Sometimes It Just Doesn’t Pay To Park Between The White Lines

“06880” is full of photos of folks who park in the most ridiculous ways, wherever they please. Nothing ever happens to them.*

Last week, I p0sted a photo of yet another driver who plowed into yet another building. I wondered why it happens so often.

Today though, this poor car was doing all the right things. It was parked between 2 white lines. It had not jumped the curb.

Then — pow!


(Photo/Merri Mueller)

A Dunkin’ Donuts delivery truck smacked into it.

And pushed it up against the building.

That’s life in Westport parking lots these days. Be careful out there.

*Except for public shaming on this blog.

3 responses to “Sometimes It Just Doesn’t Pay To Park Between The White Lines

  1. Dave Feliciano

    I recently had occasion to be in this parking lot 5 times in a two week period each time I was there the Westport Police was there taking an accident report. I have no clue why there are so many accidents in this particular parking lot. But twice I witnessed two near hits as people were backing out of their spaces and were cut off by folks trying to grab a space. They must make really GOOD donuts at this Dunkin Donuts, me I was at the very nice UPS STORE

  2. …my 2008 Saab, for which one has to send to China (and wait 3 months) for parts as they no longer make the car (thanks GM for ruining a fabuous brand)…has a Kelly book vaue of $7,000 but I just found out that for some reason my car insurance pays $11,000 replacement if it is totoalled….anyway, where is this parking lot??????