Photo Challenge #113

Some photo challenges can be figured out by current Westporters, and those who lived here many years ago. The anchor by Ned Dimes Marina — installed in 1958 — was a great example, 3 weeks ago.

But you need to live here now — or have visited in the past 2 summers — to know last week’s image. John Videler’s shot showed the tile ramp at the “new” Levitt Pavilion, leading down to the lawn. If you’ve never seen it, be sure to stop by next summer — it’s a beauty! (Click here for the photo.)

Congratulations to Eileen Lavigne Flug, Marc Hartog, Cheryl McKenna, Nancy Wilson, Seth Braunstein, Fred Rubin and Seth Goltzer. If there was a prize, you’d get a season’s pass to the Levitt. Oh, wait — it’s free for everyone!

Today’s photo challenge was inspired by tonight’s Academy Awards. Here’s a hint:  It has nothing to do with the Oscars.

(Photo/Lynn U. Miller)

(Photo/Lynn U. Miller)

If you think you know where in Westport you’d find this beauty, click “Comments” below. Winners won’t get a prize that looks anything like this.

They’ll get something better: Their name on “06880,” next Sunday.

9 responses to “Photo Challenge #113

  1. Within trophy display at Staples

  2. Beth Orlan Berkowitz

    At the Y

  3. 1991 Staples Wrestling Class M Championship Trophy…

  4. Track and field trophy in the Staples High school trophy case!

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  5. Well, since the Academy Awards are tonight, I am going to guess that it is some kind of acting award or an award for best film or theatrical production. But it’s obviously not an Oscar and not a Tony award–or at least it’s not a recent Oscar or Tony. I can’t recall seeing anything like that at the Westport Country Playhouse so….my final answer is: What is a vintage Moss Hart trophy awarded to the Staples Players many years ago and is displayed at Stsples?

  6. Good guesses all — and all wrong. Hint: It has nothing to do with sports. Or acting.

  7. Democracy Challenge Cup in the town hall trophy case.

    • Elaine, I think you are right.

      • Well done, Elaine! You can find 2 trophies — this and a similar one — in the hallway of the lower level of Town Hall, a few feet from the Town Clerk’s office.

        They were presented to “Citizens of Westport” by the East Haddam Civic Association, for Best Voter Turnout in the state in the 2000 election (87.54 percent), and the non-presidential year of 2006 (72.7%).

        Let’s win this one every 2 years!