Photo Challenge #103

No one slipped up on last week’s photo challenge.

It was an image of a huge pile of snow. We haven’t had a big snowstorm yet — but 16 alert “06880” readers knew it had been dumped nearby, by the Longshore PAL skating ring Zamboni.

Congratulations to Monika Lazaro, Michael Calise, Chris Swan, Marc Hartog, James Weisz, Tony Lantier (who better have known — he runs the rink!), Martin Gitlin, Shirlee Gordon, Leigh Gage, Marty Bell, Susan Schmidt, Andrew Colabella, Rich Stein, Carmine Picarello, Seth Braunstein, D. Jacobs and Linda Amos. (Click here for the photo and all comments.)

This week’s vaguely Christmas-y looking challenge comes courtesy of Mary Sikorski:


If you know where in Westport you’d find this, click “Comments” below.

PS: Happy Holidays, from the Photo Challenge!

7 responses to “Photo Challenge #103

  1. Outside of pink sumo sushi?

  2. Michael Calise

    A functioning gas lantern so very likely to be at a restaurant

  3. On the old Post Office building.

  4. Seth Schachter

    Spotted horse tavern??? Or maybe Tavern on main???

  5. Pink Sumo

  6. Ken and Dan, you’re correct. It’s on the wall outside Pink Sumo (formerly Zest, among other restaurants — and WAY before that, the vault area for Westport Bank & Trust, which is now Patagonia upstairs).

  7. Andrew Colabella

    Pink Sumo…right where people “parallel park”