Photo Challenge #120

And I thought no one from Westport ever goes to Sherwood Island!

It took Brandon Malin just 3 minutes — and 8 other alert “06880” readers not much longer — to identify last week’s photo challenge as the model airplane field at Connecticut’s 1st state park. (Click here for the image.)

Seems the 232-acre facility — including the “runway” — is not as unknown as I thought.

At least not to Brandon, Matt Murray, Linda Amos, Seth Schachter, Seth Braunstein, Jonathan Maddock, Golda Villa, Rick Benson and Don Jacobs.

Seth Schachter’s a 2-fer. He nailed last week’s photo challenge — and is the photographer of this one:

(Photo/Seth Schachter)

If you know where in Westport you’d see this, click “Comments” below.

24 responses to “Photo Challenge #120

  1. Sherwood Mill Pond Preserve off Hillspoint on former Allens Clam House site

  2. I want to say longshore … but I think this is on the point of compo where Ned dimes marina is

  3. Sherwood mill pond park whee o Allen’s clam house used to be.

  4. Burying Hill Beach.

  5. Joyce Barnhart

    I think Chris and Matt have it right – “new” open space on Hillspoint Road overlooking the Mill Pond.

  6. Jaime Bairaktaris

    The barbecue green – just passed the Strait Marina at Longshore?

  7. Small park along riverside near vfw?

  8. Mill pond?!

  9. Bobbie Herman

    On Beachside Avenue, east of Burying Hill.

  10. Kimberly Englander Leonard

    Sherwood Mill Preserve!

  11. Kathleen Burke

    burying hill

  12. Tom Siebrasse

    Hill atop Burying Hill beach

  13. Bill Caldwell

    Picnic bench at Burying Hill Beach

  14. Somewhere at Compo Beach/Marina, closer to Longshore.

  15. the park on imperial ave. between Baker and Thomas Streets.

  16. Park on Imperial beside river?
    Salmon Park

  17. I’m intrigued by how many people thought this was Burying Hill Beach. I can certainly see that — it could very well be the bench on the top of the hill.

    But it isn’t. It’s the Sherwood Mill Pond Preserve — former site of Allen’s Clam House, now a wonderful, peaceful spot with tons of native grasses and plants. Now if we could just get the out-of-towners to stop parking there and walking to the beach…

    • Yes, it was an optical illusion of sorts that made it seem as if the bench were on a very elevated spot.

  18. Saw your comment on our-of-towners parking at the Preserve – I think there are approx 12 parking spots, all on a diagonal – the signage at the Preserve is in the least misleading – we discussed it at length at our committee meeting Thursday evening – the sign is going to get re-done, to make rules more clear, but the space never was intended to be restricted to residents – but was intended for use only by people who were in active use of that passive park and benches – either strolling around, sitting on a bench, fishing or crabbing directly in the Mill Pond, or using a kayak or canoe out on the Pond(a sign there locates the spot to launch a kayak, sorta front center of the spaces facing the Pond. And the desire was for people abusing the rules, i.e., walking to the beach and leaving their car in the Preserve parking, to be ticketed – but the Police didn’t want to deal with that and Park & Rec was assumed to be driving by periodically to perform this duty but in reality almost never did.So expect to see new signage before Memorial Day, hopefully, and maybe a little less abuse of the parking – I still must believe in magic and the tooth fairy, too – but let’s hope new signs help out!  

    • Thanks, Chris. I knew that out-of-towners were allowed, but only to use the preserve — I misstated that. Glad for the clarification!

  19. Karen Kramer

    Up above burying hill beach



  20. Melody James

    Burying Hill

  21. Rebecca Wolin

    where Alan’s claim house used to be – which is now a reserve.

  22. burying hill beach outside the restrooms!