Oh My 06880 – Photo Challenge #94

Maybe it was the Columbus Day weekend. Maybe it was the weather. Maybe my photo challenge was weak.

Whatever the reason, last week’s shot drew an anemic response. And only one reader — Shirlee Gordon — knew it was the entrance to Terrain’s outdoor cafe.

Click here to see that image (if you have nothing better to do).

This week’s photo challenge is different than most. It was taken by the great Andrew Colabella. I love it for its beauty — and its fall-ness.

A similar shot could be taken at many places in Westport. But if you know where this one is from, click “Comments” below.

(Photo/Andrew Colabella)

(Photo/Andrew Colabella)

31 responses to “Oh My 06880 – Photo Challenge #94

  1. William F. Dohme,Jr.

    Taylortown Marsh

  2. I believe this is the saugatuck near the bridge on the left side heading towards Compo

  3. William F. Dohme,Jr.

    Or the East side of the Saugatuck River on the North side of the Cribari Bridge

  4. Nope, so far.

  5. It’s a guess – looking toward the road to Compo Beach, seen from Owenoke or from Cedar Island in Owenoke.

  6. Christine Bisceglie

    Sherwood Island Marsh

  7. Terrific photo. I’m completely mystified, in large part because I have yet to see any major foliage such as this yet in one setting in Westport. If this Photo Challenge weren’t confined to Westport, I would be thinking that the pic was taken further north.

    • x Fred Cantor

      That’s what I just wrote. The trees outside my window here in Fairfield are green (w/ literally about SIX reddish brown leaves at the very edges). Is it a recent photo? I thought it may be from farther north also… The Litchfield Hills etc. But I thought it had to be taken in Westport. (Is this a photographic scandal now?).

  8. Barbara Sherburne '67

    Sherwood Island.

  9. I haven’t a clue where this photo was taken — but I’m looking out my windows in Fairfield on Black Rock Turnpike & none of the leaves have turned yet. Is it warmer here? (3miles away?!).

    Maybe those orange trees are the *fake trees* I wrote of in a McMansion post to match *certain* houses that look like giant toys? That’s my official entry here Dan! (My evil plan is to turn every single thread on 06880 into a preservationist thread! *laughs menacingly*).

    “if you have nothing better to do” –funny! Perhaps the photos of things that are newer get less response because half of us are now out of town — so only recognise older landmarks etc.

  10. Old mill at the new park off hills point

  11. Or maybe it IS Cedar Island and Owenoke seen from Longshore.

  12. William F. Dohme,Jr.

    Gray’s Creek viewed from Compo Beach Rd..

  13. Janis Wasserman

    Bank of the Saugatuck River

  14. Perhaps the colour is digitally altered — because the soil or sand in the front looks orange to me — or am I the only one seeing that? That would explain the pillar to post orange colour — which I have NEVER seen before. It is Oz like (The children’s story — not the country surrounded by ocean).

  15. Burying Hill Beach? Looking toward Sherwood Island (sort of… the estuary).

  16. The marsh in town — at Kings Highway N. intersection & Riverside? I am grabbing at straws here (forgive the pun). Only the trees are too dense…

  17. Gray’s creek bank behind the grave

  18. Jeff Guannone

    It’s hard because that filter is so distracting but it looks like the marsh next to saugatuck Bridge across from rowing club looking back toward town?

  19. The east bank of the Saugatuck River as seen from the lower parking lot at Longshore. . . Beyond the golf course parking lot??

  20. Shirlee. Gordon

    Nyla farms

  21. I don’t care where it is….WOW!

  22. Michael Calise

    could be the inside corner of the peninsula at Cedar Island as seen from the Longshore exit road.

  23. Ginny Clark ’60
    A scene along the Saugatuck River near the Cribari Bridge.

  24. Grey’ Creek where Mr Sterling boat sits. Either taken from the main or inside Longshore on their road