Trader Joe’s Bouquet

Joyce Joiner — who calls herself a “moderately alert ‘06880’ reader” — writes:

I always wonder why there are so many disgruntled comments on this blog.

In the 9 years I’ve lived here I’ve reaped the benefits of this charming town: Compo Beach, Longshore, friendly bartenders, nice kids … it’s a pretty nice place to live!

Today, after a snowy walk to Trader Joe’s — where I got some flowers for my mom, who’s in the hospital — Trudy and I had our regular fond exchange about our cats, my mom, etc.

She noticed how tired I looked. When I told her I was at the hospital a lot, she pulled one bouquet away and said, “This is on me, honey.”

But wait! There’s more!

The chip reader needed rebooting. It was taking a long time. Trudy was ready to say, “Just go! I’ll get it. You can pay me back.”

The chip reader came to life.

And I — happily walking in the snow, to Uber it to Norwalk Hospital — did too!


Joyce Joiner’s mom, and her flowers.


28 responses to “Trader Joe’s Bouquet

  1. But couldn’t she at least point out a poorly-parked car?

  2. Cornelia Fortier

    Trudy is a really wonderful, genuine person who loves connecting with people.

  3. So lovely. ..peaceful thoughts, peaceful feelings, peaceful actions …

  4. What a great story. We need more Trudys in the world.

  5. Arline Gertzoff

    Trudy did the same when my Mom died.She could not be nicer

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  6. Donna O'Donnell

    Trudy and the entire Trader Joe’s staff are kind and good people. I recently wrote an email to the CEO of Trader Joe’s to share my positive experience with another cashier named Lisa. Always a positive experience at TJs

  7. What a nice post. Yeah, Trudy and every worker at TJ’s are so helpful and pleasant. It’s like an oasis of civility in there both for the patrons and the workers. It does my heart good to know that the people who run the place must be treating the people who work there respectfully and generously. It’s a good business model. Started so many years ago in the Bay Area. My mom came to visit me in CA and we went there. She could barely wait for them to open in Westport. She called and lobbied the powers that be and the day they finally opened she was one of the first 100 people to go through the door and got a TJ’s cloth tote bag. I still have it,.

  8. I always enjoy going to Trader Joe’s . The music is my music and the variety and freshness of the offerings are only matched by the helpful staff !


  10. Trudy is indeed a treasure. I’m not surprised at all by her kind gesture towards Joyce.

  11. Jacque O'Brien

    What a touchingly lovely story and so positive! Thanks for taking the time to enter it!

  12. Topsy Siderowf

    Ditto all the nice comments on Trudy. The other day I saw her scrubbing a display cabinet. I said,” Do they know how lucky they are to have you?” She replied, “Some days they’re lucky, other days not so.” It is a pleasure to deal with Trudy, but the entire staff very helpful.

  13. Gloria Gouveia

    Amen to all of the above. I’ve had more than my share of heartwarming experiences as Trader Joe’s courtesy of Trudy and the outstanding staff. Trudy is such a breathe of fresh air that whenever she’s on duty, I go out of my way to time my check-out to assure a place at her register. She always makes my day.

  14. Perfect. Love That TJ’s My Fav

  15. The sweetest story, ever!

  16. That’s a nice story! Westport is a great place to live-and I’ve lived here for over 30 years! A lot has changed for sure but it is still a place I’d choose to live.

  17. I was at Trader Joe’s today, and in Trudy’s line, too. I’d been missing her (I think I’m there just about every day…) and when I saw her, she commented that she’d seen my son David come in earlier, but not me, and how have I been, and how was Hannah doing, still at UCONN? WFSB? How does she REMEMBER all that? The customer ahead of me had been showing her a funny picture of her Briard dog intently watching a toy dog that he had placed a bone in front of — to see if it would take it! And then out came a picture of our dog with the kitten, and lucky there was no one else in line! As I left, Trudy came out from behind the register for a big hug, and she made my day too. The stories of the people that I’ve gotten to know there are really amazing. There are very special people at Trader Joe’s.

  18. Gil Ghitelman

    Amazon drones are no match for the folks at TJ’s.

  19. I love Trader Joe’s, always helpful, friendly, and interesting items. I love looking at the new products and you can sample most everything. It’s the way life should be!

  20. Ann Marie Flynn

    Trudy’s beloved feline is starting to usher in her final days and Trudy has been taking time off to care for her when necessary. I hope we can all be there when the time comes to help her with her loss! She is an extraordinary person who has befriended many of us.

  21. That is a wonderful story. I always leave Trader Joe’swith a smile on my face.

  22. Lisa did the same for my husband upon the death of my mother-in-law. A very carrying bunch of folks working and shopping at Trader Joe’s.❤️

  23. Audrey Hertzel

    =^,,^= Almost 2 years ago Trudy was the rescuer to my kitty, Millie Mae (previously named “Ruby”). Trudy found her as a very young, sick kitten on the brink of death and brought her over to the CT Humane Society (“CTHS”) which is up the road from Trader Joe’s. Over several months, with the medical expertise and TLC from the staff at CTHS, Millie Mae’s health improved tremendously and was released for adoption. Had it not been for Millie Mae’s guardian angel, Trudy, I wouldn’t have her today (who, by the way, is a healthy, thriving and sweet kitty!). Trudy is indeed a treasure to everyone who commented on this blog and many more, but especially to Millie Mae (and me!) too! <3 =^..^= <3

  24. Trudy and others like Kevin and Lisa that work at Trader Joe’s are highly superior human beings. I’ve been shopping there for years and will continue to because of the folks that work there. Trudy knows me, my kids, and of course, my cats. She and I talk about a million things: sailing, gardening, rock and roll, parents, how we’re feeling and of course, cats. We pick each other up when we’re down, and crack each other up most days.. She calls me “Al Al the kitty’s pal”. I can remember naively thinking that I would love going to HUGE suburban supermarkets after decades shopping in bodegas and filthy Gristede’s in Manhattan. Guess what? I’d rather go see Trudy. A true gem.

  25. I like to give as much business as possible to Trader Joe’s – mostly because of how great the folks who work there are.

  26. K.F. Spearen . Dba . Dr Funky Metal

    Everyone who works at Trader Joe’s are the Best . Especially Trudy “