5 responses to “Do Know Much About History


  2. The true story behind the recent film “Hidden Figures” is a real eye opener, a piece of American history I’d never come across.
    So many quiet, untold stories to discover.

  3. For those Elementary or Junior High teachers out there, the “Night of the Notables Program” is well worth exploring.

  4. Very interesting Dan. But I admit that I am curious as to how the students who worked on Candy Lightner (note the correct spelling of her name) and the founding of MADD decided to address her later career. For her later professional choices were quite controversial and are still debated down to this day. Namely: years after she left MADD she became a paid lobbyist for the liquor industry. Yes, that is right, the founder of MADD who lost her own daughter to a drunk driver ended up becoming a shill for the liqour industry. Her career is often cited as a textbook example of how Industry’s can and do successfully co-op or mute grassroots advocacy efforts that are adversarial and against them. I csn’t help but think that a deeper examination of that whole ethical grey area in the unending push/pull dynamic and pressure between activists and Industry would make for a fascinating analysis as the students progress up to the Nationals. Congrats to all of the students and teachers who participated today!

  5. Is this open to the public? I’d love to see the exhibit!

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