The Perfect Snowfall

Just the right amount of snow fell yesterday.

It was easy to shovel. Wonderful to sled on.

And it provided this spectacular view, of Steve and Ro Halstead’s back yard:


What a great gift for a cold Sunday!

9 responses to “The Perfect Snowfall

  1. Goldilocks would be pleased… for now!
    Unusual early winter in many other places.

  2. Rosemary! Save for next years Christmas card! Sally (Peach) Kellogg from sunny Naples, FL.

  3. Sure looks like a deer beyond that fence!

  4. Don’t think so, Mike. Looks like a wooden whirligig on the fence post.

  5. Yes, a hummingbird feeder would be well used.

  6. Is their property on Nash’s Pond?

    Beautiful. Serene.

    Thanks for sharing this, Dan!

  7. Steven Halstead

    A wooden flying pig whirligig on the fence post overlooking the Saugatuck River.

  8. It was a perfect gift for a cold SATURDAY; our family sequestered indoors near the hearth with mulled wine and roasted chestnuts, binge-watching The Crown! Our Sunday was digging out to celebrate a blessed life at Mass. Gorgeous photo…

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