Photo Challenge #106

Sometimes the photo challenge is hidden in plain sight.

Last week’s photo showed a Corinthian pilaster with acanthus leaves, and a brick building — but it wasn’t the original library building. It wasn’t the old Y. It wasn’t one of our first schools, like Bedford Elementary (now Town Hall), Saugatuck Elementary (now elderly housing) or Bedford Junior High (now Saugatuck El).

No. It was the longtime Westport Bank & Trust — now repurposed as Patagonia.

Many of us pass by it, probably every day. But only Nina Skaya, Shirlee Gordon, Sarah Neilly, Ann Friedenberg and Linda Parker (who provided the architectural description I stole above) guessed correctly.

For Lynn U. Miller’s great photo — and all the guesses, right and wrong — click here.

This week’s challenge comes courtesy of Seth Schachter:

(Photo/Seth Schachter)

(Photo/Seth Schachter)

Here’s a hint: It’s not downtown.

That’s all we’re saying. If you think you know where this waterfall is, click “Comments” below.

19 responses to “Photo Challenge #106

  1. Michael Calise

    Richmondville Avenue Lees Dam

  2. Trying to remember waterfalls in Westport. Maybe Nash’s Pond. Or further north on the Aspetuck or Saugatuck rivers.

  3. Andrew Colabella

    The brook on the Fairfield westport border near shake shack.

    • Andrew, you’re right! Sasco Creek Pond — and there’s a small parking lot nearby. Sssshhhh…don’t tell the Shake Shack folks!

  4. Martha Deegan

    It’s in Devil’s Den!

  5. Seth Goltzer

    Looks like the mill stream at the corner of 136 and old Redding rd, forget the name of that intersection.

  6. Jane McCaffrey

    Nash’s Pond

  7. Billy Scalzi

    Sasco Mill

  8. Waterfall at old mill pond Not too far from Fairfield town line

  9. Exiting water from Lee’s Pond

  10. Katie Augustyn

    Sasco Creek waterfall – I was just there today, at the new Me, Myself and I Wellness Center! They have a wonderful view of the waterfall from their space!

  11. You got it, Katie!

  12. Bobbie Herman

    But isn’t that really in Southport?

  13. Good one! I know the pond and never saw the waterfall!

  14. Kim Crowther Manning

    I used to skate on that pond as a kid. Which brings me to this question: Do kids (and adults!) pond skate in Westport anymore? If so, where? Nash’s pond? I’m guessing parking is an issue in residential neighborhoods. I would love to know as my hockey player son would be thrilled to find a good spot. Longshore is great, but it’s not the same as good, old fashioned pond skating!

  15. Used to row boat on that pond. Had snappers (the turtles) there then. And play under the falls. Friend and I (where are you Tommy?) once rode little plastic swimming pool boats from that spot, all the way to Southport beach. Then, walked all the way back…

  16. Thomas W. Nistico Sr.

    Buckley’s pond