Oh My 06880 — Photo Challenge #95

In honor of autumn, last week’s photo challenge featured Andrew Colabella’s orange-filtered shot of some trees and reeds.

They could have been many places in Westport. Lots of alert “06880” readers zeroed in on the Longshore/Gray’s Creek/Compo Beach Road area. They were close.

But only Peter Barlow and Diane Bosch knew that the shot was taken in Longshore’s lower parking lot — beyond the golf course. It showed the east bank of the Saugatuck River. Click here to see the gorgeous image (and read all the ohsoclose responses).

This week’s photo challenge is also seasonal. The season was spring — but this Adirondack chair perches on the grass all year long. If you know where it is, click “Comments” below.


(Photo/Fred Cantor)

19 responses to “Oh My 06880 — Photo Challenge #95

  1. It’s just passed Greens Farms Academy on the right side of the road

  2. Burying Hill?

  3. I’m with Matt. Burying Hill

  4. Am thinking near old guard shack atop hill at Burying Hill Beach

  5. I say this is a very tight perspective shots taken from the old Mill area

  6. Beachside Ave looking over Long Isand Sound
    Past Green Farms Academy and Burying Hill entrance
    It will be on your right hand side heading to Southport at the chain link fence

  7. On beachside avenue. Almost across from gfa!!

  8. Vanessa Bradford

    Gold Coast green past bh beach

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  9. Tom Ryan, Wendy, Jan and Vanessa: You’re right. It’s on Beachside Avenue, past Greens Farms Academy headed to Southport. A beautiful spot, near where the Bankside Farmers first arrived.

    • Thanks for posting this pic. I have long thought this is the one spot in Westport that makes me feel as if I am in California when I drive by.

  10. Beachside

  11. Beachside Ave

  12. Pequot avenue on the way to Southport

  13. Another wonderful photo! !

  14. Bobbie Herman

    Burying Hill.

  15. Shirlee Gordon

    Behind Pearl restaurant On the lawn where the weddings take place.

  16. Burying Hill Beach

  17. Beachside Ave just past Burying Hill Beach!