Full Moon, Low Tide…

…and no one in sight.

(Photo/Jo Shields)

Click on or hover over to enlarge. (Photo/Jo Shields)

7 responses to “Full Moon, Low Tide…

  1. Lower than a snake’s belly!

  2. Gloomy. The future Baffin Bay or Parry Channel? … doubt an Inuksuk made from those rocks would matter. (Doubt that the new Administration cares, either).

  3. Funny… I thought it was just a great photograph: Well composed and subtly beautiful. Oh well.

  4. Lowest tides of the winter season are today. Here on the west coast, the tides are quite different than in Long Island Sound. Today in Olympia WA we have a -3.45′ low tide at midnight tonight, followed by an extreme ‘king’ tide of +16.6 feet at 7:00 am tomorrow. That’s a tidal swing of just over 20 feet! Happy Clam Digging!

  5. Sharon Paulsen

    Feels ominous for some reason. Not the usual “happy sentiment” that I get from all the wonderful photos of Westport shorelines.

    Must just be “in the air” right now.

    But, a really terrific image, nonetheless! I’ve spent many many weekends, over decades, walking that jetty … at high tides, and low tides, such as this. Very cool to see this photo.

  6. Sandra Johnson

    Whatever the tide, it’s always nice to be near the water. I grew up on the Jersey shore, and it’s always been hard when I have lived places (ie St Louis for one) where I can’t see the ocean. The Mississippi River was available as it is here in New Orleans, BUT – it’s not the ocean!! And – had Long Island Sound during my many WP years . However, it’s better than no water at all!! Do miss going to Compo and Sherwood Island especially during off seasons and just sitting and watching the water!!