Former Westporter Looks Back On 2016


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  1. My Hero!
    I thought he lived in Rochester, NY?

    • He grew up in Binghamton, NY, then served in an airborne division during World War II. He went to Antioch College, where he became friends with my father Jim. The Serlings were one of the first families to move to High Point Road in Westport in the mid-1950s; my parents followed shortly, a few houses up the road. They renewed their friendship there.

      Rod was writing “Playhouse 90,” and then “Twilight Zone.” When that show hit it big, he moved to California. But he moved back eventually to Ithaca, and taught at Ithaca College. He died way too young, at 50, in 1975 during open-heart surgery. Several years ago my sister reconnected with Rod’s daughter Anne; I’ve become an acquaintance of hers too.

      For an early “06880” story on Rod Serling, click here:

      PS: All day today, the SyFy Channel is running a “Twilight Zone” marathon. Those shows were GOOD — and they sure stand the test of time.

      • I wouldn’t be entirely proud of Serling’s take on Westport. “It’s a push, push, push, push business” (from the Willoughby episode) refers not just to the protagonist’s career in advertising, but to the Westport lifestyle, and the attendant pressures of paying for it.

        • Scot Habermann

          “refers not just to the protagonist’s career in advertising, but to the Westport lifestyle, and the attendant pressures of paying for it.”

          Indeed. I’m not saying Westport is a bad place, certainly looking back on it – there were good things too. Serling simply brought forth the social stresses of such a community.

          Interesting for me: when I saw this particular episode “Stop At Willoughby” for the first time in the 1980’s I was coincidently also living and working in Westport which for me was so strange that this put me in my own Twilight Zone.

  2. John Patterson

    Despite Mr. Trump’s tweet this morning, I really feel that today is a new day in a new year. I won’t be making any resolutions but I have set an intention for 2017 – Be Kind! So I am going to ask myself three questions before Inengsge: Is it true, will it matter in 30 days, and is it kind? If what I need to say is true, relevant, and kind – then I will engage.

    Here’s to a kinder, gentler year for us all!

    • I agree — in theory. In reality, I worry about the “frog in boiling water” analogy for all of us. We cannot get inured to what is going on with the upcoming administration. As Thomas Jefferson may (or may not) have said, “Eternal vigilance is the price of liberty.”

      • Sharon Paulsen

        “ribbit ribbit … ribbit … rib … oh, wait … what? … ow ow OW … damn it, get me outa this cauldron!!!”

        Agreed on all points, Dan.

    • I’m thinking the exact same thing. I’m tired of the sarcasm and assumed Armageddon which is little more than bullying on steroids. We’re all adults, in this together. It’s time to move on and help to make it better for us al: one kindness at a time.

  3. “The progress of evolution from President Washington to President Grant was alone evidence to upset Darwin.”
    Henry Adams (from the Education of Henry Adams)

    Imagine if Henry could see America on the upcoming inauguration day.

    ADW Staples 1956

  4. My late wife, Pat McAdoo Beasley, and I shared our time at Antioch College with Rod Serling and his wife Carol, until our graduations in 1951.

  5. Please, someone, adjust the dial! (Elyse ((Evers) Kingery

  6. Jarret Liotta

    That is brilliant! One of my heroes! (Serling, I mean!)

  7. The only certainty is uncertainty. Expect the unexpected in 2017. Happy New Year!

  8. Roger Kaufman

    good one!!
    The hayday of

    Our neighbor … c. 1960-62
    Roger Kaufman
    60 North Ave

  9. Susan Iseman

    Your photo is so appropriate, wish this episode would end in 30 minutes….

    • Sharon Paulsen

      Hahahaha – snort snort! Too funny!

      I wish this episode (nightmare) would end in 30 minutes too.

  10. Margaret Hart Rynshall

    Ha! You got that right, Dan. Can’t wait to see how the episode turns out!

  11. Sharon Paulsen

    Holy crappies if that image doesn’t say it all right there! Hilarious (and decidedly creepy, especially since only one-half of this image is … ahem, “fiction”).