Meet The New Starbucks. Same As The Old Starbucks?

If you were like most “06880” readers, you spent yesterday giving thanks for all your blessings. It was a day for feeling fortunate, happy and grateful.

Today we’re back to Starbucks-bashing.

Sure, fitting too many cars into a parking lots with too few spaces is a First World problem. Yes, there are far more important things in the world to worry about. I know, “06880” seems to have a fixation with entitled entitled drivers.

But come on, people. Seriously?


The new Starbucks (old Arby’s/even older Burger King/much older Carrols) has struck a nerve. Every day, someone emails me with a photo/gripe/horror story.

Among them:

I’m sitting in the new Starbucks for the first time as I write. I overhear several people saying how much they hate it — how it’s so cold, how stressed the staff is, compared to “warm” and “friendly” old place … Parking lot is scary for people on foot.

It’s comical and painful that a company supposedly committed to Paris climate agreement and sustainability puts in a drive-thru inviting 12 idling cars at a time. Sad, short-sighted, stupid.

To repeat: I know there are many more important issues in Westport — and the world — than Starbucks’ newest store.

But forgive me. I’m wired.

I just had my coffee.

24 responses to “Meet The New Starbucks. Same As The Old Starbucks?

  1. Love these kinds of pieces, Dan, as you know. And they’re more important than they seem. As all great novelists know, there is nothing more important than the vagaries of human nature, and when you write these kinds of pieces, you cause the thoughtful reader to probe what is unnatural in human nature.


  2. Scott Friedman

    I waited in the drive through line for about 15 minutes or so. Way too long I think for coffee and the only reason I did that was because of the lack of parking spots and general chaos in the lot. Guess I will frequent the downtown location more or better yet, give up my Starbucks habit all together.

  3. Gee, Dan, couldn’t you have waited for people to digest before posting this?

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  5. Dave Feliciano

    I bought a Saeco, coffee machine it grinds the Starbucks Experesso Bean, or the Trader Joe’s Fair Traded Bean, as well as Stiles, and Fresh Market Esspresso Beans, it will steam froth the milk of your choice, and you can adjust the grind to your exact preference. I bought it at the coffee place on Arthur Ave. Who throws in 2 kilos of beans and no tax for cash 💰. The last machine die after 45,000 plus cups of cappuccino, lattes, and espressos. WARNING for big parties you become a barista after dinner. It even goes on vacations with us. And if you do the math it paid for the Florida house.

  6. Rosalie J.. Wolf

    Pls send to starbucks. They might help in some way

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  7. Folks, there is another Starbucks about 1/4 mile east.

  8. Overlooked in Dan’s continuing saga of the Starbucks parking lot is one very important fact: Starbucks BURNS their coffee! Blechhhh!

  9. Mary (Cookman) Schmerker Staples 1958

    You are forgiven. What is it with Starbucks? We are 1000+ miles from Westport and I see the same behavior. The closest Starbucks to our home has a drive thru and the waiting line stretches for………. far too long. People end up blocking the exit from the shopping center lot and don’t budge or let cars through to exit..

  10. The coffee isn’t that good. I prefer Dunkin’ Donuts.

  11. If there’s no parking there, (ab)use the lot at Bank of America next door. Or heck, park at the old Starbucks location and walk over (plenty of parking!).

    One reason to support Starbucks? They allow their part time employees to get health insurance. I’m not sure if other local coffee places do that for their employees.

    As noted, there is “Starbucks 1” downtown, Barnes and Noble steps away, and one inside Stop and Shop, too.

  12. Dear Dan, I don’t like Starbucks coffee but I do like your posts about the auto culture in Westport, it speaks of those self absorbed without any regard for anyone else. Unfortunately I don’t think you’ll shame these people into being considerate or respectful citizens. If only you could, sigh.

  13. I always liked the gas stations in town coffee. I guess I’m not cultured enough.

  14. In a word or two: the place is dreadful; the staff is slow and a little stupid and the coffee sucks.

  15. One of the reasons I love waking up to 06880! Love the pics on this one.

  16. What I don’t understand, is why Starbucks – which in its previous location across from walgreens obviously had nowhere near enough parking- moved to another location with… nowhere near enough parking. As a frequent Starbucks customer, I don’t even bother with it here as I know I’ll be looking around for 10 mins to park. I’ll usually either go downtown, or to one in another town (often Trumbull Center and sometimes Fairfield Black Rock, both of which have more parking than they need!)

  17. Starbucks should have gone into Bertucci’s.

  18. Julie Van Norden

    I went to give it a try, even though I don’t really like their coffee (I went for a pumpkin chai latte). Between the drive through and the mobile orders, the “walk ins” get the shaft! The poor staff is so stressed trying to fill all the orders they lose track of who is actually standing there, patiently waiting. And I agree with the comments about it being a “cold” environment. I had hoped to see lots of comfy corners but it’s just a lot of hard edges. I’ll stick with Dunkin’ Donuts.

  19. Does anyone know what is to become of the “old” Starbucks (corner of Cedar and the Post Rd)?

    • I’m told someone wants to open a Starbucks at the old Starbucks location. Only instead of a drive up window, there will be dirt track racing three nights a week. Sounds promising.

    • Either a bank or nail salon. 🙂

    • It will remain a Starbucks, but also serve as a dating site/meet-up venue for people who typically stay home and “like” photos of Starbucks drinks that are posted on social media. It will have technology that allows a customer to determine which fellow customer just posted the photo of the gorgeous “Venti Skinny Hazlenut Macchiato – Extra Shot, No Whip” and hopefully give a customer the courage to walk over and introduce themselves to a fellow customer. No doubt, the first thing discussed will be their mutual love of Starbucks. I think it is a great concept that will encourage people to chat face-to-face while enjoying one of life’s pleasures.