This Jackass Saw The Trader Joe’s Entitled Parker, And Took Up The Challenge

Anyone who has spent time in the Playhouse Square shopping center — or who (ahem) lives in the condos behind it — knows that parking is a special version of hell.

But today it was even more clusterf—ed than usual.

The driver below invented his own spot. And — according to an alert “06880” reader, who sent a series of photos — he was there from (at least) 1:21 p.m. through (at least) 1:40 p.m. “Probably longer,” the photographer says.

Hey, the post office line must have been especially long. You know, with tax day coming up soon and all.

Here’s another view:

And just in case you want a closeup:

But give the guy* props:

He owns a Maserati!

And — unlike Monday’s Trader’s Joe guy — those are not New York plates.

He bought his beautiful, expensive, I-can-park-wherever-I-want-to car right down the street, in Westport.

* It’s gotta be a guy, right?

20 responses to “This Jackass Saw The Trader Joe’s Entitled Parker, And Took Up The Challenge

  1. Tracy Damianos


  2. You seem more upset than usual. Is that your jeep?

  3. Lauren Sussman

    A white Maserati? Totally a woman!!!

  4. Matt Murray

    I believe the Jeep is owned by a Post Office employee. It’s possible that the employee said to park in front of their Jeep. Okay, I know that’s a lot of spin, but not entirely out of the realm of possibility. Then again, being a Maserati, it could have died there. 🙂

    • Matt, do you know how hard it is to navigate that bottleneck even when there isn’t a Maserati parked there?! Besides, there are signs that clearly say parking there is for customers only — NOT employees!

  5. Nancy Hunter

    Never heard the expression “clusterf–ed” until now. Bad manners. Maybe that “charlie foxtrot ” fava-bean only rents the Maserati? Never assume anything.

  6. Karen Howes

    I know people like to see and read these “parking ” stories….unfortunately it seems it is a reality ….how about taking a bit of a break from these stories…keep the more positive ones coming !!! Negativity strengthens negatively and positivity strengthens positivity. ..we always have the choice

    • Nancy Hunter

      Normally I would agree with you, yet comic relief is a positive attitude in these negative times.

  7. Morley Boyd

    I’m starting to see this more and more. In fact, last week I got blocked in at the very same place by a driver in a SUV who evidently was in the post office (no, it wasn’t a white Yukon and no this person actually closed the vehicle’s door).

    On a related note, those painted chevron lines between the two handicap parking spaces at the above mentioned post office are NOT magic reserved parking spaces for special people in a hurry. That space is there to allow persons with disabilities the room they need to enter and exit their vehicles. Have a heart, your stupid Amazon return can wait.

  8. Rhonda Williams

    Actually with a white car I’d guess it’s a female.

  9. Kendall Gardiner

    I’m proud to say that those of us who served in combat in the Viet Nam war invented the term “clusterf**k” and used it in all of its tenses.
    At least, that is what I was told by other soldiers back then….

  10. Most of the Maserati owners I’ve shared the road with have actually been females. I always look to see who’s actually buying them lol! Cougars?

  11. I love it. Don’t forget folks….it’s all about me!!!

  12. If that had been my son’s Jeep (they look pretty darn similar) he would of driven right over the Maserati with great pleasure.

  13. Hmmmm; It IS a Maserati. Without seeing name, thought it was a Daewoo…..what a waste of money is a Maserati!

    • Peter Barlow

      I agree – not an impressive design. And that name logo is poorly placed.

  14. Eric Buchroeder SHS '70

    Maybe a different type of parking story like asking your patrons to nominate their favorite parking spot from back in the day. Maybe a beach, or a company like Glendinning or out at the reservoir. Parking is a multi purpose school.

  15. I find it EXTREMELY sexist that you assume its a male. How awful that is.