was shot.
    The assassination of RFK bring back special memories for me. I was living in Westport as an au pair (Dan wrote a nice story about in Sept. 16) had the day off, when I went down to the kitchen, my au pair family said “Kennedy has been shot” I thought, but he was shot 5 years ago, then reality set in. The next day when RFK actually died, I and my Swedish au pair girl friend, had dates and was invited to a party. I kept some notes, and we went to the party, my date had to much too drink, we all did, but he more so. When I refreshed my memory I was wondering why we didn’t talk more about the assassination, but I think it was simply too much to contemplate for us a 23 year old, five years after JFK’s death and just a few month’s after MLK’s. I do remember that we often talked about current event’s, especially the Vietnam war, so it was not that we were not engaged in the politics of the day.