Teenage Depression — Through Teenage Eyes

Depression in teenagers is rampant.

We see young people who look like they’ve got it all together. Inside, they’re crumbling.

That’s the foundation of a compelling and fascinating public service video. In just 2 minutes, it shows the agony some kids go through — and the ways they mask it. It’s well worth your time.

Particularly because it was produced not by a big New York ad agency, but a pair of Staples High School juniors.

Sydney Carson and Jillian Gault made the video — called “I’m Fine” — as a project for Kelly Shamas’ health class.

They chose this topic because they know depression is all around, and very real.

During their research, they were stunned to find out that only 30% of teenagers with depression are being treated for it.  They used that as their powerful final message.

Click below to see Sydney and Jillian’s video. Be proud of their work.

Then pass it on.

(Hat tip:  Eileen O’Brien)

24 responses to “Teenage Depression — Through Teenage Eyes

  1. Brilliantly done, kudos for addressing this rampant issue.

  2. Kathleen Mahieu

    Wow! What a beautifully filmed depiction of teenage depression. Beautiful, but incredibly sad. There are so many resources that can help if someone is struggling with depression, including the local chapter of NAMI. Most people have an Employee Assistance Program through their employer. It’s free and can be a great first stop to reach out for help. And, treatment works! Thank you Sydney and Jillian for such great and meaningful work.

  3. Melissa Shein

    Dan, thanks for posting a sneak peek of the kind of talent we have at the Slam Jam tonight. Such an important message and such a powerful film! Tonight come hear the voices of our teens at the Westport Country Playhouse.

  4. Everyone should see this. Well done

  5. Very well done and helpful. Just a few years ago only a Madison Avenue firm would be needed to produce a video of this quality. Kudos to the teacher and her students who took it seriously.

  6. Excellent and so true!!

  7. Sandra Johnson

    So sad — there is so much pressure on the kids today – I feel sorry for them – life is hard enough when we get older, the teen years should be for fun and hanging out with friends I hope those who have the depression problems can get the help they need — their lives are ahead of them, and they need to have happiness as teens!!

  8. Kelley Schutte

    Well done!

  9. Dan, thank you for sharing this honest and evocative video.

  10. Sydney and Julian, you did a remarkable piece of work. As a social worker, I have seen depressed adolescents for over 20 years and I am touched by how depression tends to cause isolation and increased depression. And, often, depression brings a sense of shame with it, something that mental health is recently acknowledging in a new way….. shame is deep inside us. And it deserves help.

  11. Jillian, apologies for getting the spelling of your name wrong! Diane

  12. Luisa Francoeur

    Excellent work!
    I hope that the health class at Staples knows about the websites “healthymindsct.org” (website of the Southwest Regional Mental Health Board) and “turningpointct.org” (specifically for and created by teens and young adults). Your video would be a good addition.

  13. Spot on….thanks for sharing.
    Roger Kaufman

  14. Dale Najarian

    The sign of a great teacher who has students create PSA’s for such important teen related topics.

  15. Amy Schneider

    Very well done and spot on!

  16. What a wonderful piece of work. Congratulations, Jill and Sydney!! Well done!

  17. The genetic component should not be missed.

  18. Trish Lawrence

    well done ladies!!!!

  19. Agatha Montoute

    Hey Jill, so proud of you. Good work by you and your friend, so true so real. I am sure this video will touch the lives of many who can truly relate to it.


  20. i’m 81 years old, and i still experience teenage depression, probably from
    being a musician all my life, since before and during when i was a teenager.
    the music for this video was very lovely, and i’m wondering from where it
    was borrowed, as i’m sure there was no music budget for this very telling
    project. maybe a “library session” ?

  21. Very powerful; impressive work. Kudos to the students and the teacher.

    Just curious: was the Staples Media Lab involved in this project in some way? If not, where and how did Sydney and Jillian put this together?

    • Hi Fred,
      These two young ladies are talented with superb acting, filming and editing skills. The work was done all on there own.

      • Kelly, thanks for the follow-up. I wasn’t trying to suggest that they didn’t create this on their own. I was wondering if they developed or honed their filming and editing skills through courses or facilities at the Media Lab. Thanks again,

  22. These young ladies have talent and courage beyond their years!
    Excellent piece of film!