Photo Challenge #105

I said last week — on Christmas — that that day’s photo challenge was my holiday gift to my readers.

I wasn’t kidding.

A record 26 of you nailed my slam-dunk shot: the lancet windows at Christ & Holy Trinity Episcopal Church.

Only 3 readers guessed incorrectly. One said Assumption Church; another thought the photo showed the old Fairfield Furniture Store (now National Hall), and a 3rd said (I hope as a joke) Chartres Cathedral.

Congratulations to Jack Harder, Tom Ryan, Fred Cantor, Nancy Lopresti, Jane Sherman, Shirlee Gordon, Cathy Jones, Roz Koether, Linda Amos, John F. Wandres, Mary (Cookman) Schmerker, Sarah Neilly, Andrew Colabella, Brandon Malin, Mary Ann Batsell, Sue Ryan, Scott Kuhner, Susan Huppi, Linda Parker, Bobbie Herman, Roger Perry, Kathleen Fassman, Rob Feakins, Jessica Branson,  Ginny Clark and Dorothy Fincher. (NOTE: It would have been pretty bad if Sue Ryan and Jessica Branson missed this one! Click here for the photo.)

Today’s photo challenge is tougher. If you think you know where it is, click “Comments” below.

And no, there is absolutely no “New Year’s” tie-in whatsoever. You’re on your own.

(Photo/Lynn U. Miller)

(Photo/Lynn U. Miller)


29 responses to “Photo Challenge #105

  1. Eno mansion façade

  2. Old YMCA

  3. Mary Ann Batsell

    The original Westport Library front on the
    Post Rd between Main St and Parker Harding

  4. The Sperry shoe building storefront on Main Street?

  5. Original westport library?

  6. I have to say I think this is the old Library … loved that old library!

  7. Old library.

  8. Nope — so far no one has gotten this right.

  9. The old Westport Bank– now Patagonia? (Assuming Patagonia is still there. I haven’t been in town for a while.)

  10. Wherever it is, it looks very peculiar. The box-thing on top is askew from the box-thing below it and out of place with the column which appears to be chopped. A column usually supports something big. The whole picture looks like a photo-creation.

  11. The gazebo at combo beach, the entrance to Gault Stone, or the overhang on Westfair Fish?

  12. The old Bedford Junior High School, the old Saugatuck Elementary school, or town hall?

  13. Kings highway elementary school

  14. Christ & Holy Trinity Church

  15. One of these is correct. And it’s — Nina Skaya! Yes, it’s the old Westport Bank & Trust building, now (still) Patagonia. Congrats, Nina!

  16. That’s still not a good architectural job. Something’s been done there that isn’t right. Or maybe it’s a work in progress.

  17. The front entrance of KHS

  18. The entrance to Pantagonia.

  19. One of the pillars on the old Y now Bedford building

  20. Priscilla S. Weadon

    Facade of the original library building entrance at corner of Post Road and Main Street.
    Just up from Starbucks, kitty corner from Tiffanys.

    Priscilla Weadon

  21. Enrtance to westport bank and trust

  22. Ann Friedenberg

    Have been away from Westport 40+ years but recognized it immediately-the old Westport Bank and Trust. ( strange because I never had any money back then).

  23. Corinthian pilaster w/acanthus leaves, brick bldg. I’m going to say the former Westport Bank and Trust

  24. Kings Hwy school front door

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