Priceless Service At Ace Hardware

Alert — and grateful — “06880” reader Gwen Tutun writes:

I want to share a great experience I had this week at a local store. One of the legs of my “table in a bag” — which I use at the beach as many nights as possible — was missing a screw.

I brought it into Crossroads Ace Hardware. Joe very kindly said he could fix it. He had to epoxy a new screw in, and would have it ready the next morning.

I came back to get it. It now as good as new.

Joe’s charge for this? $3.50.

My gratitude and appreciation  — and certainty that Home Depot would not do that for me? Priceless.

Gwen Tutun is a very happy Ace Crossroads Hardware customer.

Gwen Tutun is a very happy Crossroads Ace Hardware customer.

15 responses to “Priceless Service At Ace Hardware

  1. Really good folks. They are in the habit of being neighborly.

  2. Janet Anderson

    You should fry taking in a problem lamp. These good folks are about thoughtful service and honest dealings. For a dose of the same kind of service try J & J Car Care. Jay actually came over and put in a temporary AC because mine was down for a bit. Perhaps new Westport is trendier but old Westport is, maybe kinder.
    We must hold on to the gentler part of our little world here, Compo Beach included!

  3. Bunny Franco

    What a wonderful testimonial to Ace!

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  4. Just yesterday (after 4 PM on a Friday), I walked in with my son’s Piggy Bank. The plug in the bottom has been missing since he was probably around 5 (he’s 21, but still uses/loves his piggy bank). We’d jockeyed gizmos to plug it up over the years, have taped coverings to it many times, as is evidenced by the duc-tape residue, but it’s lived on its back for most of the time, with nothing but a big whole in his belly.

    I wanted to do something nice for my son (not to mention Piggy) so I brought it to Crossroads, telling them that perhaps they could help me, as I’ve walked around my own home countless times trying to devise the next solution, over the years, and that it was time for a resolution.

    A walk towards the back of the store and a meticulously close inspection inside several little drawers filled with corks proved to result in, finally, THE MOST PERFECTLY FITTING cork for him in the store. Eureka! But wait! Piggy was also missing 3 little pads for his feet so we went to another aisle and chose the perfect fitting little felts, for when he’s again sitting upright, he won’t be scratching the table. He’s perfect now and just like new!

    Obviously a small endeavor, but you have no idea how grateful I was, after all these years, to bring Piggy to Crossroads and get “the whole hog,” so to speak…those people are so good and it delights me to know that we have this kind of small-town, back to basics — at least in this way.

  5. The team at Crossroads is awesome! They are the best problem solvers I know… I hope they plan to stay for a long time. I purchase home supplies there to keep showing my support and gratitude.

  6. It’s a little like they have a magic wand!

  7. Susan Hendee

    Not surprised to hear this story. Crossroads has been my go to place for everything that’s “wrong” in my life for the past 20 some years. They can fix it all — and the entire crew is great to hang around with. 18 years ago Joe helped me make all the props for the Bedford middle school 7th grade play. I didn’t ask — he just did it. That’s only one of about a hundred stories I could tell about the care and generosity I received over the years. They are great supports of our town and I’ll ALWAYS be supports of them. Not many like the “Crossroads Crew” left.
    Susan Hendee

  8. Yes they are great! I was looking for a mailbox flag for a friend. Can’t just buy the flag anywhere… But Crossroads to the rescue. They had a “stash” of old red mailbox flags hidden in an old mailbox outside in the back. I took two to make sure I had the correct size. Viola, nice new mailbox flag. Will return the extra one…no charge. BUT…I have had service beyond belief at Home Depot both in Fairfield and Norwalk. They have really stepped up their game with greeters that get you to the right isle as well as salespeople whom stay with you to help pick out supplies for a project. I’ve had excellent help with paint, screen replacement and just purchasing the right screws. They have cut lumber for me that I did t even purchase there. They have helped measure and cut blinds and don’t even get me started on the garden department. So, I would hope their is room for both stores to thrive. I think the bottom line is customer service… Which we seem so surprised to get when given.

  9. Crossroads represents the best of service and the team is the greatest!

  10. Wendy Batteau

    A great example of the best of Westport!

  11. he must have just read a letter from home in the swamps of soutern Italy

  12. No other place like it around. Walk in there with a problem and always leave with a solution!!!!
    How about applying those same common sense solutions to our local government… Jimmy Izzo should be our next first selectman!!!! This democrat would support him!

  13. …the best people, the best advice, and anyplace that saves you a trip to Home Depot deserves our patronage…

  14. Bobbi Essagof

    Ace is always the go to place for fixing things at home. From toilets to cleaning issues they always have an answer! Glad to see Gwen is still shopping in the “hood”