Oh My 06880 — Photo Challenge #86

Most commuters leave the train station parking lot as quickly as possible. They just want to get home.

But if you drive out of the eastbound parking lot, and get stuck in traffic turning onto Saugatuck Avenue, look to the left. Behind a brick wall at #11 West Ferry Lane, you’ll see an odd sight: an old British telephone booth, and a Beefeater Queen’s guard.

That was last week’s photo challenge. Congratulations to alert readers Susan Reilly, Cindy Zuckerbrod and Virginia Tienken, who knew where it was. (Click here to see the photo, and their comments.)

This week’s challenge also involves a brick wall. If you know where in Westport you’d see this dilapidated one, click “Comments” below.

Oh My 06880 - August 21, 2016


15 responses to “Oh My 06880 — Photo Challenge #86

  1. Andrew Colabella

    Compo Beach separation between lockers and pavilion

  2. Kathi Sherman

    Looks like the brick wall that fell during Sandy. Just behind the pavilion at Compo Beach

  3. Compo at the pavilion next to joeys

  4. Compo beach sea wall- destroyed during hurricane Sandy!!!

  5. The remains of the wall between the lockers at compo and the pavilion.

  6. Jonathan McClure

    I agree with Andrew, Kathi, Rich, Brandon and Matt!

  7. I know I’ll get into trouble for this but I just wanted to point out that the fellow in last week’s photo is a Queen’s Guard (military), not a Beefeater (ex-military) or “Yeoman Warder” who now just guard the royal jewels/act as tour guides at the Tower of London.
    Now I’ll go away.

  8. Compo beach near pavilion?

  9. Compo Beach

  10. Yes, it’s the brick wall at the beach, near the lockers and pavilion, that was damaged during Hurricane/Super Storm Sandy.

  11. Bonnie Bradley

    Nancy, please don’t “go away” – or, especially, be intimidated by random rudeness from angry, over-bearing men. We all have something to offer. For me, your comments are pertinent and thoughtful… I guess it’s just that we women still have to try twice as hard. Who would of thought, Westport being the educated, enlightened, empowered place that it has become?

    • Agree, Bonnie. I got into Nancy’s spirited commentary these past few years. It seems an acquired taste but I looked forward to her cheekiness. The connection she feels with Westport is what I feel even though being gone for a long time – I can relate.

  12. Sharon Paulsen

    I actually never knew what the Beefeater name referred to, so thanks Nancy for the interesting tidbits!

    And I second (and third) the sentiments of Bonnie and BJ. Going off the beaten path on a topic is creative thinking. Not everyone is a linear thinker and not everyone always “gets it right” either, no matter where they’re coming from.

    But, I also suppose judgement and analyzing tends to come naturally within the territory of educated and diverse minds. So, sauce for the goose?

    I’d never have guessed that the image here was that particular wall at Compo, BUT, the coloring of those bricks (almost unmistakable) and the skyline, and quality of the light beyond the metal fence surely did look like it was at the beach!

  13. Rebecca Wolin

    compo beach – the locker room