Bedford Square Takes Shape …

… and it looks like it’s been here forever!

Thanks to WestportNow and photographer Jennifer Johnson for this great photo!


10 responses to “Bedford Square Takes Shape …

  1. What a great view!

  2. Great shot

  3. Turner Construction is an amazing company. Great job !

  4. Great Photo – who gets the photo credit? Much like in Jack Finney’s “Time and Again”, snow has a way of bridging the years and rendering a scene in a timeless void.

  5. doesn’t resemble forever if you once lived on Church Lane (1944-46) !

  6. Who took the photo? It’s beautiful.

  7. Thank you David. As Westport faces the effect of the CT $3 BILLION budget deficit and the desire by the Governor and the democratic leadership to shift more expenses (taxes) inn westport such as paying for 1/3 of the Teachers pension plan, we. Ow have a beautiful commercial property adding to our Grand List and taxpaying community.

    With Westport’s Grand List rising, the effect has been to significantly limit the need to raise property taxes in westport. Thank your David.

    And thank you Jim MARPE-for managing Westport town costs. We will begin to read about many towns increasing their property taxes a lot, while hopefully for at least a year or two, we will be protected.