Friday Flashback #34

A week ago, heavy rains and strong winds pushed Compo Beach sand onto the boardwalk. Some carried beyond, into the parking lot.

A few folks out for a stroll on Sunday were annoyed that “they” — whoever that is — hadn’t yet cleaned the sand from, um, the beach.

Those people would not have fared well a century ago. Here’s how Soundview Drive looked then:

On the other hand, check out those very cool wooden bathhouses in the distance.

Around the corner was another beach scene. I’m guessing from the somewhat garbled description — “The Old Mill Road, Compo” — that these homes were on Sherwood Mill Pond, opposite Old Mill Beach.

If you’ve got another idea — or want to commend our current Parks & Rec and Public Works staffs for their great work on our beaches and roads — click “Comments” below.

(Postcards courtesy of Jack Whittle)

18 responses to “Friday Flashback #34

  1. Michael Calise

    What!!! No Sidewalks or Bathrooms!

  2. Trish Lawrence

    Oh, common people……relax! I live down by the beach and I can tell you that spring has sprung:)! The street sweeper trucks have been at it all week, (despite the deluge of rain)working to make this wonderful westport neighborhood ready for summer. Just try and be patient. Parks and Rec take great pride in their work and in just 1 month the buds will be in bloom and we will all be happily strolling by the sound!

  3. David Eason

    Same people who wonder why “they” haven’t plowed sidewalks 20 minutes after the storm..

  4. Nancy Hunter

    Same people who ban refugees.

  5. Jacques Voris

    There are two stories that my mother will tell that seems apropos: First, is that in years gone by it was common for Hillspoint road to completely washout at the curve where it connects to South Compo. A good strong storm surge, and no more road. It would happen every few years. Second, is that back in those dark days, when it would snow it wasn’t uncommon for North Avenue to be plowed for three or four days. This was before the school was up there. They used to go sledding down the middle of the street.

  6. Bonnie Bradley

    Somehow, Dan, I don’t think those houses in the second photo are across the road from Old Mill Beach. Wouldn’t we see the hill rising up behind them? Maybe more likely across from Capt. Allen’s Clam House, but the hills (Burnham Hill Road) though smaller, would show up there in the photo too. And none of the houses are recognizable to me. Seems unlikely they would have all been torn down – they look pretty substantial and strangely, almost built almost on top of each other. Could it actually be Soundview? Maybe it was called by another name before 1900, when Bradley Street and the “Avenue” streets were created……

    • Bonnie, you might have misunderstood me. I said they were across from Old Mill Beach, not across the road from it. In other words, they’re the homes between Old Mill Beach and the Mill Pond. I guess I didn’t explain myself well…

  7. Bonnie Bradley

    OK, Dan – that makes more sense. I did misread it, I guess. Interesting photo!

  8. Jack Harder

    I remember my grandmother telling me that the top on that bath house still exists. It’s the structure between the volleyball courts and the boardwalk.

    • Michael Calise

      Right you are John. It was actually used as a dining area. My Grandparents ran the concession in the mid 30’s & 40’s and they would serve full dinners to patrons in that space. There was also a Band shell and Dance Floor in the “out of town” parking lot

    • Jack Whittle

      Ok, that’s a cool little bit of info about that piece on top of the wooden bathhouses – I’ve got a few postcards of the old wooden structure that I’m going to look at more closely now!

  9. Matt Murray

    The first house on the right of the Old Mill Road photo is #36, the mill house that sits almost on top of the gates (for the water to drive the mill stone). To the left of #36, is #35 that just had some renovations face the parking lot. The first home on the left, closest to the camera is probably #19. What has not changed is that parking was a problem then and still is now. 🙂

  10. Our public works department is amazing. I live on the border of Westport and Norwalk, and when it snows, the town line is clear. The Westport roads are pristine and the Norwalk side is covered with snow and ice.