Photo Challenge #107

Last week’s photo challenge was like Goldilocks.

It was not too easy. Not too hard. It was just right.

There was a great balance between right answers, and wrong.

The wrong guesses went in every direction. Seth Schachter’s waterfall photo showed not Lees Pond. Not Nash’s Pond. Not Devil’s Den.

It was Bulkley Pond. That’s by Sasco Mill, on the Westport/Southport border. It’s right behind Shake Shack. And — sssshhh!  — there’s a cute little parking area, for your enjoyment.

Andrew Colabella, Billy Scalzi, Joyce Losen and Katie Augustyn knew exactly where that hidden-in-plain-sight site was. Click here for the photo, and all the comments.

This week’s photo challenge is a lot uglier. But — like the 3 Bears — it takes all kinds to make up Westport.

If you know where in Westport to find this, click “Comments” below.

(Photo/Lynn U. Miller)

(Photo/Lynn U. Miller)


16 responses to “Photo Challenge #107

  1. Part of that old Quonset hut structure on the Post Road?

  2. Tennis courts on sylvan?

  3. Seth Braunstein

    Tennis facility on Sylvan Road?

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  4. Is it ??? Rolnick Observatory- former Nike Missle Site ?????

  5. Looks like the back door at Sylvan tennis.

  6. Rippe’s Farm. The barn on North Avenue.

  7. Behind Dunkin Donuts at Maple and Post Road old tin building

  8. Nope: its Sylvan Tennis Club. That would be “parking for members only ” sign above the door

  9. Side door to Sylvan Tennis

  10. Beth Orlan Berkowitz

    Sylvan tennis facility side door.

  11. Good guesses all. It is indeed the side (or back) entrance to the old Westport Tennis Club (now Sylvan Tennis) on South Sylvan. Erwin Mach (former Longshore pro) and his wife Barbara owned it. Good job!

  12. John F. (J-period) Wandres

    Oh, Shucks, and I thought it was the main entrance to Westport’s Planning and Zoning commission. OWELL

  13. Is this the side door off the courts at Sylvan Indoor tennis???

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  14. Sylvan Indoor tennis side court door??!!

  15. Andrew Colabella

    Tennis clinic Sylvan Road?

  16. Sylvan Tennis