The Minuteman Statue Reacts To Yesterday’s “06880” Comments Discussion

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  1. Hillarious !

    But I gotta tell ya that some veterans think that is sacrilegious ๐Ÿ™‚

    Yet all would agree with the message.

  2. Love it!

  3. Disgusting and Disrespectful!

  4. Wow. That is pathetic and downright offensive.

    As a veteran, I tend to become a purist about these things. Was this really necessary? Is this not technically defacing public property, too?

  5. I, for one, am happy to see our beloved Minuteman speak for our young people who hold high hopes for the future of their world. Bravo to the spirited kids who engineered this and made it happen!

  6. An interesting precedent. Now, we can all deface the statue to suit our purposes.

    • Was the Minuteman “defaced” last week when someone put a Santa cap on him? Or last Easter, with bunny ears?

      Back in the 1950s and ’60s, the Minuteman was actually defaced — paint was splashed all over him. Sometimes the vandals were caught, and had to clean him. Sometimes they weren’t.

      During the ’60s, the Minuteman had flowers placed in his musket — much like the other day.

      I don’t know the Minuteman personally, but I like to think he’d prefer flowers and Santa caps to paint.

  7. The Minute Man Crew

    We’d like to apologize to anyone who may have been offended, in any way, by our actions. The Minute Man was not decorated in malice, but with the hope of spreading the idea of peace. More importantly, it was in no way a comment on the story posted yesterday. We included 26 hearts on the bottom of the sign for the tragedy that occurred in Newtown, which none of us will ever be able to understand or forget.

    We are young Westporters, who were reflecting on the devastation around us, and our hopes for a better, and kinder new year. We thought with all the violent acts that have happened in past few months, that a sign of peace would be refreshing for all to see. We were hoping that making a peace-loving hippie out of the Minute Man would lighten everyone’s heavy hearts. Believe me, we are extremely thankful that we have men and women willing to give their lives for our freedoms. But we do, as a young generation, believe that peace is a priority.

    • Good for you. Well said.

      The Minute Man would be proud.

    • So, you decided to advance your quest for peace by claiming for yourself public property. I guess the ends justify the means.

      • By that reasoning, would it be wrong to put a “THANKS, Veterans!” placard around the Minuteman’s neck on Veteran’s Day? Or an American flag in his musket on Memorial Day?

        • Why does the message matter? You seem to be missing the point. Just because you agree with the action does not make it either right or legal.

      • Lighten up, Francis. Tomorrow is another day. The Minuteman will be back in his regular uni.

    • You were wise to separate yourself from yesterday’s train wreck.

    • What a great reply…if anyone is offended you have to look inside for the deeper meaning…the statue was not defaced with anything permanent, and the intentions were only good!!!

      • Westport Delight

        And that makes it okay? The perception of intentions is subjective and can rarely be proven. Give me a break.

  8. well put

  9. is the problem how he was costumed or that they did so anonymously?

    • ๐Ÿ™‚

      • I (personally) think this was well intentioned and–yeah, fun. There were many walkers and runners this am who had cameras and were (all) smiling and laughing at the groovy new look he was sporting. It wasn’t mean spirited, it was done, they (the MMCrew) said, as a response to their heavy hearts from the tragedy in Newtown that as children they cannot understand–really, noone can…. and, though several of you are right re: the public property aspect of this…I must say that a lot of great art, comes from deep pain and the need/and process of figuring things out–and the courage to stand up for what you believe in.
        i love this:
        “Our doubt is our passion and our passion is our task. The rest is the madness of Art.” Henry James 1893

  10. everyone is so sensitive lately…just a hopeful message for peace, see it for what it is!!

  11. The beach are and statue are key to the history and psyche of the town, with many of us expecting and enjoying the inclusion of the Minuteman in current events. It’s a way to express the emotional tone of our residents and neighbors – dressing up the statue is not akin to the grafitti or defacement we see on signs along i-95! We drive by almost every day, and I promise, I never see the remnants of his outfit scattered around his mound! He represents us proudly, and then is neatly defrocked until the next occasion arises.
    if you have the time and energy to be offended by this tradition and think it’s sacrilegious to link and display our collective emotions on a statue, then my friend, you suffer from first world problems. My grandfather proudly made his career in the USAF, being a veteran in Korea and the early days of Vietnam. He would be the first to tell you that he was delighted his service meant that another generation would be able to live an unusually carefree and joyful existence. Conducting oneself with responsibility, honor, and respect towards others does not equate to needing to be dour and severe.

  12. Anon, as in Ever and Anon!

    I just want to add to yesterday’s lengthy comments that the vast majority of us readers are very appreciative of your time – and patience! But perhaps if all the anonymous writers were to keep in mind that we all live nearby and might actually see each other “anon” (in a little while), we could try a little harder to stay civil. Or count to five and rewrite a few words before posting strong feelings.

    I do think that not all the negative dissension is pointless; sometimes the raw emotions of others give one additional perspective. Even though I thought today’s picture was light-hearted, I find the dissenting opinions an eye-opener to the view of some veterans and others.

    I would like to contribute a $ donation to your blog to show my appreciation of the venue you provide. Your column is uplifting, thought-provoking, and enhances my feeling of being part of this community. My Inbox would be the worse without it. Cheers to you in 2013!

    • Ditto to all above, especially the last paragraph. Going to the “DONATE” link (located on the top right side of this page..hint hint for all you faithful follwers) to show my appreciation for all Dan does, and more. Wishing everyone a Happy & Healthy New Year!

  13. Sank T. Monious

    The Minuteman has been “used” for many purposes/statements/protests over the last 50-60 years and has taken them all in stride.

  14. Peter Schwartz

    From what I can see, the statue was not defaced. The hair, flowers, and sign can be easily removed. The Minutemen were all about “message” and hardly about “respect for authority”–just the opposite–or some sort of neutral “patriotism.”

    Defacing is generally a form of vandalism, a sort of nihilistic expression by those who feel voiceless in society. This is the opposite: It’s attaching the spirit of the Revolution to the spirit of those who seek peace in the world and a more peace-seeking United States government.

    The Founders, rightly or wrongly, were all about keeping our noses out of foreign adventures and sought, perhaps idealistically, amicable relationships with other countries to the degree possible. I doubt they would’ve signed off on invading Iraq, for example.

  15. Babette d'Yveine

    I think it’s beautiful. And it’s not “defacing public property” as it is not permanent. Why don’t you detractors try to find some love in your hearts?

  16. Peter Schwartz

    And while we’re at it, can we please keep all those Christmas decorations littering downtown to the private domains of our homes? Public displays of sectarian religiosity in the public square give me, a Jew, the Heebe Jebes.

    • I’m reporting you — and “anon46” for FoxNews for waging war on Christmas. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • That is very sad that you feel that way about Christmas decorations. I know this blog has had the same discussion before; in Westport that I know everyone pretty much celebrated every neighbors holiday right along with them.

    • We should not allow any display of a religious nature on public property nor should we close the schools for the numerous religious holidays.

    • boy…anon46 is a real downer huh???

  17. As a former thirty year resident of Westport, I say LIGHTEN UP! I saw various decorations on the Minuteman over the years, and they always were respectful. Listen to the message but don’t kill the messenger! Have a heart.

    Susan C. Maloney
    Bristol, RI

    • Peter Schwartz

      Easy for you to say. You’re in Rhode Island. You don’t have to look at that statue every day, do you? You don’t have to feel its eyes burning into your very soul, demanding a full accounting of your paltry patriotic fervor like the rest of us do. Walk a mile with a musket and you won’t be whistling Yankee Doodle anymore!

  18. Perhaps the RTM might want to consider voting on taking the musket from the Minute Man ?
    Might be sending the wrong PC message to our youth !

    • I fully support banning assault muskets!

    • The RTM would rather engage in such frivolity than discuss anything of importance. On the other hand, you may have a good idea given the outcome of past RTM deliberations.

    • John McCarthy

      And while we are at it, we can push to have the guy turned around to face in the direction of the Redcoats coming up from the beach. Was the placement some commie pinko peacenik message being sent?

      • I think they called it: MOONING !

        • John McCarthy

          that might explain the lack of success they had stopping the brits. But a nice comic image….inspiration for some future ad hoc alterations to Mr. Minuteman?

  19. Love it!

  20. I will proudly say it again. And would gladly say it in person to any of you on here…

    As a veteran and open-minded libertarian, I’m actually all for peace. But overlooking the principle of the matter because of the motive or result is just the same as ignoring a problem.

    I know I commented earlier with disgust, but I do not think I was clear. Personally, I could care less if the Minuteman statue is a hippy, or a surfer, or a santa. Makes no difference to me.

    But this is absolutely an act of trespass and, regardless of how you feel, defacing public property. Argue semantics all night if you want. But I like to play it by the book — leave it open to interpretation and you’ll have issues.

    I love that many of my fellow neighbors and residents of Westport immediately jump to the political side of things, even when no one else is crying about the “politics” of this. Dan, we have never had the pleasure of meeting in person but I hope we can soon. You sound like me from about twenty years ago.

    Then, I realized it’s not all about left or right. Sometimes, it’s just about right and wrong. Regardless of your political colors. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • Peter Schwartz

      They did it BECAUSE it was wrong to do.

      • What is your point, Mr. Schwartz?

        • Peter Schwartz

          People do things like this to make their point stand out. Statues of famous people are CONSTANTLY decorated in various ways to make various points all over the world. The fact that folks here don’t get this, but see it as a gross violation of the law, trespassing, and defacing worthy of misplaced outrage, is a sign that we are still a bunch of provincial colonials.

          • But not you. You are a pure, blue-blooded progressive in support of ignoring the law of the land to voice an opinion. Good for you.

            • Peter Schwartz

              Again, Frank, please show us which law was broken. Otherwise, there’s no real point here.

              • Seter Pchwartz

                Vandalism is an offense that occurs when a person destroys or defaces someone else’s property without permission. Effects of vandalism may include broken windows, graffiti, damage to vehicles, and even damage or destruction of a person’s website. The results of vandalism may be found on billboards, street signs, and building structures, as well as near bus stops, tunnels, cemeteries, and many other public spaces.

                While vandalism may be considered “art” by some, it is nonetheless a crime against property that is punishable by jail time, monetary fines, or both.

                What Constitutes Vandalism?

                Vandalism is a broad category crime that is used to describe a variety of behaviors. Generally, vandalism includes any willful behavior aimed at destroying, altering, or defacing property belonging to another.

                Common behaviors that may lead to a vandalism charge include:

                Spray painting another’s property with the purpose of defacing;
                “Egging” someone’s car or window;
                Keying (or scratching) paint off of someone’s car;
                Breaking someone’s windows;
                Defacing public property with graffiti and other forms of “art”;
                Slashing someone’s tires;
                Defacing park benches; and
                Altering or knocking down street signs;
                Kicking and damaging someone’s property with your hands or feet; and several other behaviors.
                In addition, a person who possesses the means to commit vandalism, including possession of a drill bit, glass cutter, or other substance, may also face vandalism charges under certain circumstances (for example, a person under eighteen who carries a can of spray paint at a park or on school grounds).

                Vandalism Laws

                Vandalism is covered by state statutes, and varies by state. Some states refer to vandalism as “criminal damage”, “malicious trespass”, “malicious mischief”, or other terms. In an effort to control the impact of vandalism, many states have specific laws that may decrease certain forms of vandalism. For example, some states have local “aerosol container laws” that limit the purchase of spray paint containers or other “vandalism tools” which could be used for graffiti or vandalism purposes.

                In addition, some states have laws that prohibit vandalism to certain types of property, such as autos, churches, school property, and government facilities.

                Moreover, some states have laws that prohibit specific acts of vandalism, such as breaking windows, graffiti, and using man-made substances to destroy property.

                Purpose of the Law

                Vandalism laws exist to prevent the destruction of property and public spaces, and may also exist to protect against hate crimes and other behavior that is directed at religious or minority groups, such as ransacking a church or synagogue, writing racist or sexist graffiti on school property, or etching a swastika in a car.

                • Peter Schwartz

                  Yes, and NONE of that occurred here, or in any of the other cases, as far as I can see. The naked lady comes the closest, but doesn’t qualify.

                  • That is your opinion.

                    • Peter Schwartz

                      What are you, a 5-year-old? Are you unable to make even the smallest argument of substance? Or is it all “back on you with glue on it” for you?

            • Peter Schwartz

              You haven’t shown it’s the “law of the land.” You just assert it as if it were an established fact. You haven’t, and you don’t want to go to that much trouble, apparently.

  21. One if by land, two if by sea, three if by Westport Transit!
    Our call to duty- prepare, stand, observe and comment on Dan’s blog-
    One man, one musket!!
    We shall defend the Minuteman from attacks from the right and from the left!!
    From flowers, hats and posters.

    Unfortunately the pigeons present a problem- they will fly in the face of our lack our air power!!

  22. When did Westport become so full of stuffed shirts? The mid 80s is my guess.
    This sort of thing happens all over the (free) world….just google “Duke of Wellington Glasgow” to see what that unfortunate fellow has to put up with on a regular basis.

    • No, the ‘stuffy’, ‘conventional’ness of Westport happened after Y2K. Prior to that it had a special, smart, and, most important and different to today, ‘organic’ undercurrent of bohemian no matter what each person’s occupation.

      • Have you read “Rally Round the Flag”? Nothing has changed. Same petty people with the same petty gripes.

  23. Well, isn’t “public property” for the use of the citizens, at the discretion of said citizens? If there were an organized cadre of individuals who marched on the RTM demanding an ordinance banning individuals past the Minuteman’s gate (yes, they planned ahead, to give us easy access when they replaced the fence last year,) and there was enough voter support to enable the RTM to pass this, then it would be the clear cut “right-vs-wrong” position some are purporting to be driven by.

    However, I sincerely doubt that there would be enough support to hold a discussion, even by those who are OK with the RTM engaging in “frivolous” acts of theater that are a waste of time.

    • The police station is public property. The schools are public property. And no, they are not for use at the “discretion of said citizens.”

    • John McCarthy

      Let’s hear it for more “frivolous” acts of theater, which can come about from 20 or more Registered Westport voters petitioning its RTM to discuss or vote on an issue. The right to petition the government seems like a pretty important right that isn’t exercised often enough.

  24. Perhaps a frame of reference would be helpful –

  25. Westport Delight

    I’m polling everyone on here… If I defecated on public property and put a sign next to it asking that we make love, not war, would you all be as supportive?

    After all, it’s temporary man-made product and can be removed. And it’s quite a natural thing, so I imagine we’d all respect and appreciate the good intentions and sentiment behind it. Even if the execution is flawed and the chosen platform is objectionable. Right?

    Push 1 for yes, 2 for no

    • If you had your dog defecate on public property, you could then have the RTM declare the property to be yet another open air dog toilet much like the rest of Westport.

    • Peter Schwartz

      I would if you defecated on the statue…and Dan published the picture.

  26. MMC — what an articulate, generous-hearted explanation for the decoration. As a proud daughter of a Marine, I think the motives matter a lot. And what was the Minuteman fighting for originally anyway?

  27. Geez,
    How I Hate the “Haters”
    (me thinks that is a double-negative – which keeps it Positive !)

    As far as the M-Man goes:
    Live and Let Live !
    Power to the People !
    Rock On !

    I say “kudos” to the kids of the “Minute Man Crew”…
    Their intent was pure and without malice.

    Hey, that’s how He stays current and relevant,
    some 237 years later.

    AND, I’m sure He’d approve…
    After all, he was a Revolutionary (!)

    (Besides, if the Veteran says it’s “OK,” that’s good enuf for me ! ๐Ÿ™‚

    • I’m not feeling as strong about this as some of my anonymous friends, but I must ask…

      How can we truly know what their intent was? This is such a subjective thing, open to personal interpretation. And if that’s the case, OK. Fine. But please let’s call it for what it is.

      • Put a Little PEACE in the World......

        There is a letter (near the top) **from the decorating /MMCrew) explaining — exactly– what they had in mind and why and it also apologizes to those out there (maybe you?) who they , perhaps, accidentally offended– it’s nice….
        Its Worth a read; their intentions are clearly set forth. 26 STARS on the poster, for example… This has taken on a life of its own, far beyond the hippied-up Minute Man w/flowers coming out of his musket!
        The MMCREW was just hoping to put a little message of peace out into the world
        —for one day

        • I imagine there are many more appropriate outlets and ways to do this, my anonymous friend. Consider this.

          • I’ll 2nd that emotion Frank.

            What they did was disgusting!

          • Peter Schwartz

            Like…where? I would reconsider your self-labeling as “libertarian.”

            • Libertarians anr not anarchists.

              • Peter Schwartz

                True. But they aren’t too keen on government intrusion on the right to free expression. Then again, most “libertarians” today are wingnuts who don’t like paying taxes. Their principles veil their venal motives.

                • Peter, you could never classify me if you tried. I am part of a true breed that is disgusted with all 21st century politics. Today’s “libertarian” is much different than those of years ago.

                  I believe in free speech where it is permissible by law. Argue the intent and motive all day if you want. It seems you are pretty serious about doing that. I honestly do not care if it’s a flag, a wig, or a sign.

                  It is public property and, furthermore, a treasured historical piece of the community. As Fred Cantor states in the comments, it should NOT be used for any political or personal purpose. It’s a rather simple concept to understand.

  28. Babette d'Yveine

    Dan — your column yesterday, asking for kinder and gentler comments, apparently has had no effect on those who must post their vitriolic responses. What in the world has happened to this town? I’ve been here for 30 years, and I don’t remember such hatred, even between political opponents of distinctly opposing positions.

    • I would answer, but they’d jump all over me.

    • Westport Delight

      Why is this a political issue? How is this a political issue?

      That is all you are clearly looking for, so that is what you find. But reread the comments. This is simply not political by any stretch of the imagination.

      It’s about the law of the land (and common sense).

      • Babette d'Yveine

        WD — I did not say it was a political issue. Reread my comment. I said the comments were hateful and vitriolic.

        • “and I donโ€™t remember such hatred, even between political opponents of distinctly opposing positions.”

          In all fairness, you are implying that with this sentence in particular. WD is not completely off base.

    • “The quality of mercy is not strain’d,
      It droppeth as the gentle rain from heaven
      Upon the place beneath. It is twice blest:
      It blesseth him that gives and him that takes. ” — Shakespeare

      Good words, Babette. My question exactly — what’s happened here? Growing up in Westport, playing on the playgrounds of Westport public schools back in the day– we were taught some eternal principles of being human in a civilized society- kindness, generosity, play nice or suffer the consequences, hit your classmate and you will be separated from the group, etc. — these principles never go out of style no matter how much some try to bury them here. Goodness wins out and not sure what’s going on here in Westport. As a daughter of a vet above says “what’s the motive here?” Maybe it’s to get the adults of this town to get along and be kind to one another in 2013. Good grief. And go ahead and blast, guys but c’mon.

      • Maybe you should have provided Portia’s entire statement. You are pleading for mercy, not justice. (Mercy) “is an attribute to God himself.”

        The quality of mercy is not strain’d,
        It droppeth as the gentle rain from heaven
        Upon the place beneath. It is twice blest:
        It blesseth him that gives and him that takes.
        ‘T is mightiest in the mightiest: it becomes
        The throned monarch better than his crown;
        His sceptre shows the force of temporal power,
        The attribute to awe and majesty,
        Wherein doth sit the dread and fear of kings;
        But mercy is above this sceptred sway,
        It is enthroned in the hearts of kings,
        It is an attribute to God himself;
        And earthly power doth then show likest God’s,
        When mercy seasons justice. Therefore, Jew,
        Though justice be thy plea, consider this,
        That in the course of justice none of us
        Should see salvation: we do pray for mercy;
        And that same prayer doth teach us all to render
        The deeds of mercy.

  29. Lucy Ricardo destroyed the Minuteman statue in 1957, so a hat and flowers are minor decorations. If the American public of the ’50’s can find such destruction humorous, the current Westport residents can lighten up and enjoy the harmless prank.

    • It is a “harmless prank” because you deem it to be so. Typical view held by the “entitled”.

      • Peace, brother. May your life be filled with joy!

      • Peter Schwartz

        It was a harmful prank because YOU deem it to be so.

        • And it was a harmless prank because you perceive their intentions as good. What’s your point, Mr. Schwartz?

          I feel like you’re chasing your own tail, sir. I’m sick of motives and intentions and perception. That is why I look to the law of the land and, by law, that is an illegal act. The same can be said for the american flag and santa hat decorations.

          Again, not very difficult to understand.

          • Peter Schwartz

            Then Frank, please cite the law. Show us how it was broken. Notify the police that a law has been broken. Demand that they find the perps and punish them. Or ask the perps to turn themselves in. Further, you could request that signs be posted on the mound saying that etc., etc., is unlawful and violators will be punished.

            Otherwise, you and the others arguing this position lack credibility and are hard to take seriously. I will say to you what I say to my 20 lb dog when she “snarls” at a stranger, “Mia, no one believes you.”

            • So I answer to you, now? Why? Fortunately, I feel no need to prove anything to you. Or Dan or Andy or RLS.

              If you feel you do have the need to prove something to 06880 commenters, you are harboring serious insecurities.

              • Peter Schwartz

                Then you’re just a bullsh*ter.

                • That is your opinion. And unlike you, sir, I respect all opinions. Even if I disagree. ๐Ÿ™‚

                  • Peter Schwartz

                    There is arguing, and then there is arguing in good faith. When I say “BS,” it means I don’t believe you’re putting all your cards on the table–in part because you haven’t addressed very plain and common sense arguments to the contrary.

                    Look, going 5 mph over the speed limit is breaking the law. But hardly anyone gets pulled over for it, because it’s largely harmless and too many people do it. Assuming this was even breaking the law–which is an assertion that has NOT been shown, but needs be–then ocular evidence suggests that dressing up the MM and not damaging or marring the statue in ANY way falls into the same category.

                    Many people have done it and no one has made a peep. Nor has anyone been stopped or arrested by the law that we know of. All of this leads me strongly to believe that it is the message that offends you and not the medium. Attacking the medium is simply a way of pursuing an ideological agenda without having to cop to it.

                    • But how can you possibly prove that, sir? That is what you incorrectly concluded based on your own, biased perception.

          • Peter Schwartz

            It’s a harmless prank because all the decorations can be taken down and no offensive words or objets were used. Unless you find peace stuff offensive.

            • What would you personally deem offensive

              • Peter Schwartz

                “Harmless” and “offensive” are a bit different. Harmless means the actions can be easily undone without cost or effort. Offensive has more to do with the message. For example, I find you and anon46 offensive, but you are harmless and haven’t broken the law. However, if you decided to defecate on the statue, as I suggest above, people could actually see what an a**hole you are. And that would be a public service. So in every bad there’s a good and vice versa.

          • Peter Schwartz

            FB: “And it was a harmless prank because you perceive their intentions as good. Whatโ€™s your point, Mr. Schwartz?”

            Actually, it has nothing to do with intentions. it’s a harmless prank because no damage or destruction was done. All you have to do is take off the decorations. If they had marred, chipped, painted, scraped, etc., the statue, THEN it would have been defacing and vandalism. Not dressing the guy up in a few harmless props like, ah, flowers.

  30. Richard Lawrence Stein

    Let’s see where to start
    1. Can’t we all just get along! ( thank you Late Rodney King)
    2. No harm no foul…IT WAS A PRANK!!!
    3. KUDOS MMC… Brilliant writing and reason
    4. All we are saying is give peace a chance ( Thanks John Lennon)
    5. I think those who are so upset should pool their funds and hire armed guards to protect our MM Sentry. Because as we know the NRA would approve, that a bad guy with no malice carrying peace love and flowers who is a bit mischievous, can only be handled by a good guy with a gun!!!!

    Hahaha this is SO OVER BLOWN!!!
    Now can you get rid of the bumps or stop signs on Kings Highway or solve real issues like academy soccer vs high school

    • Please see Fred Cantor’s comment below. Would serve you well, RLS.

      • Richard Lawrence Stein

        Thanks for mentioning me in a thread… I feel sincerely honored… But this whole arguement has gotten beyond silly… They dressed up a statue BFD… I’m more bothered by placards placed on traffic islands by local businesses

        • Peter Schwartz

          But Richard, you’re sane. You couldn’t possibly understand the perspective of the insane Westporter who thinks that hanging a wig on a statue is vandalism.

  31. To John McCarthy: The battle at Compo Beach occurred as the British were returning to their ships after burning munitions at Danbury – thus a north facing MM.

  32. Do you people have no morals!?

  33. I wholeheartedly support the message and the spirit behind it but I don’t think it is appropriate to use the Minuteman statue as a type of display mannequin for that message. There are many other ways to artistically and effectively convey the sentiments of the Minuteman Crew.

    Suppose someone had hung a banner on the statue saying “Longtime Supporter of the NRA” or “Thank Goodness for the NRA. or else I Would Be Armed with a Bow and Arrow.”

    I’m sure a lot of people would be bothered by that.

    Yes, the statue is public property but I don’t believe it was intended for public use in this manner.

    • Fred Cantor hit the nail on the head, as he usually does. Completely agree with you on every front Fred.

      It’s a double standard. If someone were to turn around and do exactly that (thanking the NRA and 2nd amendment), could you IMAGINE the utter outrage?! I don’t even want to think about it.

      • But what about my previous question, about draping the Minuteman in the American flag on Memorial Day and 4th of July? Or “Thanks, Veterans” on November 11. That’s been done for decades — and no one has ever complained.

        • No, I don’t think a flag should be draped over the Minuteman statue on Memorial Day. I think it should be left as is, period. It was designed and placed there for a specific purpose in my view.

        • Dan,

          I promise you I would be voicing the same opinion. But you never took a picture of that and put it on your blog. Not sure if that’s a coincidence or on purpose…

          As I said in an earlier comment, it’s more about being by the book for me. Especially on public property which is an important historical piece to our community. The last thing I want is for it to be used as a political or personal platform.

          Fred is spot on. Just leave the statue be. There were many other ways for these youngsters to express their views and opinions without defacing and trespassing.

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            Labor Day 2007 (no comments):

            July 4, 2006 (no comments):

            And lest you say “no one usually comments on WestportNow”: yesterday’s “peace” photo drew 4 comments, 3 of them negative: They were the ONLY negative comments on ANY of the photos noted above.

            I rest my case.

            • Peter Schwartz

              And a good case, it is, Dan. Proves that, at bottom, the objections here are political, even if unacknowledged. Vaguely patriotic, right wing, or Christian “defacings” are cool because, hey, that’s what the Minute Men were all about. Even some Poody Tang is cool if it stirs the red blood of the Minute Man’s male descendants.

              But anything with the whiff of “left” about it, however mild, is suddenly “a gross “defacing of public property and trespassing” and should be relegated to some place else–any place will do as long as it’s hidden from view and doesn’t arouse strong opinions.

            • What case? The case that the law has been disregarded in the past? Not a very strong case.

              • Peter Schwartz

                The case that you don’t give a sh*t about so-called law breakings, etc., when the MESSAGE doesn’t pique you. And please spare us all those retroactive protestations about all the “defacings” Dan has posted you’ve got loaded in your clip.

                I know you’d be happy to share with us those binders full of letters to the editor and selectmen about the horrors of wrapping a bandana around Minute Man’s brow or degrading the statue’s patriotic message with a little gratuitous T ‘n A at the foot of Dah Man. Sex weakens the legs!

                • Dan has circumstantial evidence at best. Was the law broken or not? Try and deal with the issue at hand.

                  • Peter Schwartz

                    It is not circumstantial evidence at all. If the MM Crew broke the law, then ALL of them other folks broke the law and trespassed and defaced. And yet, NO ONE complained. Nor did the police pursue the matter.

                    Custom forms part of the law. If, as Dan has provided proof, there is a standing custom of–how to put it? –“decorating” the Minute Man to express various things, then this decorating falls right down the center of this standing custom.

                    Since you appear to be quite the eagle eye when it comes to matters Minute Man, I am SHOCKED that you didn’t notice these other, more numerous defacings and trespassings on public property–not to mention these law-breakings–and RAISE YOUR VOICE IN PROTEST.

                    But clearly you, whoever you are, did not. And you had multiple opportunities to do so. I guess you didn’t care about the law or defacing or trespassing back then. Maybe it’s a new hobby of yours.

                    My gosh, some scoundrel had the temerity to place a NAKED WOMAN on the Minute Man’s mound in full view of women AND CHILDREN! Surely you didn’t miss that. Think of it: In order to enjoy Playa Compo, these tender souls were FORCED to view this naked woman. Instead of thinking patriotic thoughts, their young minds were tempted by prurient thoughts.

                    Maybe it was talk of peace that roused you from your apathetic sleep…

                • “The case that you donโ€™t give a sh*t about so-called law breakings”

                  You Have a Potty Mouth!!!

                  • At least he reflects the true nature of Westport.

                  • Peter Schwartz

                    For a “guy” named “Wrecker,” that’s kind of a p*ssy response.

                    • Peter. We have several mutual friends. This is definitely not how they described you… But it amuses me that you think I am a right-wing christian zealot when nothing could be further from the truth.

                      Unless all veterans are right-wing christians. Interest generalization, if so.

                      If I was a commenter on 06880 before December, I would have stated these opinions on the posts Dan brings up. I guess I could back and put a comment in each one but I think you get my point.

                      Fred Cantor, who is definitely not a right-wing nut job, states it best. So I defer to him.

                    • Peter Schwartz

                      Frank, I was talking to Wrecker. Are you Wrecker? I don’t recall calling you etc., etc., and have no knowledge of your religious leanings. If I did or wasn’t clear, I apologize.

                      My point is, no one seems to object to the Christian decorations. Or the Elvis. Or the Naked Lady statue on the mound. Not just you. NO ONE.

                      The fact that neither you, NOR ANYONE ELSE, EVER drove by these other decorated MMs…nor saw ANY pictures of them…nor heard any gossip about them…and, given any of these sources of information, never objected to them…shows me that this issue is a non-issue.

                      Either a non-issue or an issue about the underlying and unacknowledged politics of THIS ONE set of decorations.

                      And between you and me, calling this a “defacing” doesn’t pass the laugh test. Saying these folks trespassed when GENERATIONS of kids have climbed on that statue, carved their names into it, probably wrote in paint on it…is beyond ridiculous.

                      And please don’t reply with “You don’t care about defacings of public property?!” because at this point, I’m going to say: “No, I don’t.”

                    • And, to reiterate Peter’s point: NO ONE here objected to my December 30 post, which contained a photo of the Minuteman wearing a Christmas cap.

              • Peter Schwartz

                It has been YOUR case to make that it was against the law.

      • Frank, thanks for your kind words. I must confess though I have never come across anyone who completely agrees with me on every front and, I suspect if you heard my views on a variety of issues, we would probably have some disagreements–hopefully respectful ones–too!

    • Peter Schwartz

      What other places, Fred? Now consider this: Imagine your NRA banners in THOSE places. Would they not incite also?

      Hey, I have an idea: Why doesn’t Westport create a kind of Speaker’s Corner as in Hyde Park, London, somewhere downtown. Call it “Westport Speaks Out!” Or, “The Westport Rant.”

      A place where anyone, even several at once, can get up and say whatever they want for as long as they want. A massive board will be there as a safe space for anyone to post any message they want–from NRA-ism to Nazism to Christianism. And just so the purpose is clear, it could be topped with the headline: Deface Me!

      • Seems like that place does exist. It’s called the “06880” comments section.

        • Except for the anonymous aspect.

          • Peter Schwartz

            Are they men or mice?

          • Those who “decorated” the MM remain anonymous.

            • Peter Schwartz

              As well they should. They obvious lack all artistic talent. Given that Westport was once home to Famous Artists, I would expect public defacings to be much more creative and artistically inspired than this one. I recommend you recommend they be fired forthwith. Demand more upscale defacings, something more in keeping with your property tax assessments. You’re paying for it; get your money’s worth. Amazing the things that have to be explained to the 1%.

  34. Sank T. Monious

    Is this heaven? no, it’s Westport.

  35. Peter Schwartz

    And I’d be remiss in leaving out of this discussion the pigeons and seagulls who, it seems, arrogate to themselves the right sh*t all over the Minute Man. Any REAL Minute Man, as I read, wouldn’t pay no never mind to this insult to his person and dignity. Today’s Minute Men are a different story. They, it appears, are only men (or women) for a minute before descending into a ball of froth when confronted with opposing views on matters of politics, which state they then worse-ify by a lack of introspection about THEIR motives and by attempts to disguise it as resolute “public mindedness.” Color me skeptical of these “heartfelt protestations.”

    • Right back at you. You are finding political motivations where there are none. I guess you would see a speeding ticket as a effort to repress an ideology.

      • Peter Schwartz

        Then why no protests about the MANY OTHER defacings and trespassings?

        • Who knows? Certainly you don’t.

          • Peter Schwartz

            Don’t be certain about what you can’t know, Emma.

            • Emma (if that is his real name) is often wrong, but never uncertain.

              • Peter Schwartz

                Emma is only one “y” short of a Yemma, Andy, which poses a diyemma of sorts. Who can I trust now that the average, moral IQ of Westporters smells like Compo at low tide? How’s about you and I STEAL the Minute Man statue and promise to return it on one condition: Idiotic conversations like are never allowed to take place IN PUBLIC but only in the privacy of homes, so that no one has to be reminded that he paid 1.4 million for the privilege of being surrounded by refugees from the town of Chelm.

            • It is possible to know what cannot be known.

        • Peter Schwartz

          I know, I know, I’m ruining all the fun. Now, just to be consistent, you’re going to have to object when some good-natured Christian wants to spread a little harmless holiday cheer by putting a Santa cap on the MM’s kepeleh. Didn’t the Minute Men fight precisely so we could enjoy Christmas in peace and engage in good-natured pranks like this? Schwartz is such a downer. Why doesn’t he go back to Russia? Leave us alone to stroke our guns and say grace to God’s very own Dauphin.

      • Sank T. Monious

        Lock me up for 125, post my face wanted dead or alive, take my license all that jive I CANT DRIVE 55!!!!

  36. Well Dan, you have managed to bring us full circle. It seems no one likes civility.

    • Sank T. Monious

      Its a full-circle jerk, Westport style!!!

    • From a friend of the MMC……Give Peace A Chance.

      Now it has come full circle. It started with a message of peace, and it should rightfully end with one as well.

      Peace. Love. Laughter.

      Let the assault musket banning commence! That’s the best idea of the past 2 days!!!

  37. What exactly do the purists proposed? Round up the Minute Man Crew in the name of the law? I think a better course is to take the afternoon off and catch a matinee showing of Les Miserables.
    P.S. Thank you Minute Man Crew for lifting my spirits.

  38. Peter Schwartz

    To Anonymous: “Your argument is post hoc ergo propter hoc. Doesnโ€™t prove anything.”

    It proves that if the MMC broke the law, then the others broke the law. It proves that if THIS sort of decoration is to be banned, so must all the others. It also proves that public exposure of said breakings didn’t prompt any comments or objections beneath the pictures. It does NOT prove that no one wrote letters to the police complaining of these events elsewhere.

    However, by same token, no one here has proven that a law was broken. No one has made a strong case that this was a defacing. No one has proven that this involved a trespassing.

    • Actually, neither you nor Dan can prove that there were no comments or objections in earlier cases when the MM was “decorated”. The most you can claim is that you know of no such comments or objections.

      • A quick Google search of “Westport police Minuteman statue” turns up no record of any complaints. Obviously, I have not conducted a thorough search. I am happy to post the results of anyone who cares to pore through town records, file an FOI request, or otherwise spend a superhuman amount of time on this very important task.

      • Peter Schwartz

        Actually, the most we can claim is there were no objections in the comments section where pictures of these “defacings” were given a very public viewing.

  39. The entire episode is quite humorous. Dan runs a piece asking for civility after he closes off comments on a piece that was destined to stir animosities, because he doesn’t like the vibe. Then, he runs this piece where he claims the actions of the MMC were a response to his plea for civility, which as it turns out is not the case. And now the tone of the blog is right back where it was before Dan’s push for civility. How does this come to pass?


  41. Peter Schwartz

    Emma: “No they are not. But then, you do have your limitations.” I’m proud of my limitations. One of them is…I’m not you.

  42. “It’s easier to worship idols than it is to worship ideals”

  43. Mr. Schwartz,

    For someone who is attempting to devalue and tear down commenters here, many who use their real names because they are not afraid to voice a dissenting opinion, by claiming they are obsessive purists and essentially on a mission to end this madness, you are responsible for a large portion of the comments.

    It is bordering on obsessive, something you accused others of only minutes (or most likely seconds) ago. You need not look in the mirror. The comments section of this blog post is a perfect reflection of your hypocrisy. It is people like you who use a flippant attitude to squelch any reasonable debate or discussion.

    As the comments continue, your true colors begin to show. No colors of left or right, blue or red. It’s more of an obsessive need to shove your thoughts down the throats of others. And perhaps you feel that’s okay because Mr. Woog would never call you out on it and there are other goons on here, such as Andy Yemma, who have come as close to waging a pathetically sad battle on commenters as you have today.

    Thankfully, I am neither an anonymous troll or crazy right-wing zealot. I am a proud citizen of the beautiful town of Westport, I am part of the 98% (especially by Westport standards), I am an atheist, and I am a champion of free speech.

    Yet, you come on here to insist that I must be warrior for the Christian cause and that if it was an NRA sign I wouldn’t be saying a peep. So many accusations and so many generalizations being thrown around. I suppose when you spend so much time obsessively monitoring the comments, it’s faster to do what you’re doing. But I suggest you take a deep breath and step away from the computer.

    Your rage is unrivaled, even by the anonymous trolls on here. And I fear you are about to go off the deep end. I trust we will continue this discussion if we ever meet in-person and perhaps, at that point, you’ll see how wrong you are about who I am. We have mutual friends – maybe it’s time I ask them to introduce us…

    • Peter Schwartz

      Actually, Frank, most of those who object to the decorations DON’T use their real names. Unless they are named “Wrecker” and “Anon46.”

      “Goons like Andy Yemma,” eh? Tear down commenters much, Frank?

      Again, please SHOW me where I said YOU were a champion for the Christian cause. Maybe I did. If I did, and you are not, I apologize. Twice now.

      Again, my point is, NO ONE objected–NO ONE–when the MM had a Santa cap on. Or Elvis glasses. Or, or, or. That shows me an ideological bias against THIS message.

      No one has adequately responded to Dan’s argument except to say: 1) you haven’t proven it, logically, and 2) I could find political implications in a traffic ticket. Yuk-yuk.

      But NO ONE has responded to the abundant evidence Dan posted, even when he went to the trouble of doing a Google search.

      Who are our mutual friends? If we have them, that’s great. Happy to talk over a beer…

      • Wait, who called me a goon? A loon maybe but not a goon.

        • Definitely a loon, Mr. Yemma! My apologies for mixing you up with your evil twin.

          • Emma is not my twin, evil or otherwise. I may have to reconsider my non-anonymous posting philosophy if people keep mixing me up with that wing-nut.

      • Let’s call a spade a spade. Dan could care less about researching. He said himself he spends 2 – 3 hours (at most) on 06880. I can do a google search, too. What is your point?

        Also, HOW exactly do you know what I have done in the past? Are you God? You are overcompensating as you become hellbent on what has morphed into an asinine, philosophical free-for-all. Get back to the point.

        In the future, when you comment on 06880 posts, I expect you to back up every single comment you make with a hyperlink supporting your theories. Okay? Does that sound fair? To sit here and keep going back to past occurrences is ridiculous. Focus on this particular action. I really could care less about the “politics” of it. It’s the principle of the matter.

        Also, I’m not really sure what Dan was arguing. As I previously mentioned, there is no way in hell you know what I object and what I do not object; what I have complained about; what I have reported; etc.

        • I’m sorry, Frank, that I only spend 2-3 hours a day at this. My apologies.

          • Not meant as a slight to you, Dan. I love the blog and you also do a great job with all of our kids at Staples. I am a fan.

            But even I can understand where some of these crazy anonymous posters are coming from. You do tend to protect those who are in your political or philosophical “corner.”

            That is the way I PERCEIVE it, at least. And there is nothing wrong with that.

          • Peter Schwartz

            Why don’t you tell us what you’ve done in the past, Frank? Have you complained? To whom? What has been the response?

        • Peter Schwartz

          If the principle or the law has been openly and publicly flouted many, many, many times before by many, many, many people…and has not materially harmed anyone or anyone’s property…and no one has complained to the authorities…and the authorities, despite ample opportunity, have not punished the perpetrators or stopped them…then the principle and the law lose their relevance and force.

          There’s no real argument here, and it’s not even clear that anyone has broken any laws. You’re simply asserting it. You’re calling it defacing, when the plain meaning of that verb connotes material damage to, or marring of, the thing, which hasn’t occurred. You also called it trespassing, but haven’t shown the “no trespassing” signs, and have run up against the oddity that this little mound is more like a public park than someone’s private land or front yard. It would be passing strange, I think you’d agree, for anyone to get arrested for “trespassing” by walking up to the statue and putting his hand on the MM’s knee. If it is, then many thousands of people have trespassed since I moved there in 1955.

  44. The Minute Man Crew

    We are so sorry our actions have come to this. We had such a happier agenda in mind, and still believe, all you need is love.

    Have a wonderful, lovely weekend, everyone.

    With LOVE,
    The Minute Man Crew


      With MORE Love,
      The Hour Girl Group

    • Babette d'Yveine

      Dear MMC — Not everyone here objected to your actions. Some of us are broad-minded enough to appreciate what you’ve done, and the spirit in which it was offered. Others have found it amusing, but not objectionable. Peace and love, B d’Y

    • OK, weapons down/ Everyone should turn this ON!

      To the LOVELY MMC
      Thanks for a lively day– love!!! This video; it’s been yrs!!! Thanks for sharing/….again!!
      Made me laugh,
      Betsy. : )

    • OK, weapons down/ Everyone should turn this ON!

      This one!!! This one!!!!

    • MMC,
      Don’t let the various posts here get to you. Some of us understand, and have done things in our youth that are similar (I would detail them here, but I am not sure the statute of limitations is up – let’s just say that people at Staples talked about them for years). We also believed that pranks should be fun, not destructive.

      And you have indirectly made a lot of people happy. Myself and others who still believe in a good laugh. The grumpy old men (in mind, not necessarily in age) who now have something to make their life seem important, by taking on important topics like the Minuteman statue violation. The people with a lot of time on their hands, who can now argue ad nauseam about the real problems with this country. The pseudo-lawyers. And hopefully, Dan Woog himself, who has created a blog that has become the biggest thing to come to Westport since the British (and technically Loyalist) invasion of 1777.

      Keep up the good work, and ignore the distractors – live is too short!

      • Sorry, Life, not Live, though “Live life to the fullest” is the most constructive advise you will get here.

    • May the Schwartz be with you.

  45. When Dan thinks someone is not playing nice; he shuts down comments; unless those who are not playing nice further Dan’s agenda. Gee, where have I seen that sort of argument before.

    • Total number of times I have shut down comments (in over 2,500 posts): 1. One. The topic was gun control.

      It’s my blog. I’m a lot more lenient than any other blog owner I know. The number of private emails I’ve received today about the tone of this particular thread is far greater than anything I’ve ever received privately. People are getting fed up. I am too.

      • Dan,

        If I may be so bold to ask, who do YOU think is responsible for steering the overall tone of this particular thread? Peter? Andy? The anonymous posters?

        Aside from me, which is the easy answer (I’ve been as civil as any one person possibly can when there are accusations thrown around about one’s beliefs, faith, and politics), can you tell me who is responsible for this tone? Your answer may be more revealing than you think. I wait with bated breath.

        • You will not get an honest answer.

        • Peter Schwartz

          When all else fails, work the ref.

          Again, if you think I impugned your religious beliefs, I suggest you quote where I said that. I’ve apologized in advance twice without your having provided anything of the sort. I do think this discussion shows that you aren’t much of a libertarian, and I’ll stand by that. You also haven’t backed up your key assertion–that this is illegal–with ANYTHING.

          When folks don’t argue in good faith, the tone takes a lickin’.

        • Frank as Will Rogers advised, “when you’re in a hole, stop digging.” The offending items are gone. The Old Boy unscathed. Have a nice weekend.

        • Sorry — I’ve been doing some actual work since 3:30 p.m. — I haven’t been near this blog.

          I think the initial tone was set by the claim that the Minuteman was vandalized and/or desecrated. That angered a few commenters, who wondered why no previous such vandalism/desecration bothered anyone. When no proof was forthcoming — or even proof that this was actually vandalism/desecration — the pro-peace people piled on, and on, and on.

          If that answer reveals something, so be it.

  46. The CT statutes on vandalism and tresspass.

    • Peter Schwartz

      None of this applies to this event, as far as I can see.

      • Look closer.

        • Peter Schwartz

          Sorry, the case is yours to make. If you want to quote the passages you think are relevant, fine. Otherwise, I read it and gave you my view.

          • (a) A person is guilty of criminal trespass in the third degree when, knowing that [he] such person is not licensed or privileged to do so: (1) [He] Such person enters or remains in premises which are posted in a manner prescribed by law or reasonably likely to come to the attention of intruders [,] or are fenced or otherwise enclosed in a manner designed to exclude intruders, or which belong to the state and are appurtenant to any state institution; or (2) [he] such person enters or remains in any premises for the purpose of hunting, trapping or fishing; or (3) such person enters or remains on public land which is posted in a manner prescribed by law or reasonably likely to come to the attention of intruders or is fenced or otherwise enclosed in a manner designed to exclude intruders.

            • ^^^^ THIS!

              • Peter Schwartz

                Okay, let’s take a look and ask some questions:

                (a) A person is guilty of criminal trespass in the third degree when, knowing that [he] such person is not licensed or privileged to do so:

                PS: Do we know these folks weren’t privileged to do so?

                (1) [He] Such person enters or remains in premises which are posted in a manner prescribed by law or reasonably likely to come to the attention of intruders [,] or are fenced or otherwise enclosed in a manner designed to exclude intruders, or which belong to the state and are appurtenant to any state institution;

                PS: Is Mr. MM posted visibily, fenced, enclosed…does he belong to the state…is he an institution?

                or (2) [he] such person enters or remains in any premises for the purpose of hunting, trapping or fishing;

                PS: Did MC do any huntin’, trappin’, or fishin’ whilst on the mound?

                or (3) such person enters or remains on public land which is posted in a manner prescribed by law or reasonably likely to come to the attention of intruders or is fenced or otherwise enclosed in a manner designed to exclude intruders.

                PS: This clause strikes me as redundant, but is the statue fenced or enclosed? Is there a sign that says keep off? Maybe you would be so kind as to post pictures of it.

                • MM is fenced; try and keep up. Is English your second language? I can try and get the statute in yout native tongue. If you did not know the MM had a fence around it, you really are just full of sh!t.

  47. Peter Schwartz

    “Frank Boten | January 4, 2013 at 3:52 pm |

    But how can you possibly prove that, sir? That is what you incorrectly concluded based on your own, biased perception.”

    I have a lot more support for my view than you do for yours, Frank. You have nothing. You don’t have a state or town statute or regulation to show that this activity is illegal. You don’t have proof of anyone having complained or any arrests having being made or any policing action having taken place.

    OTOH, I have ample ocular proof that decorating the MM is something of a “Westport tradition.” A tradition that’s been practiced and reported on in the open quite a few times over the years. If, after decades of this, there isn’t even a sign that says, “No decorating the MM,” then it would seem highly unlikely that anyone has objected particularly or that it is prohibited. I’m sure you’ll agree that Westport could afford a sign (at the very least) marking the statue as off limits to decoration.

    All you have is, “I don’t like it and I say it’s illegal.”

    • What if the statue was decorated with something personally offensive to you.

      • Peter Schwartz

        That, actually, is a good question. It would depend on the posting, perhaps. I can’t answer that in the abstract. What’s interesting, though, is that NO ONE has described WHAT they find offensive about this decoration. They don’t like the flowers? The wig? The sign about peace? That’s why we are left speculating.

        So, since this decoration appears to offend you, perhaps you can tell us what about THIS decoration offends you.

    • Peter,

      I have no idea if you responded to any of my other comments, nor do I care anymore. I respect your opinion and appreciate your determination to be the last man standing.

      I bow out and defer all future judgement calls to you. You are the almighty God and for that, Westport should be grateful. We are clearly a better town because of it.


  48. Sank T. Monious

    Peter, decorating the MM is a time honored tradition in Westport. Remember our senior year when someone painted a skunk stripe down its back? This is chickenshit.

    • Peter Schwartz

      I don’t, Sank, but I’m willing to believe it happened. Particularly given all the very public pictures of other decorations that Dan has supplied.

    • Peter Schwartz

      F*uck you, too, Frank. Ciao.

      • Minuteman Statue Can Kiss My Butt

        Dan Woog should be ashamed of protecting such a pathetic coward as yourself. Cursing at another commenter on a public blog.

        ALL OF YOU PEOPLE NEED TO GET A LIFE!!!! Including you, dude. You give your fellow comrades a bad reputation in this town. Sh’bat Shalom.

        Go spend time with the kids or the wife for the love of god.

        • Peter Schwartz

          If you’re Shomer Shabbas, then it is you who have the problem posting at this hour on a Friday night.

          As to cowardice, I use my real name. The same one I used in Westport. You do not. I suspect you’re Frank with a new name. Only Frank seems to think Dan “protects” people. But hey, maybe you’re yet another Anon.

          The reason this discussion went nowhere is that the objectors weren’t willing to admit what they were really objecting to.

          As to cursing…sometimes it’s called for. I spent a lot of time–you’re right, too much time–taking what Frank said seriously and responding to it seriously, if vigorously. But when he craps on my doorstep on the way out, then that deserves a response in kind. He’s a vet; I’m sure he can take it.

          • Minuteman Statue Can Kiss My Butt

            I am Westport Delight. I changed my name because my message was to everyone.. The statue itself can have its decorations. Who cares! I just think all of this arguing is pointless and stupid. And Frank is not the first to mention Dan protecting those who share the same view as him.

            Go back and look. You seem to have a lot of time on your hand. Also, I get what you’re saying about the cursing. I just think everyone has crossed the line!!!! But whatever. I guess it’s my choice to read it or not.

            Mazel Tov.

  49. John McCarthy

    So Dan, What’s on tap for tomorrow? Baron’s South? Waco? “Let’s Bring Back Book Banning”? US-Israel Relations? Selling Longshore to the Y? “Millard Filmore: Misunderstood Genius?”

  50. Sank T. Monious

    I know!!!! Let’s relive Project Concern of 1970-71!!! That would give a lot of the current residents heartburn. Let’s recall Mrs. Schine one more time. We’ve come a long way in Westport on Dan’s watch!!!!

  51. So now the “Make Peace…” sign is outside the Post Office!
    Now this is a Federal crime! Send them all to Guantanamo! (that will get the bloggers going here…)

    • Peter Schwartz

      Maybe it’s a covert way of saying we should privatize the PO so the sign would then be on private property.

      • The sign is at the library, not the post office

        • Peter Schwartz

          Then let’s privatize the library. Charge folks to take out books. Maybe they’ll value the knowledge contained between the covers.

    • actually looks like the sign is outside the library not the post office. since everyone is critical of everything that is written on here figured i would join in the fun

  52. This blog reminds me of The Monty Python skit:
    “I’m here for an argument”
    “No you are not”

  53. I really feel for the children who did this dressing up of the statue. It’s just a harmless childish prank.

  54. The sign was moved to the library — not the post office. Nice try, though. Also, Not to get sidetracked here but I feel we could all use a break from this argument. How about a mental picture of a 76 year-old from Westport getting rubbed down?

  55. Richard Lawrence Stein

    Thank you everyone for being my reading material while I use the facilities… I haven’t seen so much S fly since the Norwalk Virus hit the cruise ships off Florida… Or a pissing match since my days at beach school… Have a lovely evening…

    • How does one contract the Norwalk Virus? Just by stepping over the town line? Does Panera count?

      • Richard Lawrenc Stein

        the Norwalk Virus was a brutal virus…that was actually named after Norwalk Ohio…. it is the kind of virus you don’t know which way is up….lets just say it hits you at both ends and sometimes at the same time……. kind of like the way this thread of comment went

    • Peter Schwartz

      You take your laptop into the bathroom? Or is it an iPad?

  56. probably the most interesting thing in this thread is the discussion of the CT civil statutes on “vandalism” — I’m not a lawyer so I don’t even know if the term exists. Yet anon + anon pile on asserting this is a crime. And Peter Schwartz, God bless him, marhalls on. What staying power. This Westport, This New England!!!

    • He’s your best buddy. You should keep on fighting the good fight with him

    • Peter Schwartz

      Frank and the Anons count on being able to just squat in the middle of the room and not have anyone question their lazy pro-forma arguments. As soon as they get any push back, they waddle off because there is nothing there. The Anons should try to muster even the smallest amount of creativity in coming up with a pseudonym. Hard to take them seriously, otherwise.

      • Look in the mirror. You have offered your opinions but nothing else; not one coherent fact based argument. So far, all your blather has amounted to nothing more than the statement; what they did was wrong, but you like it, and that should be enough for the rest of us.

  57. Love your blog

    It’s impossible to moderate insane posters – I always enjoy the stories about the town I grew up in and still love regardless of the changes that have occurred. The posts used to be friendly banter. The Internet is a funny thing – people I would choose not to know and or care about what they think post their ideas. Some are extremely aggressive with negativity and some are kind and thoughtful. I love this blog and rarely comment – I will make a contribution to Dan for his work, but I think I’ll avoid reading the comment section for a while. And good god! I’ve seen the minuteman dressed up since the 60’s and never heard anyone complain! Unfortunately, i guess that’s what the Internet is for.

  58. Dan should solicit donations from real estate agents in nearby towns.

  59. Love your blog

    Seriously anonymous? You are fun in a predictable kind of way. I guess I’ll continue to read the comments now, i especially enjoy your clever and smart retorts.

  60. I just woke up, and read last night’s comments.This thread seems to have run its course. We all know where everyone stands, and there’s no need to keep descending into the toilet about it. This thread will be closed to further comments.