Stumping For Kindness

I often identify contributors to “06880” as “alert readers.”

One guy gets special notice.

The other day, hyper-alert “06880” reader Steve Lunt was walking his dog on the Riverwalk — the lovely path winding around the Levitt Pavilion. (If you’ve never been, you’re missing a true Westport jewel.)

Suddenly, a rotting tree stump caught Steve’s eye.

Levitt Riverwalk - Steve Lunt 2 (2)



Looking closely, he saw this:

Levitt Riverwalk - Steve Lunt 2

We may never know who put that message there — or when, or why.

Which makes this little story even better.


7 responses to “Stumping For Kindness

  1. Yippee, skipper!

  2. Susan Hopkins

    Oh my …

  3. My Dad loved Compo Beach. He sadly passed away last November. On his birthday on 7-31, I visited Compo and wandered his favorite walks and sitting spots. As I got up from a bench near the cannons, I looked back and under the bench I saw the stone with the word Love on it. Just what I needed at that moment. Thanks to the person who put it there! Here is the link to the photo.

  4. Mary (Cookman) Schmerker Staples 1958

    Thank you for posting and both Steve and Elaine for sharing. There is so much trash talk “out there” this political go around that we need the reminders.

  5. Rosalie J.. Wolf

    Thank you for your little daily connections … it makes Westport (to this nyc dweller) feel like a real town!

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  6. “be kind” you send that sentiment to Trump

  7. This is the message adopted by persons recalling the Sandy Hook tragedy.