Sign Vandals Strike Again

There are very few political signs planted around Westport this election year.

But that hasn’t stopped at least one partisan from making his views known. These were all spotted today at the train station:




We all deserve better.

Especially the League of Women Voters, Westport Young Woman’s League and Saugatuck Nursery School.

(Hat tip: David Webster)

75 responses to “Sign Vandals Strike Again

  1. Why don’t the Westport Police check for fingerprints? We should identify and prosecute whoever is responsible for this!

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  2. While it is a defacement of private property and disgusting, I think the police probably have better things to do with their time and in all likelihood the perp’s fingerprints are not on file.

  3. Syntax is fun! Does the sticker mean that they want her to go to prison? Or does it mean she supports a larger prison industrial system? Or does it mean she supports prisoner rights? All of which have featured prominently in news reports lately.

  4. Just another idiot from the basket!

    • Hahaha… People have been chastised for thinking “basket of deplorables” was/is funny. (Because it refers to actual people w/ lives & beliefs & hopes & dreams… regardless of wether many of us find those *dreams* scary & threatening…). However even if (in an alternate universe) it was said about people I was on the same page w/ & adored etc. I would STILL think it was a clever & funny turn of phrase!

  5. and the issue is … ? Hillary does belong in jail. ALL the things that have been done in the past 30 years (whether it was proven or not) are criminal acts for the average person. If your teenage daughter dated someone who had been accused of 23 different illegal acts, though not proven, … would you really want her dating that person? Donald says STUPID and MEAN things but does good things. Actions speak louder than words don’t they? … oh, and nice DNC ethics by Debbie Wasserman Schultz putting in place Hillary for the win way back in 2008 when Obama got his turn. So Bernie never stood a chance. Aren;t we the people supposed to determine who gets on the party ticket?

    • The issue is that the person responsible committed a crime, vandalism. Those signed were paid for by local organizations and the people who support them. If an individual wants to express his/her political ideas he/she should do so in a legal manner, not through the defacing of others’ property.

  6. Denise Michalowski

    I saw the man doing this on Sunday in the rain storm. Didn’t realize what he was doing with the signs until my husband, who was driving behind me and saw the stickers he had placed, mentioned it to me later. He watched the man then get into his large Audi to drive away. It is shocking that someone would feel so emboldened and entitled to vandalize other peoples signs. I regret not realizing what he was doing at the time because I would have spoken to him about vandalism and that HE could be in prison for that! He displays the worst nature of “trumpism”.

    • x DM

      I know I am getting tired of this election rowing because NOW I am simply *amazed* that he got adhesive stickers to hold in the rain! (Street artists take note of the type of glue used in the manufacture of election bumper stickers).

    • The type of person who goes around doing this is probably not the sort of person you should confront. I would have gotten his plate and called the police.

  7. At least the Saugatuck Nursery School will now remember to take down signs after an event!

  8. Bobbie Herman

    I live right over the Westport/Fairfield border, but I feel compelled to put in my tuppence. Yesterday, I put up a Clinton/Kaine lawn sign. I went out at 7:00 pm, and the sign was still there. When I returned at about 10:00 pm, the sign was gone. I’ve never thought that any lawn sign ever convinced anyone to change their vote, but it showed where my preferences are. Obviously, Trump defacers and thieves are everywhere

    • or, perhaps bored teenagers?

    • You have no idea who stole your signs, just as we have no idea why Comey did what he did.

      • Comey did what he did because leaks are a regular past-time in Washington.

      • Bobbie Herman

        Comey did what he did to try to influence the election.

        • Bobbie, I just cannot believe that to be true.

        • Jerry MacDaid

          If Comey wanted to influence the election, he would have recommended charges against Hillary over the summer. People have been jailed for less than what she did. Even if DoJ had chosen not to pursue (which would have been difficult after the tarmac meeting with WJC and stated deferral to FBI), still would have had more of an impact that the recent release.

          • Bobbie Herman

            If he had done it during the Summer, there would have been time to clear Hillary of the charges. Eleven days before the election isn’t enough time to do anything except deny the charges

            • I’d blame Huma, then.

              • Speaking of Huma, why doesn’t Hillary just ask her what’s in the e-mails? And why she would share device(s) with Weiner, who is now under investigation? Both Hillary and Huma have made serious mistakes.

                • Bobbie Herman

                  I have a feeling (totally unsupported) that somehow Huma’s email address wound up on her husband’s computer. Thus, correspondence between Hillary and Huma then would have been posted on the computer, even though Huma never opened them. She would have read them on her own computer.

            • There are no charges. There is some sort of investigation. If Hillary wanted to avoid the investigation. she would not have established her own server. If she wanted to expedite the investigation, she would have turned over all of her emails instead of destroying 33,000. Hillary has no one to blame but herself.

            • Jerry MacDaid

              You obviously haven’t noticed how slowly the criminal justice system works in this country. Absent a plea deal, it would have been at least a year before it went to trial. Although I suppose, the Democrats may have a chance nominate someone else rather than support a candidate under indictment. On the other hand, they do seem to like to nominate and elect felons (e.g. Joe Ganim, Marion Barry).

  9. Back to the point. Defacing another’s property, for whatever reason, is wrong and possibly illegal. Let whomever defaced the signs, buy their own signs and put them up.

  10. The guy who placed these cheap and cheapening stickers is at best mean spirited and at worst a crook. He decided that his political message is more important than the community messages that were placed at some cost by these three civic organizations. He stole from each of them- time, money and ad space.

    And to those who chose to digress- Whenever I hear the expression “Crooked Hillary”- I am reminded that in this country everyone is innocent till proven guilty. AND- Hillary has been investigated more times over the past 30 years than any other political figure. So far she has been found innocent or at worst nonindictable – and that’s by Republican Senate and House committees, the courts and the FBI. You may not agree with that, and it may be hard for everyone to accept – but that is a fact.

    I will wait to see what is found on Anthony Weiner’s computer that has anything to do with Hillary Clinton, Huma or anyone writing in to this blog!! This may just be another red herring to smear! But in all fairness to voters don’t you think everything should be done to get this stuff out there well before the election!!

    Just to be fair in the use of nasty words – Crooked Donald Trump owes it to the American voter to disclose his cheating taxes, to show his Vietnam disqualifying x-rays of his heel spurs, to disavow David Dukes and the KKK, to explain his 6 bankruptcies and his business model of screwing the little guys, he must apologize to the women who came forward to confirm that he did to them what he said he did to women in a candid moment on that bus with that little devil Billy Bush who made him say it – and finally -in general- he has to stop being the blustering, pathologic liar about everything- that Ted Cruz accused him to be.

  11. If it makes you feel any better (second post about bad things happening to Hillary signs in a week!) the sign thieves and defacers have been removing / destroying Cathy Walsh’s signs too, and I wouldn’t be surprised if Jonathan Steinberg reported the same thing happening to some of his signs. (These two are both running for State Rep, in case anyone doesn’t know who they are.)

    It happens during every election in our Town, from presidential right down to purely local boards and commissions. Doesn’t mean I accept it, but it’s typical. Politics generates extremely passionate responses in some people, regardless of political party affiliation. It’s tough to have a calm conversation about politics with someone unless you completely agree with each other – and how much fun is that?

    • Jerry MacDaid

      What??? A Republican’s signs being destroyed? Can’t be. Democrats would never engage in such behavior. Must have been done by a Republican provocateur “idiot from the basket” trying to stir up trouble.

      • An agent provocateur employed by Putin, you mean?
        Such high drama, and only six long, long days yet to go. Sigh.

      • Hi Jerry.

        What do you call a supporter or member of the KKK? Or a candidate who says he doesn’t know David Dukes and won’t comment about him- when he has spoken about him in the past! Deplorable?

        What do you call do you call people who not only denigrate women but say they can grab women by their….. ! (Try that one at Staples HS or the Women’s Club and see where the Westport Police put you! I call it deplorable!

        What do you call people who smear all Mexicans as murderers and rapists when crime statistics are actually better for Mexicans than the demographics of the Deplorables.

        What do you call people who burn churches and paint vote trump on the church- deplorable?

        What do you call people who get rich by not paying taxes- deplorable?

        What do you call people who avoid service to our country during a time of war by fleeing to Canada or falsely claiming to have heel spurs- deplorable?

        This election will prove this country has a basket of deplorables supporting a candidate who will redefine the the word Trumpian as acting and being deplorable!

        • Jerry MacDaid

          Steve – There is little question that Trump is a bad person and deplorable for some, though not all, of the reasons you cited (Seriously, do you pay more taxes than you are legally obligated to pay? We know the great liberal hypocrite Warren Buffet doesn’t. Why should Trump or anyone else?). But, of course, his pathological liar, co-head of influence peddling crime family, sexual assault enabler, rape victim attacker and completely incompetent opponent Hillary Clinton is also a bad person and deplorable.

          Similarly, some of Trump’s supporters have engaged in deplorable behavior. And, of course, some of Clinton’s supporters (ranging from Deborah Wasserman Schultz to Donna Brazile to the Hollywood star destroyer) have also engaged in deplorable behavior.

          What mostly bothers me in all of this, and the point of my comment, is the hypocrisy of many of those commenting here that only “the other side” and or “those who don’t agree with me” do bad things or are deplorable.

          I am voting for neither one, an for the life of me, can’t understand how any thoughtful person can. It seems to me that if someone convinces themself to vote for one or the other, they have zero moral standing to criticize supporters of anyone else.

        • Steve – If there were a “Like” button, I would press it.

          • Spoken like a fully blindered Democrat. But there is hope. Even the historically died in the wool Democrat supporter Susan Sarandon has figured this election out.

            • I am a flaming, knee-jerk, bleeding-heart Liberal, and proud of it!,

              • Oh it makes my heart jump for joy to know how open you might be to meaningful dialogue on political issues.

                • Bobbie Herman

                  I’m sure that you are open-minded, too.

                  • Touché Madame Herman

                  • Spot on, Bobbie.
                    Many are sick and tired of the bullying here.

                  • Ms Herman…you don’t know me from Adam…I am open minded and not as quick to judgement as your two friends Ms’s Kassis and Hunter. Your previous post sure came across to me as “one sided and proud of it”. I was simply trying to say that such a stance does not invite any kind of meaningful dialogue. I guess I shouldn’t play in this clearly liberal playground where any sort of centered dialog is labelled conservative and not worthy of reflection.

                    • Such bunk, Tom. You, Bart, Jerry cannot understand the word “dialogue”.
                      At least Michael, aka Professor Kingsfield, can argue without using ridicule. There doesn’t always have to be a right answer.

                    • Bobbie Herman

                      Mr. Leyden — I tend to avoid “meaningful dialogue.” I have a number of friends who do not share my political (or religious) viewpoints. Neither of us would be able to change the others’ convictions and I prefer to keep them as friends.

                    • Touché (2)… I am polishing your silver trophy… should this continue along these lines…

                  • Ms. Hunter,
                    “I am a flaming, knee-jerk, bleeding-heart Liberal, and proud of it!,”….and that invites dialogue??? You don’t have any idea what my politics are. But you sure do have an opinion on everything. You just don’t like it when someone doesn’t conform to your wishes. I love the way this blog has been taken over by liberals who consider themselves holier than thou. BTW I would say the same if it were the other way. Come down from your high horse from Canada or wherever you live and come to my home at the Beach and have a nice friendly chat. By the way I’m old enuff to be your father…I’m Mr. Leyden to you.

                    • Mr.Leyden: Firstly — re. your comment moments ago about terms of address: you addressed me by my first name without my having invited you to do so & I am not a child below the age of fourteen. Secondly — you called dedicated preservationists & the family member of a house set for demolition “moaners” & “groaners” & “complainers” who were “yapping” etc. That is hardly a respectful “dialogue”.

                    • Feel better now.

                    • As my last comment was not able to be read in full it continued: … you called dedicated preservationists & a family member whose house was set for demolition “moaners” “groaners” “complainers” who were “yapping”. That is not a respectful “dialogue”.

                    • Sorry I hurt your feelings. I believe in “actions speak louder than words” and it was to promote doing something real instead of the perhaps misunderstood characterizations I put out. I nevertheless stand by what I said and am sorry if in this PC world I hurt a few feelings.

                    • Thank you for your apology Mr.Leyden. My feelings were not hurt. I was defending other people actually… & unsuccessfully the HOUSE. I wish agape love & happiness for everyone… That said this blog of Dan’s is exhausting… If you say something really witty I may polish the second trophy for you…

                    • Ahhh…the Quality of Mercy is not strained…..etc…I learned/memorized that 65 years ago in Freshman English. That’s as witty as I get

                    • A nice, friendly chat would be welcomed, Mr. Leyden.
                      Thank you.

                    • Tom, have you read Macbeth? Act 1 scene 1, I believe. You should recognize the players.

                    • Your acidic hatefilled comments are so very charming & enchanting & sexy — you must have beautiful intelligent women flinging themselves at you!

                    • Mr. Leyden, reading Richard the Third is far more relevant here than Macbeth.

                    • That was Portia begging Shylock for mercy in The Merchant of Venice….I only vaguely recall Macbeth….something about double double toil and trouble or something like that. Will not pursue act 1 scene 1. Everybody on here should lighten up. I have lived too long to get upset about the cantankerous nature of modern US citizens. I can’t wait for Nancy (oops Ms. Hunter) to come on down…enjoy an adult beverage with me taken in the Compo views and thank God we live in a great country.

  12. Back to the point!! Defacing a sign is very different than removing a sign. Removing a sign is just stupid. Defacing a sign is a different level of abuse.
    And this person put them all over signs having nothing to do with Voting!!
    Keep on point !!

  13. If these illegal signs were not put up all over town in the first place then there would be no issue.

    • Bobbie Herman

      The signs are legal. They were approved by the P&Z number of years ago, under Freedom of Speech. Prio to that there was a gentleman’s agreement by both parties not to have them.

  14. Hey folks….this guy/gal got more eyes on his hate message by highlighting it on this blog than he probably got by posting the stickers on every sign in town….do you really think your comments will stop this sort of thing. Ignore it….it will all pass in a week….but the hate will still exist.

  15. Pamela Kesselman

    I felt like crossing out Hillary and writing YOU!!!! >

  16. Boy has this thread gone crooked….I may be to blame. Back on subject though the jerk who defaced the signs should get no attention in my humble opinion.

    • It’s FAR more entertaining to read when you were blaming others. Everybody needs to be careful for when they may have to face each other at Dan’s annual 06880 beach party. I may bring pepper spray to protect myself. You can borrow mine. OR stand behind me.

    • What would you call him if he put the stickers all over your mailbox or the back of your car. He obviously has little respect for other people’s property or true understanding of the political process!! Just another dirty trick?

      It is sad that the only thing we can call him is a jerk!
      Unamerican would be more fitting? How about – Deplorable?

  17. Our Hillary sign was filched last night, leaving the Steinberg, Dwyer, and Himes signs intact. No idea who did it, but in my mind’s eye, I picture him as a narrow-minded man with a loud voice and small hands.

    BTW, the InfoWars tag line on the sign stickers originated at this web site: Of local interest is this site’s connection to the Sandy Hook shootings almost four years ago; just google “infowars” and “sandy hook” to see what I mean.