Westport Republican: “My God. We Can’t Let This Happen.”

Over the past week, Donald Trump’s campaign imploded. It was an astonishing scene in American politics.

Across America, staunch Republicans struggled to make sense of the dissonance between their presidential candidate and their political party. National leaders and down-ballot candidates grappled with issues like loyalty to a cause, a philosophy — and a country.

Here in Westport, the soul-searching was no less intense. It prompted one longtime and well-known Republican to write this email to “06880”:

Like many people I know, I am endeavoring to find a way to remain loyal to the Republican party, while not supporting Donald Trump.

I think Westport Republicans are having a very soul-searching and difficult time. We can’t imagine voting for Hillary Clinton — someone many of us hate — unless perhaps we are convinced of the personal responsibility to put country before party.


I can’t imagine good people like our selectmen, commission members and legislators want to vote for Trump the person. But they might vote for Trump the Republican (and ignore the consequences).

This is very dangerous.

We (they) have to acknowledge the philosophical problem of being Republican, and wanting to be loyal — without putting our country in danger.

Here are 2 philosophical problems my Westport Republican friends and neighbors might be struggling with:

  • Is it possible to remain loyal to a party, and not support or vote for the nominee?
  • Does loyalty to country supersede loyalty to party?

gopI know these questions are huge. This is a difficult philosophical problem.

But I’m terrified that loyal Republicans will just down-ballot vote, or write someone in – possibly leading Trump to win.

My God. We can’t let this happen.

I appreciate this email tremendously — and sympathize with the Republican writer’s quandary.

I’d like to hear what “06880” readers think — particularly Republicans. I realize this is a fraught, even toxic, topic.

So I ask that commenters address ONLY the bulleted questions raised above (or closely related issues). Any off-topic comments will be deleted. Please keep this discussion civil! Thank you. — Dan Woog

150 responses to “Westport Republican: “My God. We Can’t Let This Happen.”

  1. I am appalled that anyone would consider putting loyalty to some political party above loyalty to the good of their country.

    • Joyce Barnhart

      I agree whole-heartedly with Steve. There is something wrong that a person even has to ask themselves that second question. To “be” a Republican (or Democrat) before being an American is absurd and nearly traitorous.

    • I agree with Stephen as well. Of course loyalty to the country should supersede party loyalty.

      I am appalled that any Republican or Democrat might put party loyalty ahead of the good of their country. I am also appalled that this election has come down to where it has. That the Republicans nominated a clown that 2/3rds of the country detests really calls into question what the hell they were thinking. That the Democrats nominated a criminal that 2/3rds of the country detests make you wonder what the hell they were thinking.

      I don’t buy into the author’s conclusion, however. How any thoughtful, “loyal to the Country” person could vote for either of these candidates is beyond me. The author’s implied solution is no more “loyal to the country” than a similar appeal to the other side. Vote for Hillary because we need to keep that horrid Trump out for the good of the country. Vote for Trump because we need to keep that horrid Hillary out for the good of the country. Both appeals are empty with respect to “loyalty to the country”.

      If “loyalty to the country” were the governing criteria, neither of these candidates would be in the race, but both Democrats and Republicans got us here through their action or inaction in the primary season. “Loyalty to the country” would never have let this happen.

      Personally, I would submit that invoking “loyalty to the country” in favor of either candidate (or defeating either candidate for the benefit of the other out of “loyalty to the country”) is disloyal. Supporting the campaign of an acceptable third party candidate or write-in candidate is arguably more loyal, and probably sends a better signal to both parties about their appalling behavior even if it has little chance of succeeding.

      I still don’t know what I am going to do. Given a choice between Hitler and Stalin (as those driven to hyperbole might characterize the candidates), how does one pick?

      Sorry if I digressed but the philosophy and practical are inextricably tied in this case.

      • jerry a great letter you hit the nail on the head then there’s both parties with the audacity to ask for our hard earned money like said before GOD HELP US

      • No, I didn’t read your post so comment wasn’t intended as a swipe for you. Frankly, I tend to dismiss simple analogies and correlations to Hitler, Stalin, Chairman Mao, Attila the Hun, Caligula, Pol Pot, et al because you can make simple analogies and correlations for pretty much anything or anyone. Dropping evil names as a scare tactic tends to be (or is intended to be?) a converation stopper and gets in the way of rational discussion.

        So, if you equate Trump with Hitler, or someone else equates Hillary with Stalin or Chairman Mao, I probably do ignore what follows. You said it yourself – Trump probably couldn’t get away with what Hitler did for all sorts of reasons. Sorry your family was in Berlin under Hitler but I rrelevant to this discussion about what life was like in Germany under him any more than what life was like in China during the cultural revolution. Unless of course Hillary is elected. See how irrelevant that was?

        • @ Jerry Macdaid

          Neither a “tactic” NOR “simple”. I am done responding to your posts forever. Please NEVER respond to mine. This is NOT the first time that you have exhibited a COMPLETE LACK OF EMPATHY.

  2. Thanks for the article, Dan. I think such a position, taken by a Republican and made public, is a service to the nation.
    Unfortunately, I know, well, at least 9 Republicans without your loyalty to our Constitution or your REAL concern for the future of our democratic republic.

  3. It’s about the country, our United States of America, not about party or person. Let’s not be self serving or scared of voting for the other party now.
    On election day vote for the woman who will not push any button, will not get in shouting matches with foreign heads of state, will devote herself to her country. The opponent has lived for himself and his own greedy goal of getting rich and keeping it all for himself and family.
    NOT the sort of past presidents we’ve had in the country I’ve lived in all of my life. Let’s keep it there. Thank you,my fellow Americans.

  4. William Adler

    I commend the writer for integrity in the best American traditions.

  5. I deleted my first post. Members of my family were murdered in Berlin by Hitler & the Nazi party. Trump has striking similarities to Hitler & his followers are saying things strikingly similar to things Hitler supporters said PRIOR to his election. Such as: It’s just *bluster* … He’s just *talking* … He will calm down once he’s elected… etc. Hitler’s enemies (pretty much most Berliners) thought he was a *clown*… just as people think of Trump. Hitler’s supporters also focused on economics — ignoring the racism & antisemitism… just as Trump’s supporters do.

    There is more to economics than simply focusing on finance. If the world hates us because a crazy xenophobe is at the helm of our country — we will pay a LOT in other ways (intelligence gathering & protection & militarily etc.). So much of being POTUS is being a skilled & receptive & empathic diplomat… To insist that that is not important is dangerous lunacy.

    As a child of Berliners who themselves did not belong to any party I have always refused to join a party. I vote as an independent (unaffiliated).

    Probably my post will be deleted because I have no answers as to “parties” except it’s best to not join any & therefore I believe all local midterm elections should be open to unaffiliated citizens across the country.

    Lastly if people make a mistake it is not only for *four years*. I grew up looking at the *hundred yard stares* of traumatised family members long after the last civil right was taken from them and then the last British & American bomb was dropped over them.

  6. I have been a democrat for 50 years and if you just change the name from trump to Clinton we have the same exact problem

    • No, she is simply a a protector of a sexual predator… That’s just what what we need as our first woman president…..

      • While I am not a huge fan of Trump, please allow me to “defend” him from such outrageous accusations:

        He does not hate Mexicans. He hates illegal immigrants and the fact that they are breaking the law and our government doesn’t seem to care.

        He doesn’t hate Muslims. He hates what they’ve done to our country (9/11 on), and around the world.

        He certainly doesn’t hate women. While his “locker room” comments are not politically correct, they are just words. Words almost all men have said. “Sexual assault” is a Bill Clinton specialty. Donald Trump has never assaualted a woman.

        He doesn’t hate blacks. He believes in law and order. Who doesn’t?

        He believes we should provide more opportunity, including charter schools, to the inner cities.

        He doesn’t care about the LGBT nonsense. People can do what they want in bed.

        We need change in Washington. Electing Hillary Clinton promises more of the same.
        Just him.
        Let’s get real about Donald Trump. You don’t have to l vote fitke him….

        Is the average Joe better off today than 8 years ago? No one thinks so.

        • @ Brian Burke

          I am not going to respond to what you have written in point-by-point detail — as it is simply delusional & completely racist & contrary to the facts which any rational person who possesses EMPATHY can judge. However — you wrote: What “muslims” (“They’ve”) “done to this country”. Hahahahahahaha… this is the most cluelessly said blindly RACIST thing I have heard recently…

          Probably someone who is connected w/ THIS blog would not agree that LBGT civil rights matters are “nonsense”. How completely RUDE!

          This name ‘Burke’ appears to allude to some ancestry from Ireland: a people who were spoken about HERE in the States (& not very long ago) in the exact manner that this commenter refers to muslims.

          Lastly — to my muslim brothers & sisters & ESPECIALLY muslim CHILDREN: I LOVE & ADORE you. You came here w/ the Spaniards in the 16th c. as sailors & officials. You came here from Africa as enslaved people & altered the music here in amazing beautiful ways! You came here in the late 19th & early 20th c. along w/ my Lebanese Orthodox & Catholic family to become successful attributes in EVERY sphere of American life. You came here after 1965 when the racist laws excluding us were finally altered to become the creme de la creme of our academic worlds. To my beautiful & smart & hospitable & tolerant patient GIRLS & GRANDMOTHERS: your modest dress is admirable. Do NOT let these people get to you. God Willing this will pass.

  7. I cannot fathom voting for anything other than country first. Granted it will match most people’s ideological political leanings, party is secondary. Republicans are in a quandary (as are a few Democrats). Sure they can write in a name or select a third or fourth party candidate but that effectively votes for Hillary. But a vote for Hillary sends a message that Mr. Trump’s style and antics will not be tolerated. If only Mike Bloomberg had decided to run…… 🙂

  8. I’m a left of center independent and very disgusted with our choices. I could never vote for Trump. But playing devils advocate, I have several Republican friends who may be thinking that voting for Trump is thinking of country first. In their world, a Trump presidency would nominate the proper Supreme Court Justices to help guide our country in the “right” direction. They are hoping that a Trump presidency would spur the economy and start bringing down the national debt. Yes, they would be ignoring the character of this man, but rationalizing it because the other nominee is just as flawed. And, in the end, the country would be going in an improved direction. These are not my beliefs but the beliefs of many.

  9. Beth Orlan Berkowitz

    I agree this is a huge dilemma for many people across the country.

    Whatever party you seem to align yourself with, I believe most people should be voting for the country first in every election. Some candidates seem to stand for one party’s philosophy completely, but many candidates actually will consider other positions on certain issues. I think all people whether candidates or citizens concerned with community and the overall well being should vote their conscience and not just across the party.

    We live in a troubled world, our country is still one of the best places in the entire world to live. There is too much hate in this world. there are too many dissatisfied people everywhere and causes more hate. Hate is a disease and we need to try hard to stop hating and move forward and use our brains.

    None of our candidates are perfect candidates, but as the writer states, this is a very scary situation. People across the country, not so much here in 06880, need to really think about the overall good of the country and the scary consequences, if they choose to elect him, a person who is very predictable, as we can surely predict America as we know it will cease to exist, if he becomes the president. He will cause even more hate, he will cause tremendous fear within our borders and he will try to control all of us to make him, TRUMP, even more powerful. He doesn’t care about America or American Citizens. He only cares about what he wants and what he can achieve.

    I’m very glad that Dan and the writer brought this out in the open to our 06880 community and hope that it reaches out to where 06880 meets the world!

    Thank you again!

  10. I plan to vote and pray, the prayer is we get through these next 4 years and then I ask :Will the real president of the United States please stand up.

    This piece written in 1968 by M.L. Morse is so timely yet again:
    To honor all those who have sacrificed
    to try to make it stand for
    freedom, justice, brotherhood
    and peace–
    Because I would not abandon our
    country either to those who
    would defend her as nearly
    perfect or to those who would
    forsake her as hopeless—
    Because, especially in these days,
    we need to be reminded
    not so much how far we have come,
    but how far we have to go.

  11. Susan Schmidt

    This election has taught us that the US political party system has reached a critical juncture. The desire for a politician to maintain status (and acceptance) within their own party, eclipsing the need to answer to constituents and the good of the country as a whole, has never been more evident. As Stephen wrote above, it’s appalling.

  12. “I’m a Christian, a conservative and a Republican, in that order.” — Mike Pence

    Who is that guy going to vote for?

  13. Anonymous anxiety and hand-wringing? Where’s the courageous leadership and proposed solution on the part of this writer?

  14. Yes and res.

  15. A few days ago, I made my birthday wish aloud. It was that a year from now this election would be a distant memory and that the nation has healed from the hateful rhetoric.

    I don’t think the issue is just party – I think Trump’s tens of millions of supporters are voting for him because they are fed up with the Washington establishment and seek a better financial future. A number of them have never voted before. We are somewhat disconnected from our fellow citizens across the country who are suffering financially and haven’t bounced back from the recession. Many of them are able to turn a blind eye to Trump’s negative attributes because they just want a change for the better. They see Hillary Clinton as more of the same. It doesn’t make them any less “American” than we are.

    When I first ran 11 years ago, some friends told me that they had never voted for a Republican before. There were a number of voters who said “I will never vote for a Republican” as we were campaigning at the soccer fields and at events. I am sure Democratic candidates faced the identical remarks reversed.

    Ultimately, 100% of Connecticut’s electroral delegates will go to Hillary Clinton since Connecticut is not a swing state. Why vote then? It enables us to elect the best local and state candidates regardless of party.

    Counting down the days for the healing to begin…

    • Avi,
      You are the kind of Republican even I could vote for. Having two parties that see the function of government differently and are willing to compromise is healthy for the nation. What frightens me terribly is the entanglement of government and religion that has crept into the Rrpublican party. When I read the party platform, it mentioned things like mandatory teaching of the Bible in all public schools, consulting God before proposing legislation or voting on those proposals. Others vow to repeal same sex marriage which would mean that my husband and I would no longer enjoy the benefits of marriage. There are other similar planks. I do not want to live in a theocracy. We laugh at countries that have that form of government. Keep religion out of politics.

      • Thank you John! I agree with you. You set a wonderful example for tolerance at Staples.

  16. So who is this long-time Republican? I thought everyone had to identify themselves in order to post a comment.

    • Correct, Rose — everyone does have to use full, real names to comment. The person who emailed me did not write a comment, however. It was a personal opinion that I turned into a story. The writer (who is NOT a public figure) had a very personal reason for anonymity, which is irrelevant to the post. I grant anonymity when I post articles if I think it’s important to get the main idea out in front of readers. The idea here is to get a dialogue going, not try to guess who the writer is. So far, the dialogue has been spirited and insightful. Let’s keep it going.

  17. Sandra Johnson

    Trump is a very dangerous, “crazed” person. No matter what party we belong to – we must keep our country safe. I know many people hate Hillary, BUT she cares for AMerica and knows most of the world leaders so we really need to vote for her. If you don’t vote (as some are saying) – that is a vote for Trump. WE MUST KEEP AMERICA SAFE – SO WE HAVE TO VOTE FOR HILLARY – SHE DOES LOVE OUR COUNTRY, AND I FEEL SHE WILL REALLY TRY TO DO A GOOD JOB . SHE KNOWS WHAT SHE HAS DONE AND HOPEFULLY HAS LEARNED FROM HER MISTAKES
    I am a senior and have been around a long time and am very frightened by all this- have never seen an election like this.. God Bless America and help our country

  18. Bobbie Herman

    Ask yourself — which is more important, your country or your party? As an avid, lifelong Democrat, having spent 18 years on the Westport DTC and as President of the Democratic Women of Westport for 8 years, I have on occasion voted for a Republican. I felt it was for the good of the country, or the state or the town, and the person I voted for would be better in office if elected.

  19. I would think that “loyal” Republicans in CT at least would benefit their party and its State nominees by declaring that they will not be voting for Donald Trump. I think such a statement can only help the campaigns of candidates such as Toni Boucher and Cathy Walsh. The failure of Republican candidates to so declare will probably hurt their chances. If they do not want to vote for Hillary Clinton, that is a separate decision. Finally, this use of the word “hate” to characterize how one views another reminds me that my mother always told our family to use a different word to be critical, if possible.
    Don Bergmann

    • I thought the same thing about the use of the word HATE. There are dozens of reasons why I would never vote for Donald Trump, but to simply say that I hate him says very little. I fear him. He makes me angry. He makes me sad. I think he appeals to the worst in people. He is intolerant. He is ignorant. I think he is narcissistic. I’m also a bit shocked to say that Hilary is just as bad a candidate as Trump. I think that’s nonsense. She is one of the most qualified candidates in decades. And Donald Trump’s ignorance is compounded greatly by his unwillingness to listen to people who know more than he does. He knows more than the Generals?

    • Bart Shuldman

      My father taught me early on….HATE is a four letter word.

  20. qestion number 1 who can care aboiut a party siding with a blowhard number 2 absolutely but we do not have a viable choice its the liar or the big mouth GOD HELP US

    • Dick Lowenstein

      “Liar or the big mouth” Aren’t they the same person? 🙂

      • Luciano Morelli

        What about the hatred of the deplorables, rednecks, and Catholics in this Country? Doesn’t that disgust you too Joe? Apparently there are a lot of them according to the Hillary camp. Nothing like dividing the Country before getting elected.

        How is it possible we have such horrible choices this election?!

        • @ Luciano Morelli

          “Catholics”? If you were VERY involved w/ Catholicism in the SPIRIT that it is meant — vs. representation of some kind of *ethnicity* (which it is btw not): you would have noticed that my name is not “Joe” but rather ZOE. St.Zoe is the Jerusalem Saint who was a close companion & follower of Saint James the Just — who we Syrian Orthodox & Syrian Byzantine Catholics call ‘The Brother of God’. (As he was the brother of Issa — in Latin Jesus. Though some LATER Christians & scholars believe him to be the cousin of Jesus. Due only to their — NOT Syrian — trouble w/ the thought of Maryam/Mary having EVER had another child & HOW babies come into the planet. The Stork is not involved People…).

          On to this increasingly tiresome act of defending muslims & Arab Americans & other people of colour that I was born into in Westport 56 years ago: Catholics & pale people & people who wear modest muslim clothing etc. — do NOT suffer the DAILY civil rights ABUSES that we do.

          I know this especially as w/ a blonde German mum & black Lebanese father & w/ three very pale siblings & myself NOT pale (at ALL): I am the only one in the family to experience the loss of my civil rights & incidents of racism… in my OWN country (since young childhood in Westport I might add).

          I am not a Hilary fan. But only because of her attitudes & actions toward innocent Lebanese civilians during the 2006 bombing of Lebanon by the State of Israel/apartheid occupier of Palestine. Also she is on the RIGHT of even Republicans on the illegal actions toward Palestinians — in support of the State of Israel. (See the debate w/ Bernie again).

          HOWEVER: I will vote for her based on her high level of legal & senatorial & international relations experience & her dedication to civil rights issues in this MY country. Vs. voting for a mysogynistic racist sexually assaulting muslim & latino loathing obvious LUNATIC — who should be out on a ledge somewhere — RATHER than expecting to fill one of the most important jobs on the planet.

          (Your welcome Hilary: Now please get a soul about Palestinians & apologise for saying that the bombing of innocent Lebanese including their hospitals & Red Cross ambulances & UN compound & schools & bridges & roads should be STRONGER. *Speech in front of UN building in NYC in summer 2006 — standing next to the Israeli ambassador).

          • Lol
            You sure are Angry😠😠😠😠

            • Are you JOKING? As a Syrian Lebanese ‘Arab’ American w/ brown skin I have experienced racism — including growing up in Westport & not allowed in public pools there in the early 60s — for my entire life inc. NOW. I am still fighting for my human rights NOW. And I am not even muslim.

              “lol” THAT is your measured response. Please stop wasting my time! “Matt” who somehow evaded telling us his last name/family name. Yes it is all VERY FUNNY Matt ‘lol’ I suspect that “Matt” is not someone who experiences racial profiling and loss of his civil rights in the country he was born in: The United States.

            • Your name is Matt….?

        • PS: Mr.Morelli “basket of deplorables” was a riot! The BEST thing about her is her sense of humour! I’m still laughing at that! The only trouble w/ that was her having to temper what she said/says. Otherwise we’d all be rolling on the floor & spitting out our coffee more often.

        • Correction: “people who wear modest muslim clothing” were included in my previous statement w/ people who “do NOT suffer (the) daily civil rights abuses”. Of course I meant to say that they DO. Sorry for that — what should be — obvious mistake.

  21. My view is that the election of Hillary Clinton would be a disaster to our country. She stands for everything that is currently going wrong in our nation, and a continuation of these policies would be a disaster.

    While Donal Trump is certainly not a “perfect” candidate, if elected, he will surround himself with bright people that Will be the agents of change we so badly need.

    Hillary Clinton has been shown to be frightfully dishonest, and truthfully, should probably be in jail.

    I’m 74, and a 1960 graduate of Staples. I served in the US Navy for 4 years, and attended college in the Chicago area. I am president of a successful technology company

    In all my life, I can never remember seeing our country so divided. The election of Hillary Clinton would make it even worse.

    • *sorry when I quoted/paraphrased you I wrote “country” rather than “nation”(the word you used)

    • Peter Gambaccini

      Brian, if Trump, when elected, is going to surround himself with bright people, why isn’t he surrounding himself with bright people now.

  22. Dick Lowenstein

    Today’s Connecticut Post has a front page headline: “The Big Waffle.” The paper asked Republican candidates for Congress and the state legislature: “Do you support Trump for president?”

    The answer: 5 said “no,” including Tony Hwang, 21 said “yes” and 37 waffled. Among the local state legislature candidates hedging are Boucher, Lavielle, and Walsh (state legislature).

    Here’s a link to the paper: http://digital.olivesoftware.com/Olive/ODN/ConnecticutPost/Default.aspx

  23. Jo Ann Davidson

    I have been a Republican since I voted for Eisenhower in 1952. His warning against the “military/industrial complex” still resounds. But he must be turning over in his grave to see what Donald Trump has made of the Republican Party.
    Town, State, and National issues determine my vote. I will vote for Hillary Clinton.

  24. Kendall Gardiner

    Donald Trump does not represent the G.O.P. of Lincoln, Eisenhower, Reagan.
    The party my beloved husband Gavin Anderson was, and I have been loyal to. I will NOT vote for TRUMP.
    Kendall Gardiner Anderson

  25. we got our ballots in the mail here in Washington state yesterday, and when
    it got to the choice for president, i took a deep breath, thought about Bernie for a few seconds, held my nose, and voted for Mrs. Bill.
    the other candidate
    is beyond belief or hope; please, would someone back over that idiot in a parking lot and save the World !

  26. Carolanne Curry

    Keep it clean
    We’re all trying real hard here

  27. Mr. Trump is a very trouble man, who’s mental and emotional state have some serious problems. The fact that he is the Republican choice for President is troubling, but not as much so, as the fact that people are actually voting for him, knowing the type of person he is. That’s what’s scary. I really question their emotional/mental state.

    • Yes — one wonders who is on the train sitting opposite. Like in the Balkans when people’s schoolteachers & football mates became their jailers & torturers. Pray that we don’t have another civil war.

  28. Mary (Cookman) Schmerker Staples 1958

    Country has to come first. Without our country there would not be a two party system. For that matter, the first amendment is first for a very good reason that our founding fathers understood. This column illustrates that.
    Our words matter and can open minds.

  29. I am amazed that anyone would feel more loyal to any political party above country. The Republican party is no longer the party that it was 20 years ago or 40 years ago. If you read the platform of the Republican party as written for this election it is horrifying. Also, is no proof that Hilary is a “criminal” or a “crook” in spite of more than 400 million dollars that have been spent over the past 20+ years by organization(s) whose sole purpose is to bring down the Clintons. If they haven’t found anything to stick after all that money and effort, I doubt there is anything there. She is a capable, intelligent, hard working woman who has already done more to improve the lives of many people in this country (and around the world) than nearly any of us ever will.

  30. Why should this question even need to be asked: Does loyalty to country supersede loyalty to party?

    Frankly, I think it sums up exactly what the GOP has become.

    Elyse (Evers) Kingery, Staples ’74

  31. I have one friend who is a veteran and staunch Republican who is offended by things Trump has said relating to veterans (and possibly, in particular, PTSD). He plans on writing in John McCain. I am in complete ignorance on how a write-in vote would work. Would it be possible for a concerted write-in campaign to be launched (disregarding that there are only a few more weeks).

    • Dick Lowenstein

      If your friend lives in CT –and he wants his write-in to be counted — then McCain must be “listed” as a write-in before Nov. 8. Check with the CT Secretary of the State or his local Town Clerk for what is required (not difficult, I’m told)

    • Arline Gertzoff

      Unless your write in has been approved by the state.ie polling stations get a list of approved/registered write ins on Election Day it will be discarded so you are wasting your vote

  32. Of course! to both questions. Hardly “huge, difficult philosophical” questions.”

  33. This election is all about the Supreme Court, both candidates are flawed and devide the population. The next president more then likely will appoint enough judges to sway the Supreme Court for the next 40 years. Republican will give you a conservative and democrats will give you a liberal court.

    Either Hillary or Clinton will get stone walled by congress. Because of the divide I believe the Court will be drawn to the foreground more then ever.

  34. Oops typo, either Hillary or trump

  35. Have been Republican all my life believe in financial and personal tenents of our party Trump has nothing to do with them a vote for him is a vote for chaos just vote down ballot Jon Fox

  36. Here is one newspaper that is putting principles and country over party. And doing so very, very eloquently: http://www.azcentral.com/story/opinion/2016/10/16/publisher-response-to-threats-after-republic-endorsement-clinton-trump/92058964/

    • Threats? Then there truly is a “Basket of Deplorables”.

    • Jerry MacDaid

      Good for them. How unfortunate that few, if any, on the left are willing to stand on their principles and denounce Hillary, particularly when the answer should have been Bernie. Seemingly more of an “ends justifies the means” group of folks these days than in the heyday of the 60’s. But as were taught then, the means corrupts the end.

      • At least, freedom of speech does not include death threats.

        Yes, the answer should have been Bernie but he lost and both Hillary and Donald actually won. Perhaps the voting was “rigged”? In the end, no one will ever know. Democracy — if you don’t vote, don’t complain.

        • Luciano Morelli

          So far most of the violence seems to be coming from the left. Trump supporters getting harassed and beaten up, Republican headquarters in North Carolina getting firebombed, etc. Please don’t be so high and mighty about who might create violence when it seems to be happening now.

          • Brian Faucher

            you ask “the left” to not be so high and mighty. I would ask you to not blame an entire group for the actions of a few. At this point, we DON’T KNOW who firebombed the NC office, there is no proof that it was someone on “the left”, so your accusation is premature. As for supporters getting beaten up, there have been just as many instances of people protesting Trump getting beaten up at Trump rallies.

            In these instances, the vast majority of Democrats have said that they do not support or condone these actions. In fact, I don’t know of anyone who said that it was good that the NCGOP office was attacked. A group of Democrats from NC actually got together and collected money to rebuild that office:

            An attack like this is an attack on everyone’s democracy, regardless of which party. We should be using this to try and come together, not accuse others.

  37. Bonnie Bradley

    I’m with Buell… and Mary Schmerker too!

  38. The U.S. is viewed by the international community as insular, non-progressive. The ongoing issue of racism is proof.

  39. What’s the difference?

  40. Francis Costello

    What do we want to see our country stop doing, start doing and continue doing? These are the questions we need to discuss to shape our future. For a moment, remove our “party affiliation” and speak our brain, heart and soul as American citizens. We might be surprised by what we hear. Elections are much bigger than the individuals the parties nominate as candidates.

  41. Kendall Gardiner

    While a lot of people have been answering that it is ONVIOUS, Country comes before party. … really???
    Why then, as Dick Lowenstein pointed out, are
    Boucher, Lavielle and Walsh refusing to tell their constituents if
    they support and believe in Trump’s version of Republican and will vote for him. If they believe he is the best for our country, SAY SO.
    If they do not support their parties nominee, let the voters know that while continuing to be loyal Republicans, they will put country first and not vote Trump.
    Give us some direction.
    Isn’t a Republican who disagrees with Trump but will still vote for him putting PARTY before country?
    Seems like it.
    Except of course for those that really truly believe in him, like Brian Burke.
    Some Republican Lawmakers in Washington do not support him, but refuse to denounce Trump.
    Isn’t THAT putting political party first ? ….and before country?
    I would seriously appreciate feedback, I am trying to understand why people would knowingly vote for someone they do not believe in, trust or admire..someone who no longer represents the Grand Old Party.

    • It has been a good lesson for voters to think for themselves, rather than follow blindly.

      • A Hillary support, quoted a celebrity as the reason to vote was to vote for someone with experience. “you would not go to the mailman if you needed a root canal”
        My reply was,”their are many Doctors who are willing to take your money the problem is you actual have to be competent to get the job done correctly”.

        • Brian Faucher

          So you would rather have the mailman do your root canal than a bad dentist? I would take the bad dentist any day.

    • The lawmakers, on either side, are just hoping to save their jobs.
      Ethics and ideology take a back seat.

    • Simply put – He has better policies for our country.

  42. Ms. Gardiner, you have picked up on the fallacy of these folks. While the same can be said about both major parties, those that are spineless are the offensive ones. Seeing as there are only five that committed to “no.” It’s the 37 that have waffled, are the troubling ones, and drinking the party Kool-Aid.

    • Kendall Gardiner

      Congratulations to the 5 who displayed the courage of their convictions…
      Shame on the Kool-Aid drinking 37

      • Dick Lowenstein

        Update on the “37” — Dan Carter, a waffler who is running against Sen. Dick Blumenthal, announced yesterday at a brunch in Stamford that…….”I will vote for Donald Trump”

  43. Does loyalty to the state supersed loyalty to the party? Why are you only asking about the country?

    The state election is probably one of the most important in many years. CT is failing financially and if people want to see things improve will democrats vote for the state or for their party?

    Experience shows us that Jonathan Steinberg voted to 2 massive tax increases as he had to support his party-going against what most Westport resident a wanted. He voted for the party and not the state or Westport.

    Now GE is moving. Thomason Reuters is leaving too. Cablevision is shutting down 600 jobs and moving them to NY. And many many more have left.

    I would say that this state election is critical. It is also critical on the national front. If republicans want to control Hillary-then vote for Shaban to replace Himes. Vote for Carter for US Senate.

    At some point CT needs to grow jobs and stop the nonsense of tax increases that make it very difficult to expand jobs in this state. At some point the US will also need to do the same.

    So party or CT? So House or Senate versus party at the national level?

    And then hold your nose and vote for whoever you want for President. In CT it really does not matter–Hillary will get all the electoral votes.

    • By all means lower taxes, and see our infrastructure crumble.

      • Bobby. What infrastructure are you talking about? What money is left today for projects? State is spending over a billion dollars on a train from New Haven to Springfield Mass. who does that help? How many will use it?

        State implemented 2 huge tax increases–voted in by Jonathan Steinberg and what did we get? More deficits!! And seniors for higher estate taxes!! Just ask the Probate Judges how bad these new taxes are and how many people are leaving the state.

        Sorry–higher taxes have NOT worked. Steinberg’s voting to approve the 2 tax increases is a full at causing state revenues to drop as more and more companies and more and more people leave CT.

        • Bart, I believe Bobbie is referring to the maintenance of infrastructure, not new projects.

          • Exactly so.

            • Lower state taxes would be nice (and might help attract or keep more businesses in the state) but may not be realistic in the near term. However, at the rate the state is going, the even bigger issue we are facing is the liklihood of further tax increases given the gaping holes in the budget over the next couple of years unless we can figure out how to drive growth. Even the current year “balanced” budget is now projected to be in deficit by $78MM despite a higher than budgeted $80MM settlement collection from RBS.


              I agree infrastructure is an issue but if we don’t have money to pay for it, we probably need to look for other places to cut rather that trying to raise taxes further incenting people and businesses to exit the state. Perhaps refocusing infrastructure expenditures on maintaining what we have versus building questionable new rail lines or bus lanes. Relooking how we spend our money elsewhere would also be worthwhile including pensions and healthcare benefits.

              However, the Democratic Party controlled state legislature (dominated by non-Fairfield County legislators) are more than happy to keep raising taxes and testing how far they can go without killing the Fairfield County golden goose. You’d think the projected tax revenue shortfalls and companies leaving the state would send them a message that the goose is pretty ill, but seemingly not.

  44. I would vote for Trump.
    1.) Immigration Verses open boarders
    2.) Mexican coming into the country legaly can join Unions.
    3.) The USA is the only Capitalistic Democracy in the world Verses one world Government
    4.) school vouchers verses 5th lowest student performance equal to that of Bulgaria.
    5.) Overthrow cronies
    6.) caregiver paid time
    7.) sterilize male human service recipients ( ok I added that)

    • Bart Shuldman

      Jerry–the current year budget deficit is now over $180 million. Budget Director Ben Barnes sent out his projects and the revenue for this fiscal year is down more!! Add that to the OFA projections and we are now facing biger and bigger deficits. And CT got a windfall with a lawsuit settlement that brought in $80 Million. The state would be facing a $240 MILLION deficit if that did not happen.

      Fiscal 2017 is now projected to run over $1 BILLION DEFICIT. But wait–there is more and news coming. The pension plan has to be rebased every two years–the bad news is coming in a month or so when the pension plan rebasing is announced in November (of course after the eelction..:):)). The budget deficit next year will be higher–much higher.

      Jonathan Steinberg did not help Westporters when he voted for the states 2 largest tax increases without any change to the pension plans. Overtime can still be used to jack up their income. And Cost of Living Increases still go on–every pensioner sees their pension rise. Think about it–the pension plan earned 0.34% last year–but we gave away a 2.4% increase to pensioners. Spend more, give away more, and take in less.

      The state is broke–CT borrowing is almost at capacity.

      So I ask again–vote for Westport, vote for CT or vote for the party?

  45. Hmmmmmm; I wonder for whom our illustrious leader, Jim Marpe will vote …speaking of country, state or community before Party.

    • Yes, Marpe should be able to tell his constituents for whom he will be voting. He is not a “private” citizen when he is being paid a public salary by the citizens of Westport. In fact, all of our elected officials should be required to state who they support for President. And while we are at it, the writer of the original piece to which we are all responding should identify him/herself. Otherwise we have another cowardly Republican on our hands and I am sick and tired of them.

      • Rozanne, as I noted in another reply above, there is a very personal (non-political) reason for which the original writer (a non-public figure) requested anonymity. I agreed, because I thought it was important for this topic to be discussed.

  46. Loretta Santella Hallock

    I consider myself a Democrat but have voted Republican when I felt the Democratic candidate was not the right person. Mainly in local elections. This will not be the case in this Presidential election. These are scary times.

  47. Graham Ramsay

    The GOP should have put its house in order months ago rather than doing what’s done has a habit for several years- sleep at the wheel. Maybe real leadership might arise from the wreckage. Fingers crossed.

  48. The problem confronting Republicans is do you vote for your party’s candidate- a man who is totally unprepared and morally unfit to be president based on his actions, multiple bankruptcies, courting of the alt right and by his own taped words espousing his sexual abuse. A man who at times seems to espouse some of the positions of the conservative branch of the GOP. A man who has been called a pathologic liar, a bully and a clown by the GOP candidates that were running against him in the primaries. A man who will not release his taxes because we are too stupid to understand them, has not paid his share of taxes, has not backed up his pledges to charities, and promises to change the tax codes to the detriment of the middle class and to his own benefit. And a man now yelling our system is rigged against him and is calling for vigilantes to sit at our polling places- I can see that going over really big here in Westport- But I guess right wing vigilantes would be okay for the voting places where Hispanics, Blacks, Asians, Native Americans, the Indigent and/or Muslims vote!!!!

    The problem is could you vote for a woman who has been a reelected US senator from NY, a US Secretary of State who has not sent our armies of young men and women needlessly into battle when we can use our military’s high tech advantages, has been a life long advocate for children and the health of our nation. A woman who has also been called a crook by the GOP for over thirty years but after countless investigations by the Republican committees of the US Senate and House of Representative, as well as the FBI, has never been found guilty of anything except poor judgement on using a private server for her emails. And, we are all waiting patiently for anything in her Russian hacked/ wikileaked emails and speeches that approach a revelation of Hilary doing something outrageous- so far just stuff that all politicians do- prepare, plan and use information judiciously.

    As always in our election system- a lot of folks will be making their choices based on long standing gut feelings and party loyalty- but I think the choice is truly BINARY- to borrow a phrase from the GOP.

    I happen to think you go with the best man- who in this case happens to be a woman. Just this man’s opinion.

    By the way- I am an independent voter not affiliated with either party- ever!

    • Thank You for this thoughtful & comprehensive (in a nutshell!) post Mr.Stein. I am also a registered independent (as I always have been).

  49. Steve said:

    “The problem is could you vote for a woman who has been a reelected US senator from NY, a US Secretary of State who has not sent our armies of young men and women needlessly into battle when we can use our military’s high tech advantages, has been a life long advocate for children and the health of our nation. A woman who has also been called a crook by the GOP for over thirty years but after countless investigations by the Republican committees of the US Senate and House of Representative, as well as the FBI, has never been found guilty of anything except poor judgement on using a private server for her emails. And, we are all waiting patiently for anything in her Russian hacked/ wikileaked emails and speeches that approach a revelation of Hilary doing something outrageous- so far just stuff that all politicians do- prepare, plan and use information judiciously.”

    She voted for the war in Iraq, the Middle East become even worse of a catastrophe than it was before she became Secretary of State, and if you don’t believe she is a crook then open your eyes. Comey is now a disgrace according to many in the FBI. He laid out a solid reason to indict her and then he recommended no indictment, gave immunity to at least five people in her camp, allowed computers to be destoryed, etc. Poor judgement? Give me a break. A complete disgrace. Then there is the Clinton Foundation. I don’t want my government to be sold to the the highest bidder but that is apparently what is going on with the Clintons – pay for play. A total disgrace.

    I am a registered Republican, have voted for Democrats in the past and currently deciding between Trump and Johnson (if enough vote for Johnson then the Libertarians get federal funding in the next election).

    • Hi Luciano

      Everyone backed the war in Iraq based on the official misinformation from Vice President Cheney and President Bush, verified by Colin Powel! Clinton was being a good American and following the Presidents lead. We were under attack on 9/11 as I recall.

      The deal to get our troops out of Iraq was struck by the Bush administration. She was Secretary of State when we had to live up to that bargain. The world is a more dangerous place – but I hope you can agree fighting wars with only a few American lives at risk is a good thing! More American lives are lost to gun violence in the country every day than have been lost in this country since 9/11 from foreign and domestic terrorism.

      You are condemning the Clinton Foundation without proof, just innuendo you choose to believe- List all the donors to the Clinton Foundation and see who is buying influence- and tell me about the good the foundation is doing all over the world. I will be surprised if it does not win the Nobel Prize for Peace. The Trump Foundation is a sham and a tax dodge that will be proven in court after a little more investigative reporting. But we already know Mr Trump has not been contributing his money for many years!!

      Most of the Republican establishment are no longer backing or voting for Mr Trump. Who are they sending that message to??

  50. On November 9th I will wake up and be grateful to be an American and feel blessed my grandfather had the guts to get on a boat at 14 and come over to this country and give all of us an opportunity we would not have in any other country. He overcame prejudice, he worked hard, became a citizen and this country became home. It’s my home, who ever is the President Elect- will be my President and will lead the greatest country in the free world. My advice to all, vote locally, vote state wide, ask questions of your representatives- make sure YOU are first, not THEM…find out who is making donations to their campaigns ( non of these by the way are free) we are in this mess in MY OPINION because for too long our Representatives in the House and Senate at both the State and Federal levels on both sides of the aisles have put the pockets of big business and special interest groups as well as their own pockets ahead of the people…

    • Jerry MacDaid

      Well said.

    • Again , Jim is the voice of reason

      You are a good man Mr Izzo

    • Bart Shuldman

      Jimmy–thank you. The check and balances at the federal level will be there–While Hillary will probably win, the senate and house will stay republican. That will be good for all of us.

      CT–JUST THE OPPOSITE. No checks and balances. The House and Senate are controlled by one party, that also controls the Governor. There are no deliberations when it gets to the budget. Just look at Steinberg’s record–when the democrats needed him to vote for the Implementer to approve the 2 tax increases–he voted YES!!

      • How on earth can gridlock be “good for all of us”?

        • Jerry MacDaid

          I believe this is exactly what was intended. The checks and balances were intended to ensure the extremists of any persuasion, particularly in the executive branch (remember – the founders didn’t like kings), could not unilaterally enforce their will against the people. The intent, was to force compromise bringing things back to the middle and maximize consensus. In many respects, Congress was intended to be a broader representation of ALL of the US recognizing that there are real differences driven by geography and different regional economies (e.g. Rural vs city, farm vs industry vs Finance) so that elites from one region (even then the northeast) electing one of their own could not enforce their will on the entire country. Gridlock only arises if BOTH sides, particularly the executive branch, refuse to compromise which, unfortunately, has been the case in the recent past.

          Over the last 60 years, Republican’s Eisenhower, Nixon, Ford and Bush #1 compromised with Democratic controlled Congress and things got done. Democrat Clinton #1 compromised with Republican controlled Congress and things got done. Even Republican Reagan had 2 years of Democratic controlled Congress and all 8 years of Democratic controlled house but compromised and things got done. Democrats JFK, Johnson, Carter and half of term of Republican Bush #2 were lucky enough to have their party control Congress so life was easier I suppose. And, of course, vice versa – Congress was willing to compromise with opposition presidents in exchange for some of their interests being forwarded. As it should be.

          Only under Democrat Obama during 6 years of Republican controlled Congress were BOTH sides unwilling to compromise. Hmmm. Whose fault is that. Maybe if Bush #1 had gone hardline llike Obama and dug on his “read my lips, no new taxes”, he would have been re-elected and the last 24 years would have played out differently.

          • A perfect example of party over country. Both parties unwilling to compromise, both parties faulting each other. All so childish, useless.
            The world is tired of these games. Consider a different system.

            • The Court is just as partisan. Where is the check and balance?
              I doubt the Founding Fathers considered the politics of today.

              • Your probably right there. The Supreme Court was really intended to be the elite of the elite and play Solomon within the confines of the Constitution letting the Congress and President do their jobs rather than legislating from the bench. That does seem to have deteriorated.

            • Has nothing to do with party over country. If anything, it is exactly how this country was intended to work. And it has worked reasonably well for a couple of centuries until the last 6 years. And, one could argue that Congress not allowing President Obama to unilaterally impose his (and the Democrat’s) will on the country without compromise and President Obama not allowing the Republican Congress to unilaterally impose their will on the country without comprise was a good thing so even in the last 6 years it has worked in the best interest of the country given the apparent polarization.

              Hopefully the next gang will have learned something and be less intransigent. That is one thing Hillary does have going for her. She is much more practical and likely to compromise to get things done if faced with a Republican Congress.

            • Kendall Gardiner

              Mr MacDaid hit the nail on the head.
              Precisely the problem….putting party before country.
              Well said, Nancy.

          • By the way, the President was almost intended to be one of the “elite” given how the electoral college was originally set up. And the President was given veto power to ensure the people, via Congress, couldn’t pass shortsighted laws based on some emotional knee jerk reaction unless they really really really wanted to do something stupid and could muster 2/3rds of the votes to override the veto (e.g. like they did with permitting lawsuits against foreign governments chopping the knees out from sovereign immunity doctrine).

  51. So much truth to Jim’s words. Too bad electing Hillary will just continue the corruption in government.

    Maybe this is why Comey didn’t recommend to indict Hillary:


    • This article is a nonstarter as it stands- no date , no mention of either Clinton or Comey. No specifics of what was being talked about or context!. Sorry!

      Was this something that happened yesterday or years ago?

      I can hardly wait to see this properly vetted in the general media that we all read!! Westport News, WSJ and NYT!!

  52. Kendall Gardiner

    One of the original questions was whether loyalty to country superceeds loyalty to political party
    If someone honestly believes Donald Trump is the best person to lead this country, and they vote that way, I respect that.
    If someone feels they cannot or don’t want to vote for Hillary Clinton, I respect that.
    This is still America!
    I do feel troubled by Republican Party members who DO NOT think Donald Trump is the best person to lead this country, and will vote for him anyway, because he is a Republican.
    As well, I am troubled by Democratic Party members who may believe Hillary Clinton is unqualified to lead this country ( emails, Benghazi, Clinton foundation etc.) but will still vote for her because she is a Democrat.
    Upon reflection, I don’t agree any elected official should be asked for whom they will vote. We all have a right to privacy.
    This is an incredibly stressful election
    I think we have to be grateful to Dan for posting this blog in which we are all educated by the insights and views of every participant.

  53. Bannon, Matt Bannon

    Like I said angry

    Should I be worried

    • @ Matt Bannon

      “Matt Bannon” wrote asking “should I be worried” to me: as in “worried” FROM ME. Yet another completely RACIST response. Because you know we ‘Arab’ & Syrian Americans are ever so *violent* & *dangerous* & a *threat* to the good citizens of this land. Voila your neighbours Westporters. Regarde! This is “Matt Bannon”. He seems to have fallen in love w/ me — as he keeps attacking me for ZERO reason (= making ZERO points except attacking me) like a bully in a schoolyard.

      Here is the answer to your question & then I will leave you to fight w/ yourself (or Saint Michael whichever comes first): “Should (you) be worried?”. I am Syrian American & my family came here in the 19th c. & my father was Vice President of NBC Radio nationally & the first ever freelance radio program consultant who turned easy listening stations in the 50s & 60s into R&R & Soul stations across the country — so that half the people attacking me in this thread could wake up listening to R&R & Soul vs. 1950s sanitised *musak*. Whose father is listed in the Arab American Institute’s list of ‘Famous Arab Americans’. Whose father HAD to move w/ our family to Westport due to the colour line & gentlman’s agreement that kept him from neighbouring towns. (A LOT seems to have CHANGED in Westport). Whose grandfather helped fund the building of his church in Ohio.

      No “Matt Bannon”: you should not be “worried” by a 5’2″ 100 pound SECOND/THIRD gen. Syrian American artist/traditional craftsperson. (‘Third’ as my grandfather came to The States at age 14. ‘Second’ because my father was the first American in our family born here).

      Perhaps you should read the Gospel of Matthew which shares your name. “Should (you) be worried?” No: because I’m sure God has God’s own time for you to cross the River Styx. As a peaceful loving person who follows the nonviolent & LOVING teachings of Issa (Jesus) — I don’t like to be presumptuous thinking about YOUR Fate. Perhaps YOU should worry about THAT by altering your racist & abusive behaviour.

      Is Marlo Thomas (a distant cousin of my father’s via her Ohio born father Danny) — who now lives in Westport — reading this? I hope not! As this is pure meanspirited EVIL I am experiencing here.

    • @ Matt Bannon:

      It’s astounding that you would mock the description of a small child being discriminated against & abused & mocked by authority figures simply for the colour of their skin & then mock the person calmly describing that as an adult as “angry”.

  54. There is an intelligent honest woman running for President, but it is not Hillary Clinton.

  55. A “little” bit of humor:

    Debating Trump is like playing chess with a pigeon:

    It doesn’t matter how good you are, the pigeon doesn’t understand the game, knocks over most of the pieces, then shits on the board, and finally struts around as if it has won something.

  56. Peter Gambaccini

    Loyalty to a political party, when it swerves off the track as severely as one party has, is no kind of virtue at all. I was raised in a Republican family, but I am always surprised to find Connecticut Republicans still believing that the national party has any remaining resemblance to the party of Eisenhower, Rockefeller, Javits, and our own McKinney, Weicker and Shays..

  57. Bart Shuldman

    Dan. While I am a frequent commenter, you now have Zoe responding to almost everyone’s post or comment. Is it time to let her know that it is cluttering your Blog’s. She seems the need to respond to comments on top of comments on top
    of comments.

    Just asking….

    • the pot calling the kettle… Bart, it is possible that you might be happier living on a deserted island (with Internet, of course).

  58. Bart Shuldman

    31 and counting.

    • Time to end the thread.

    • Hahaha — you are actually wrong — you are over by SIX. Because as I explained I posted several comments at the bottom when my original posting turned into a string of alphabet. Also there are quite a few that were a postscript CORRECTION following my own comment. Also writing ‘Yes’ or *applause* or ‘Thank You!’ only to someone is not the same as what you are inferring to Dan — to have him silence me. (Arabic call and response — after speaking & poetry & music — which I’m sure angers you no end! Wow — stay out of a Black church while your at it… hahaha…).

      You are simply wrong — as I did not leave a comment after EVERY comment NOR after everyone’s comment as you wrote Dan about ON the blog — meaning 147 comments!

      I have never encountered more RACIST ideology (inc. the 8-30g rowing about “riff raff” which could be brought to Westport) than in the last three months here (having moved to NYC decades ago). Rather than worrying about my 25 posts (over days — some only TWO words) out of 147 — I would actually worry about acquiring a SOUL for yourself Mr. B.S.

      Wow… I wonder why you could be filled w/ LOATHING for me… hmmm… 1/2 German – 1/2 Syrian Lebanese (modern: ‘Arab’)… Hmmm… I wonder… what it is that has you seething at me…

      Let me tell you something B.S. I WILL defend muslims to the attacks from both Trump & his followers AND the type of RACIST anti-muslim comments I read in THIS thread when I feel I have to — regardless of your WEIRD counting obsession & inability to see that of all the 100+ people here I only responded to several vs. ALL of them.

      Get a SOUL B.S.!

      I hope to God & EVERYTHING THAT is HOLY & SACRED in the World that the ONE Syrian refugee family brought to Westport — makes it out of there as FAST as possible!

  59. To Zoe’s point about refugee numbers– the U.S, for its size, is taking in far too few. Why? Scared?

  60. Zoe, just ignore the Stepford Men’s Club tactics and continue to voice your opinions, thoughts.

  61. “Like many people I know, I am endeavoring to find a way to remain loyal to the Republican party, while not supporting Donald Trump.”

    So after this record breaking blog- The Easy Answer is- support the good folks down ticket and vote your conscience on the top of the ticket – especially now that all of the Republican establishment including Paul Ryan has said that’s okay! You have their permission!!

    And you will have everyone’s blessing that you are doing the morally right thing for country first and party second- not voting for a man who by his own mouthed statements in front of the hugest audiences is a racist, misogynist, egoist, sexist, self proclaimed smartest abuser, charity stingiest, tax evader, snake oil salesman and shirker of service to country in time of war (ouch my heels hurt me and I can’t hardly walk!) (If he can play 18 holes of golf he could have served his country)

    I still want to see his taxes, his charitable deductions, and now come to think of it x rays of his feet!!

  62. PS to B.S.

    My mistake! I answered EIGHT peoples comments — not “four” as I wrote to you before. Oh THE HORROR. Sorry… I miscounted as I’m not a *numbers person* like you.

  63. This thread has run its course. Everyone has had his or her say. Comments are closed.