The Waiting Is The Hardest Part

The scene tonight at Democratic headquarters …

(Photo/Eli Debenham)

(Photo/Eli Debenham)

… and Rizzuto’s, where Republican Town Committee treasurer Joe Sledge, First Selectman Jim Marpe, Second Selectman Avi Kaner and State Representative candidate Cathy Walsh peered at results:


(Photo/Chip Stephens)

25 responses to “The Waiting Is The Hardest Part

  1. When I saw the first photo I was going to ask if they were hiding the glasses of alcohol under their chairs… Then I saw the second photo w/ the beer glass.

    • Oh — I was mistaken re. my earlier post! The Democrats in the first photo may or may not be hiding the alcohol under their chairs. The photo w/ the beer glass (partially hidden behind other glasses) is of the Republican gathering.

  2. Bonne chance, Bon courage!

  3. Debbie Wilson Hoult

    I wish that we were all still waiting with hope in our hearts. I am sickened and appalled and tearful and embarrassed by the US election result. The outcome in no way represents the America I believe in. No more to say.

  4. Well, the voters across America have spoken, and according to our system of government as described in our Constitution, the people have firmly elected a new president – as was always going to be the case. I have faith that we will join together and move forward as a nation, just as we have always done after presidential elections.

    I would write this same post, with the exact same words, in the case of either candidate winning the election.

    • I completely understand your sentiment only the TROUBLE is as a granddaughter of a Syrian refugee escaping a genocide (Turkish Ottoman against Greeks & Assyrians & Xtian Syrians & Armenians) there is not so much *moving forward* for the fight to bring more Syrian refugees to this country now. Furthermore a bit tired of trying to get my fellow citizens to comprehend that Muslims & Arab Americans & Syrian Americans & Latin Americans are ALSO American. Also LGBT people etc. People w/ disability etc. So SORRY the DAMAGE is DONE. Not able to come together… With people who HATE us? Not an option. The civil rights movement did not occur because people supported the people who HATED them. May God help us.

      • Michael Petrino

        You Muslim friends have been killing Americans for over 200 years, may you can give them a call and ask them to stop.

        • Wow — thanks for your empathy for me this morning! PLEASE LEAVE ME ALONE SIR. PLEASE NEVER REPLY TO ME AGAIN. I have explained who in total muslim people are & have been in this country s. the 16th c. (in that ‘Republican’ thread weeks ago on 06880). I really don’t want to have to leave off Dan’s blog due to being my being bullied w/ racist remarks. I’m not sure why when I don’t answer any of your posts or those of others bullying me you are continuing to harass me. Because that IS what you are doing. If you would do an exercise and insert the word ‘Jew’ every time you or your friends on this blog write “Muslim” — then many more people would see how racist these type of statements are.

          • Have we not had enough of you. 7
            Posts and now the word Jew brought in.

            06880 is a wonderful gift to us all. With all the respect, please let us have our conversations without your interruptions and commercials. Please.

            • Zoe has assigned to herself the highest status attainable by a lefty; victim. As a victim her opinions are more important than those of non-victims, and she is morally superior to every non-victim.

        • PS: Christians have killed people & are still killing people & in far greater numbers & w/ far more devastatingly technology. Your *argument* is irrational & biased. Now please stay away from me. As Mark Twain said: The trouble with arguing with a fool — is when another person comes along they cannot tell which is which.

        • PS 2: Open season on Muslims & Arab Americans now. Have fun w/ that Michael Petrino! Whole army behind you now — hence you must be chuffed!

        • are you serious? do the math…. actually MEN have been doing the killing, why don’t you call them and ask them to stop?

        • Mary (Cookman) Schmerker Staples 1958

          I am late to this conversation so you may not see that I commented. So be it. Your remark to Zoë is uncalled for.

  5. Bobbie Herman

    I am devastated.

    • Me too. As an Arab American who has fought for our being perceived as human beings & AMERICAN since I was about 29 (1990) — this feels like climbing a huge mountain & getting near the top then being pushed backward by more than HALF of my fellow citizens & tumbling down to the bottom. I also have an even more visceral feeling of what my mom’s Jewish uncle felt like waking up in Berlin the morning after Hitler was elected… also my pacifist grandfather who threw AWAY the Iron Cross he won for being wounded in WWI. They were in their early forties at the start of that horrorshow.

  6. Vancouver Sun headline: “SHOCK AND AWE”

  7. Wow! Some of these posts are horrible and a product of what has been unleashed over the last two years. I cannot speak for all minorities, but can speak for the minority group to which I belong. I took fingers to keys this morning and wrote a letter that I intend to send to President Elect Trump. I tried to write it in a way that would not offend so that might actually read it, understand my concerns, and take it to heart. Here is what I wrote:
    Dear President Elect Trump:

    Listening to your acceptance speech gave me hope and compelled me to write to you to explain why I did not vote for you, hoping that hearing from me will help you understand what some of us “others” are afraid of. You won fair and square and I will support my President.

    I am 72 years old and retired almost two years ago from a forty-seven year career as a public school educator. I began teaching in a tough urban junior high school and then moved to a suburb that was as preppy as one could be. I moved to five different districts in Connecticut learning something useful from each one and ended my career as an eleven year Principal of Staples High School in Westport, Connecticut. Westport, as you might know, is a navy blue part of a blue state….very accepting, caring, and welcoming to all people.

    I am also a gay man but did not come to terms with being gay until my mid forties. As a teenager, I almost killed myself but chickened out. I got married, have a wonderful daughter and two teenage grandchildren. At the age of 45, I hit a brick wall. I was so conflicted regarding my sexuality that I, again, thought of suicide. I could no longer hide who i really am. I divorced when I turned forty and then came out to my family and friends when I was 46. Since then, I met a man with whom I have lived for 24 years and two years ago we married. THAT is what I fear from your victory.

    Like you, I want our country to be strong and prosperous. I do not, however, want to live in a theocracy. In my opinion, Christian religious beliefs have come to play too big a part in politics. I am grateful that people can believe whatever they want to believe in America. I have friends and relatives who are truly religious and good people. I admire their devotion to their beliefs. I DO NOT want anyone’s particular beliefs, however, to determine what I can and cannot do. If you believe that every word in the Bible is the word of God, that is your right. I do not, and millions of others do not, either because they believe in a different book (Koran, Talmud) or they just don’t believe in a god. All of us have those same rights to believe or not believe as everyone else. What first frightened me was reading the Republican Platform in which there are planks that say that the Bible should be taught in every classroom in America, that legislators should only propose legislation after conferring with God, that the Supreme Court decision granting me the right to marry my husband should be repealed, and that the government should get between a woman and her doctor when making medical decisions regarding procreation. To use a bit of hyperbole, I see that view of the world not much different than that of the Taliban except that they refer to a different book.

    If you can use your business acumen to fix our fiscal problems, Americans would be grateful. I ask you, however, to abandon the path towards a theocratic form of government. Keep government out of my personal life. I thought THAT is what being a Republican was all about.


    John M. Dodig

    • Bart Shuldman

      John. Bless you. I hope you send the letter and have more do the same. Trump owes nothing to anyone. He does not have to go to the religious right. With 2 daughters and grandchildren he could lean socially moderate. Let’s all do something to push him.

      Washington is broken and just maybe he can get something done. We need job growth badly. The participation rate is down to the low 60’s. really bad.

      I will remain my optimistic self and that he focuses on the economy and job growth. I will also remain optimistic that his daughters speak and guide him to understanding our social make up.

  8. I wrote to someone who has continuously bullied & attacked me for defending Muslims & Syrians: that if the word ‘Jew’ was inserted where he & others have written ‘Muslim’ — it would be understood as the antisemitic racism that it is. I also wrote that I have had family murdered by the Nazis in Berlin. Yet another person reading who has consistently trolled & attacked me & attempted to get Dan to silence me: has tried to twist this into an antisemitic/anti-Jewish statement. I cannot answer to people’s reading & comprehension problems. (Or inability to comprehend families of mixed heritage). I have not responded to this person yet he is continuing to repeatedly troll & attack me & attempt to silence me. (Asking Dan to silence me). I find it really sad that nobody has defended me.

  9. Re: an angry sociopathic person here w/ the initials M.P. responding to a troll (initials B.S.) who has repeatedly attacked me (& quite memorably others inc. a 90+ year old Westporter’s remembrances & a Lebanese Westport restauranteur closing his restaurant) by verbally abusing me to each other behind my back in this thread (& previous threads).

    Re. his comment calling me a “lefty” “superior” “victim”. A common misconception is that anyone who defends Muslims & Syrians & Arab Americans is a “lefty”. I cannot help it if people in the “left” have — without my input — appropriated parts of my Syrian Arabic culture (food / music / dance / clothing / interior design / furnishings etc.). That does not mean that I — being BORN into that culture — am a “lefty”.

    As an Syrian Orthodox Xtian I am against porn & against cursing & against tattoos & against immodest clothing etc. etc. etc. (In MY own life — not legally except in the case of porn). I was married at age 21 & my childhood dream was to be a mother & grandmother. Instead of a television I have an Icon wall in my home. (I have NO TV. I live a pretty monastic life). I think it would probably be pretty difficult to find a “lefty” who fits this description.

    Furthermore: defending OTHER people — whoever they are — Muslim & Latino & LGBT people against attacks in a Trump blog post thread does not mean I adopted a “victim” mentality. That makes ZERO sense when a) I am myself NONE of those things & b) I was defending OTHER people.

    Just because people on the left eat hummous bi tahini (which they very erroneously call “hummus” — which actually means only chick peas — leaving off ‘bi tahini’) & take oriental dance lessons (which they obnoxiously have termed ‘belly dancing’ & do wearing a completely invented orientalist fantasy costume): does not mean *I* — a person FROM that culture — am a “lefty”. PLEASE realise that. I defend people because I believe in the teachings of Issa (Jesus) — which happens to be our Syrian indegenous belief. (Vs. the crazy protestant fundamentalist facism in America & the world — purporting to be Christianity — but which is actually NOT).

    • * ‘a Syrian Orthodox’ NOT ‘an’ (for you English as a second language readers…).