Photo Challenge #119

Last week’s photo challenge was posted the day after April Fool’s.

It was a bit of a joke — a postcard image labeled “View along Main Street, Saugatuck.” (Click here to see.)

Of course, there’s no Main Street in our Saugatuck. But there is in Saugatuck, Michigan.

Fred Cantor, Bobbie Herman, Peter Hirst, Rod Hurtuk and Mary Palmieri Gai all knew that there’s more than one Saugatuck in the world.

But wait! Elaine Marino — who seems to be Westport (Connecticut)’s foremost expert on Saugatuck, Michigan — commented that the postcard was mislabeled. She said it was actually the corner of Butler and Mason Streets. She added a few more factoids, including that the Michigan town’s founder was originally from Hartford. Yes, the Connecticut one.

Then Morley Boyd pointed out that there actually was a Main Street in our Saugatuck. It’s the same one that’s downtown today. The address was once Main Street, Saugatuck, because Westport was not named (and incorporated) until 1835.

However, we still do not have a Butler or Mason Street.

On now to this week’s photo challenge. If you know where in Westport you’d see this strange sign, click “Comments” below.

(Photo/Ed Simek)

14 responses to “Photo Challenge #119

  1. Sherwood island state park model airplane runways

  2. Tom Turnbull

    Track at Staples H.S.!

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  3. Ditto: Sherwood Island model aircraft location

  4. Sherwood Island model airplane runway

  5. Seth Schachter

    I think this is over at Sherwood Island (CT’s first state park) where people can fly model aircrafts etc.

  6. Nancy Hunter

    A geese crossing!

  7. It is indeed Sherwood Island State Park model aircraft area. I guess more Westporters go there than I thought!

  8. Seth Braunstein

    Sherwood island model plane runway

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  9. Jonathan Maddock

    I’m late seeing your post, but I did know that it was referring to the RC aircraft runways. Back in the 1960’s & early 70’s I used to bicycle there to watch them fly. Good fun. Neat sport.

  10. Golda Villa

    Sherwood Island radio controled airport

  11. Rick Benson

    sherwood Island park – model airplane field

  12. Sherwood Island model plane field

  13. Kind of interesting since at one point in time, before it became a state park, there was talk of putting an airport on the Sherwood Island property.

  14. Michael Don Sullivan

    Hi Dan! Maybe something to do with,what I rememberas, Pequot Run?