Larry Silver’s Permanent Collection

Larry Silver is one of Westport’s best photographers. His images have been admired in galleries around the world.

Those shows end. But now Larry’s photos will be part of a permanent collection.

The museum of the prestigious Rhode Island School of Design has acquired 17 images. Though Larry has photographed people and scenes all over the world, Westport is one of his favorite subjects.

RISD has chosen a pair of Westport classics, as part of Larry’s 17 photos.

“Beach Showers” was taken in 1980:


“Dancing on Jetties” was taken in 1979:

(Photos/Larry Silver)

(Photos/Larry Silver)

Both are timeless.

And both are perfect right now — 3 days before the shortest day of the year.

4 responses to “Larry Silver’s Permanent Collection

  1. Marsha Temlock

    Wonderful tribute. Iconic Westport photographs.

  2. Sharon Paulsen

    Lov’in this!

    Just seeing the shower image reminds me of the contant presence of silky, sandy puddles on those shower floors. And … the ice cold water!

    Might be worth a trip to RISD, just to see them all in person.

  3. Larry is also a great guy

  4. Audrey Doniger

    congrats to Larry..I love his photographs and beside that he is truly a nice man….and well deserves this honor….way to go Larry