Time To Make The Donuts

Crazy about donuts?

Donut Crazy is here!

The 4th store in the small chain — replacing Steam on the eastbound side of the train station — was expected to open October 1. Finally, the big day has arrived.

Ribbon-cutting is set for 11 a.m. tomorrow. Right now, there’s a soft opening.

As in glazed, powdered, coconut, Bavarian creme…

A young customer is one of the first to enjoy Donut Crazy. (Photo/John Karrel)


35 responses to “Time To Make The Donuts

  1. Rozanne Gates

    Hate to be the bearer of truth but sugar is a poison. Diabetes is rampant in this country (and others). To promote sugar products as a good thing is irresponsible at the very least and dangerously deadly to many of your readers. Diabetes/sugar is the cause of many health problems including liver failure, heart failure, kidney failure, and diabetically-caused amputations. I lost my grandmother to diabetes and I almost lost the person closest to me in my life due to a gangrenous gall bladder caused by diabetes. My brother-in-law had to have his leg amputated due to his diabetes. I don’t think a donut is worth the loss of a loved one.

  2. Rozanne Gates

    Diabetes is a killer disease. I wouldn’t make light of it. Donuts contribute to this disease. Juvenile diabetes is rampant. Donuts are seductive. It saddens me that the connection between donuts and diabetes has not been made in your article. Sugar is not a good thing to promote.

  3. Michael Krein

    Hey Dan,
    I will throw you a “bone”: A smoothie from Bloodroot followed by 1/2 a double glazed chocolate donut shared with a friend. Community, health and a bit of a treat. Then go to the YMCA for a long swim. Ellen is a great coach and she will make sure you wear it off.

  4. Rozanne Gates

    Diabetes is not a joke, it is not something to be derided or made light of. If you know anyone who has it, you know how serious it is. People with diabetes-related illnesses are packing the hospitals and driving medical costs sky high. I can only hope that you do not ever have to experience the awful consequences of this disease. It is not something to be joked about and it is as serious as cancer. We live in a world that continually hypes sugar-related products and the more sugar we eat, the greater the chance of your developing diabetes. And by the way, doctors will tell you that products made with white flour turn to sugar in the body. I love donuts but I am not stupid. So I don’t eat them.

  5. If you post a story about a beach, please warn us about drowning. If you post a story about bad parking, please warn us about driving. If you post a story about commuting into the city, please warn us about terrorism.

  6. Amy Schneider

    Where’s a good place to park if you don’t have a railroad parking sticker?

  7. It was open ,😢😢😢

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  8. Michael Calise

    Thanks for highlighting another independently owned business. Privately held local businesses are an essential part of our economy. I have seen their location in Black Rock and they have a wide range of food options. The public will decide what portions of their offerings they prefer and I am sure they will respond in kind. I welcome them to the Westport business community and wish them luck!

  9. I agree with Tom. Why is it that there is always someone to dump water on anything that is said or done. Ok. Ms. Gates we heard you the first time, no need to go beating a dead horse.

  10. I’m bipartisan — I enjoy Bloodroot AND Donut Crazy. Had been visiting Donut Crazy at Matt Storch’s nom-eez in Black Rock, nice to see them setting up shop in Westport. Thanks for letting us know Dan!

  11. Jack Whittle

    OK, back on track here from a donut loving guy – while I will remain a fan of my truly local donut shop (Coffee an’), I can tell you from plenty of first hand experience at their Shelton location (right across from a skating rink where both of my kids skate) that Donut Crazy has truly awesome donuts – and as Mike Calise pointed out, they are a CT-owned and operated business. I wish Donut Crazy success at the Saugatuck location – I’m sure they will find a way to make that work – perhaps set up a remote cart near the new underpass to catch the morning commuters?

  12. Jim Honeycutt

    Hi Dan,

    I am not 100 persent sure of this… but, I went to a Vietnamese place in Blackrock with an old teaching mate Tom Green. The place was Nom Eez. Haft of the place was Donut Crazy and the other half was a very casual Vietnamese cuisine. The place was owned by Matt Storch, who owns Match in Norwalk. Matt is a Staples grad and was one of our students, me and Tom. You might want to check into the owner as there might be a nice follow up piece for you.

    Best regards, Jim Honeycutt


  13. Jack Whittle

    Donut Crazy is owned by Jason Wojnarowski – the Wojnaroskis are all good people, by the way.

  14. Martha Kirchhof


  15. wow- I stopped in today- to treat myself to a donut from a new business and have a cup o joe- the donut was delicious and the coffee was excellent. I believe in moderation…justsayin

  16. Such controversy over a donut place! Everything in moderation. That said, whenever I’m back in town, Coffee ‘An is my go to for a wonderfully simple donut. No hype, not a chain, just a locally made great donut.

  17. Eric E Bosch

    Thanks to Dan once again for his selfless work in the promotions of Westport businesses. Based on the BOF messaging last night, the future of our town as we know it, will require the growth and success of each and every business that opens in Westport.
    I personally worry more about a gutting of the EPA, than I do our highly educated town-folk’s over indulgences on sweets. but yes a relentless discipline is a requirement for those dealing with the tragic increase of diabetes.

  18. I met Jason Wojnarowski today as I was leaving his new joint. Lovely guy. We had a nice chat and he offered me a hot doughnut out of the trunk of his car, fresh from their commissary in Shelton. If only I’d saved room!

    Congratulations to Jason and his family on the opening of their new location. They’ve done a great job with the place, and I wish them great success. Nothing better for the character of Saugatuck than having local characters with character doing business locally!

  19. Holy cow, I’m going crazy just reading about fresh, locally made donuts.
    Must. Have One.
    Guess I’ll just have to take a shower and wait til tomorrow.
    Thanks, as always Dan, for tipping us off to the little things which make life worth living!

    PS: if Bloodroot ever makes donuts, I bet they’d be completely awesome too. I’d eat every one of ’em and collapse in parking lot – you know, to spare others from life threatening illness.

  20. Just came back from these 2 new Westport businesses–Bar ‘Bucha and Donut Crazy. Both wonderful, spectacular additions to Saugatuck. Speaking as someone who has never liked the taste of Kombucha before, this is pretty damn good. And Donut Crazy also serves pre-packaged salads and meals, along with a few short-orders (like an egg-and-cheese sand). For morning commuters, it’s well worth a quick trip across the tracks (after your breakfast Kombucha)!