More Minute Man Signage

For at least the 2nd time this summer, the Minute Man monument has been adorned with a sign.

This one advertises an estate sale on nearby Bluewater Hill South.

Minuteman sign

If “o6880” readers have any ideas on how to stop the scourge of advertising at one of Westport’s 2 most iconic sites, click “Comments” below.

Otherwise, the cannons may be next.

22 responses to “More Minute Man Signage

  1. The town of Westport should pass an ordinance forbidding these signs. The fine for breaking the law should be $1000.

    • Jens Buettner

      Sure and the town puts up a big sign indicating that there is a fine of $ 1,000 instead. I don’t think that’s the right solution either. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • Arlene Avellanet

      Or all the proceeds from the sale, whichever is greater.

  2. Cindy Plummer

    Electric fence?

  3. Nancy Hunter

    Scourge? This must ruin everyone’s day.
    Why not drill a bulletin board into the monument?

  4. Maybe we can put a sign that says “Post No Signs.”


  5. Well public humiliation is one way: hey you, resident of 92 Bluewater Hill S – you may live in a multimillion dollar home, but you have absolutely no class!

    • Nancy Hunter

      That hasn’t worked with Hope Solo…

    • Just to make the facts clear. Dan said the location was elsewhere on Bluewater Hill South. The “9 2” on the sign is the time, I believe: 9-2 pm.

  6. How about a small non-obtrusive sign such as ‘post no signs; any signs will be removed” with volunteers to enforce the removal of any such signs.

  7. Elizabeth Thibault

    As we were headed to the beach last night, we saw the individual hanging this sign. I knew there would be hot drama, and I’m not disappointed. I’m happy with flags, clothing, flowers, etc… that celebrate a holiday or season. It’s the commercial ventures that don’t seem to sit well.

  8. Jerry MacDaid

    The location and fence is a convenient and noticeable place to put a directions sign. Presumably its temporary and will be gone when the event is over. It’s not like it is hanging around the Minuteman’s neck or off the musketeers or otherwise defacing the statue that many here seem to be OK with. I’d suggest just taking a deep breath and relaxing. It will all be over soon.

  9. Andrew Colabella

    I’ve maintained this piece of
    Historical property since 2008. While working for parks and recreation up until 2013 I changed the flags and removed signs. To this day I still DO. To anyone on here who desecrates this revolutionary historical landmark, I am the one who will remove it. I change the flags that are put out and fix them when broken or laying on the ground, but how many of you drive by and pick the flag off the ground?

    I’ve taken charge since 2008 and will continue so.

  10. I encourage you to start your own blog, write about stuff YOU think is important. Perhaps people will flock to it, like they do to this one.

  11. David Feliciano

    Petty, Snarky, LITTLE PEOPLE, who have never made a error in judgement? Where is he/she who is without sin or cast the first stone? Let’s follow the low path every time. Oh, that’s what 06880 reader do it’s their “thing”.

  12. Mark Demmerle

    Take down the fence.

  13. As I read the above, I think about what it must have been like for the settlers here to know the British were about to land. It must have been terrifying. Gratitude to those men (and women) who defended the land they had come to live with liberty.

  14. catch them in the act and break their fingers