I Voted!

The signs are ready…


The surrogates (like Mike Calise) are in place…


The coffee is hot…


The doors are open…


The instructions are clear…


Election 2016 is on…


May the best man — or woman — win!

24 responses to “I Voted!

  1. First results from Dixville Notch, New Hampshire:
    Hillary 4, Trump 2. It’s a landslide!

    • I wish we had midnight voting like the folks in Dixville Notch! (I almost wrote ‘Ditchville’).

  2. a) I wish ONE of our three Fairfield libraries had a cafΓ©. (Not even a coffee pot: except ONCE during the 2012 hurricane — which ran out by the time I arrived).

    b) Your photo seems to show voting AT the library. I wish we had that also.

    c) Michael Calise looks REALLY *adorable* in that photo.

    d) You are a a model citizen Dan. I wish I could personally stick the little adhesive sticker on your jacket (or whatever you were wearing this morning).

  3. A.David Wunsch

    Mike Calise, you do look cool.
    from another gray beard.
    adw Staples 1956

  4. Deirdre Abbotts

    I wish Greens Farms School had – I VOTED – buttons. Did you get a button at the Library?

    • Oh Deirdre… I will make you one… πŸ™

    • Nope. But I know SLOBs (Staples League of Boys) service group was handing them out somewhere….

    • Joyce Barnhart

      I didn’t get a sticker at Long Lots, either. Very disappointed. And I miss the drama of the voting booths and that noisy curtain pull. With them, you could really feel like you did something important. .

      • I was always worried my vote didn’t count somehow with those machines.

        • Sharon Paulsen

          Me too, Dan! It always felt “off” somehow.

          I recall the “mystery” involved with the “closing curtain” as a child, watching my parents vote.

          It was a jarring “cha-ching” noise, and felt so deliberate in its “no one can watch while I vote” action.

          Of course, I was a tot and therefore could peek out underneath the short curtain to see who was waiting for their turn in Das Booth! πŸ˜‰

          My first election as an “adult” took place at Bedford Jr. High (Riverside), and it was the same curtain and lever apparatus. It was always weird to me.

        • I know exactly what you mean Dan. Perhaps because we grew up watching ‘The Wizard of Oz’. (Although you were ten/eleven when I was three in 64 so probably not as indoctrinated by that film). “Pay NO attention to that man behind the curtain!” (Repeats himself… stuttering…).

      • Where you put your ballots now feels like submitting them to a shredder.

        • — or, a printing machine?

        • πŸ™‚ Hahahahaha Werner Liepolt!

        • Sharon Paulsen

          LOL! Now that you mention it Werner, yes, it does!

          Voting today (for me, in Trumbull, CT now), feels like taking the SAT’s (like the 1980’s version that I partook in).

          It says to “completely fill in the oval”.

          Well, that’s all well and good, but what if you go beyond the oval, or just shy of the entire oval?
          Will it become null and void if improperly marked? What’s the acceptable range of “not quite” correct?

          That was the stress of filling in the SAT ovals … collegic options posssibly swayed by one’s #2 pencil-dexterity.

          How many votes made by those less apt to “fill in” will not be counted properly? I always wondered about that.

          HANGING CHADS!!! (ahem, kidding). πŸ˜‹

  5. Coffee? We don’t get coffee — or buttons — in Canada!
    Apparently there are BBQs outside polling stations in Australia, where voting is mandatory. Fancy!

  6. Marcy Anson Fralick -- Staples Class of 1970

    Our AZ mail-in ballots came with a round I Voted Early In Pima (or whichever) County sticker but no oval I Voted sticker. I guess those are only at the polls. And no coffee. You make your own when you’re at your kitchen table filling out the ballot.

  7. I walked about half a mile (?) to my polling place in Fairfield (where former Westporters are put out to pasture due to the $) and on the way home I ran into a neighbour who lives quite a distance from me so I rarely see him. I received an unprompted double air kiss — despite he is voting for the enemy. So perhaps there is hope for us all re. not taking up arms against our friends & neighbours in the coming days. However I am now having a glass or two of courage — just in case. (red – dry – oak).

    • Sharon Paulsen


      It’s Chardonnay for me, Zoe, imbibing and election watching, “out to pasture” here in Trumbull, as it were.

      Actually, it’s lovely here and feels much like my Westport home in many ways.

      My neighbors are intelligent, open, communicative, down to earth but refined, helpful, and respectful. I love that aspect of my neighborhood.

      And it’s beautiful here, with amazing walking trails/woods/bike routes, and town perks like tennis courts (no fees) and pools (no fees) and parks and so many other services. You really get so much for the property taxes paid – it’s really nice!!

      (I owned in Fairfield for a few years – it was good too, but kinda “meh”. Also lived in Easton for several years – lovely also, but it offered nothing like the stuff you can enjoy in Trumbull. I always enjoyed using the courts at Longshore and such in Westport, or the pool at The Y, but darn if those extra costs didn’t take a chunk outa my teenage Stew Leonard’s summer paychecks, lol).

      Cheers! 🍷(P.S. – I’m a stick shift woman at heart too – per the recent post on the foils of modern cars crashing into store fronts, LOL. I didn’t elaborate there, so figured I’d mention my loyalty to “real driving”, just because.)

      • Yes — Fairfield fits your description. Thankfully I live very near Bridgeport — a city I love. I am more of a city person in many ways. (Despite a *nature girl* side also).

        Well we now have enough people to start an actual *girls* manual transmission club — as I think you are number six on the post. (I lost count… & *boys* you are allowed to join also…).

        I got too sleepy w/ the wine moments ago — so I had coffee. This makes me feel — temporarily — a bit like a version of the teenage Judy Garland (sleeping pills > amphetamine cycle / wine > caffeine).

      • PS: I live in a tiny loft in a brick building surrounded by pavement — above a wine merchant & a gym. So probably not living in the ‘Fairfield’ you are thinking of — or frankly most Fairfielders ever think of. I did grow a lot of flowers on my tar paper roof last year though!

  8. Has anyone else felt a tiny bit alarmed that the LAST people that one would suspect amongst one’s friends & neighbours to vote a *certain way* (… In my case for Trump but probably the reverse is true also) have confessed that they are doing so? It’s like the film ‘Invasion of the Body Snatchers’.

  9. Phyllis Shaner