Kami Evans Empowers Women

If you’re a Westport woman on Facebook, you know Kami Evans.

A local mom, she’s created “Kami’s Kloud.” Thousands of followers — okay, not all of them women — check in frequently. She connects businesses with non-profits and charities, helping build community. (She also creates many separate social media groups and pages, again connecting people with good causes.)

Kami — who could be called a “mom-cierge” — does not favor one event over another. But this one is definitely close to her heart.

Kami Evans

Kami Evans

On March 29, she presents a Women’s Empowerment Forum. Focusing on love and money, it features guest speaker Siggy Flicker (author of “Write Your Own Fairy Tale: The New Rules for Dating, Relationships and Finding Love on Your Own Terms”).

In addition, financial expert Jennifer Scheffer will share tips and tricks about managing finances and personal assets.

“More than ever, it’s important for women to come together to benefit humankind, their families and themselves,” Kami says. “You’ll leave with knowledge and inspiration, to balance your hearts and wallets.”

You’ll also aid a good cause. A portion of the proceeds go to Person-to-Person, a longtime, low-key local helping organization.

(Reservation deadline for the March 29 Women’s Empowerment Forum [10 am to noon, Delamar Hotel, Southport] is March 1. Click here for tickets.)

4 responses to “Kami Evans Empowers Women

  1. Thank you so much for your feedback – I know this town is filled with passion and I learn every day what can be done to help others. I’m sorry you feel this way but if you have never benefited from my pages or my communities I understand. I do know that on this small community I always welcome people to share thoughts and inspire other as best as I can. If you would ever like to have a conversation face to face please feel free to call me and we can arrange it. I’m not afraid to give clarity to those who may not be aware of all that our community does. My cell is 917-657-0369. Kami Evans

  2. “Empowers Women” Are you kidding me?
    Kami Evans is NOT highly respected by many locals! She has mislead and flat out lied in order to get a buck or her way. She has been paid to promote companies, etc. (without being truthful about it) & in the meantime has bashed others that are not willing to buy into her awful scheme.
    She does not follow rules & as soon as she’s called out on her nonsense, she pulls the whole “I’m a good person. I live for my community. I give so much of my time to my community and to many charities”
    There is always an ulterior motive in everything she does.
    The “followers” she does still have, have not yet seen her true colors. They will eventually be lied to or thrown under the bus…The truth always comes out!
    Advice from Kami Evans regarding our “hearts & wallets” or anything else for that matter? No, thank you!

    • First of all thank you. It takes a lot of courage to put yourself out there and share a strong opinion. I can’t expect everyone to know everything I do and how I am able to help our community. I am pretty good and connecting families, building networks and sharing my knowledge. If I was unclear about who my three clients were then I apologize for that. I promoted more non clients with connecting them to our causes and charities. Why? Because I want people to do well and want my community to thrive. That’s my fault that I wasn’t clear and I understand that. I will never stop looking out for people in our community. I hope you are actively helping your church, synagogue or any outreach in your community. And to be honest with you for every dime I earned I gave double back. We have never worked on a project together so it’s a challenge to know know. If you want to work with me on an upcoming event for Special Olympics we could use someone with as much passion as you have. I’m so blessed to have the means to help and give back. I was raised by a single mom and know how hard it can be to find support and that’s why this event with Person to Person means so much to me. It would be great to have more people involved and again thank you for your feedback. Email me kami@kamiskloud.com

  3. Kami is a constant source of local info for me and I have seen her do more for this community than anyone else. I moved to Fairfield County in 1978 and it is sad to see some of these new transplants from the City who bring their aggressive online attitudes to the social spaces, all while doing nothing for our community. Kami is the real deal, don’t believe the negative garbage from people who don’t know her at all. Thanks for all you do Kami, looking forward to the event in March!!
    PS- way to empower women. “Jen Peters.”