Another Main Street Women’s Store Closes

Chico’s is the latest women’s clothing chain store to depart Main Street.

A spokesperson said they’ll leave at the end of January. Their lease is up, and they chose not to renew.

In case you didn’t know, Chico’s offers “one-of-a-kind designs. Conversation starting jewelry. The most amazing service.”

At least, that’s what their website says.


13 responses to “Another Main Street Women’s Store Closes

  1. They choose not to renew because the landlords are so greedy they prefer to leave their property vacant if they can’t increase the rent. Is that how it works? Help me out here. Does that then become a tax write off?

  2. Chico’s closed a store in Columbia, Maryland too, even though Columbia recently received an honor from Money Magazine as the best place to live in the United States!

  3. Joyce Barnhart

    Weren’t they one of the stores that suffered terrible damage in the flood? If so, it should be no surprise that they’re leaving

  4. I’m sorry they’re closing. It’s my favorite store. But — there’s a branch in Fairfield.


  6. I’m so disappointed. That’s the only store where I buy clothing. The Fairfield Store is nice, but doesn’t have the selection and isn’t as convenient.
    I’m personally upset about this and usually a store closing or moving doesn’t mean anything special to me. This one does. Jane Sherman

  7. The internet is killing retail, get off your computers and go shop down town Westport.

  8. Santa, Can we get an Apple Store in its place?

  9. Loretta Santella Hallock

    The closing of Chicos will hurt downtown Westport. For many of us Westporters it’s the only reason we go downtown. Sad😩

  10. They’ve been there forever! I may not be a Chico’s shopper, but it is sad to see so many businesses choosing to depart Westport. I imagine the rents are becoming cost prohibitive, and I wonder what will happen to our shopping district.

  11. Landlords have the right charge whatever the market will pay. If a store can not or does not choose to pay the rent, don’t blame the landlord. For anyone who thinks that the landlords on Main Street should accommodate a store owner, no less a chain store owner, they should spent more time learning about economics and the theory of supply and demand. It’s shocking to me how many people in this town think the landlords have an obligation to not make as much money as possible by keeping rents lower than necessary. There is almost always a new tenant willing to pay – that’s called capitalism. This kind of pricing happens in almost every community – we just feel it more here because things are expensive. You don’t have to shop at these stores or even enter the premises if you feel the landlord is doing something wrong, but please don’t condemn them. It’s just business – it’s not personal. It’s just frustrating that many of you think the landlords and owners of these buildings have an obligation to do something other than what they are doing. And, for the record, I am not a landlord. I am just a realist.

    • Actually I’m surprised anyone would want to rent on Main St. in Westport. Parking is limited, which means cunsumer traffic flow has a ceiling. When I go to CT, I much prefer spending my time in vibrant Fairfield center.

  12. Sharon Paulsen

    Shopping in downtown Westport lost all of its fun, quirky-uniqueness, many many years ago, IMO.

    Losing a chain store brand there shouldn’t be a really big deal. (It’s nothing like losing the last hanger’s-on-bastion’s like Sally’s, Oscar’s, Max’s … and on and on, as far back as one would like to go in their memories).

    I do recall when Chico’s first came on the scene, and they had a few boutique style locations here and there – I first shopped at one on Sanibel Island, Florida – probably late 1980’s or perhaps more into the 1990’s – can’t be sure on the timing.

    It was a specific targeted market … a little funky, and a little pricey. It worked. And it grew. I shopped at the Westport location several times, years later, when they came to town. Service was decent – not amazing, but what it should be at a basic level.

    Most stores now have such crappy customer service that even a modicum of “help” seems like a luxury.

    Funny how the bar has been lowered – in sooo many ways. Whoop Whoop for corporate chains (not).

    I know, first world problems.

    But hey, things are gonna be grrr’eat again in ‘merica, real soon, believe me, I know, the best, greatest ever, drain the swamp amazing, people tell me, no doubt, I have other countries … reeling … about what I say … really, saying how great we we’re gonna … (yikes – sorry, just left a political forum before looking for solace in 06880 … hard to “shake-shack” the residual nightmare, as it were, LOL).