A Good Walk Spoiled

Betsy P. Kahn’s early morning Compo Beach stroll was marred by this sight:

Lifeguard chair - August 23, 2016 - Betsy P Kahn

(Photo/Betsy P. Kahn)

Every lifeguard chair up and down the shore was toppled, she says.

And this is not the first time.

No, the wind was not strong last night.

But the (we assume) teenagers out for some late-summer mischief were.

5 responses to “A Good Walk Spoiled

  1. Interesting. Growing up with Jones Beach, it was routine for the life guards to tip the chairs on their side at night. Probably to keep the kids from climbing. Never thought about it until now…flashback!

  2. Bobbie Herman

    On the bright side, there was no major vandalism, such as our esteemed swimmers did in Rio. A few toppled chairs can be set aright again.

  3. The chairs/stands were righted by about 7:15 this morning. I was going to grab a pic to send to Dan at 6:45 but was thinking do the knuckleheads need press for this? Naw. When I had come around the marina, they had been moved back maybe by Parks & Rec staff as the lifeguards aren’t on site at that hour. Of not the “Fairfield Ave” (at the corner of Soundview) had been broken off and tossed on the ground at South Compo/Soundview/Hillspoint right near where the dog litter bags are placed off season.

  4. David Feliciano

    Youthful Hijinks, perhaps if not our own children, or grandchildren,or a goodbye gesture from our college bound lifeguards. They have to be laid sideways to be picked them up?. Definitely a group effort

    As for tipping things over, a cautionary word. Cows are much faster than you may imagine from a former sprinter. My grandfather and uncles didn’t think it was too funny either. Well maybe the part of diving over a barbed wire fence.

  5. As a former head lifeguard at Compo, I think that this is a felony.